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Novelist Luanne Rice was born in Old Lyme, Connecticut on September 25, 1955. She has written over twenty books and her stories, such as Home Fires and Cloud Nine, depict average people in emotionally complex situations. Many of her novels have been adapted into TV movies including Crazy in Love mostra'n més (1992) which starred Holly Hunter, Bill Pullman and Gena Rowlands, and Blue Moon (1999) which starred Sharon Lawrence, Kim Hunter and Richard Kiley. She currently splits her time between New York City and Old Lyme, Connecticut. (Bowker Author Biography) Luanne Rice is the author of Follow the Stars Home, Cloud Nine, Secrets of Paris, Stone Heart, Angels All over Town, Home Fires, Crazy in Love (made into a TNT Network feature movie), and Blue Moon, which has been made into a CBS television movie. Originally from Connecticut, she now lives in New York City with her husband. (Publisher Provided) Luanne Rice is the author of ten novels, most recently Dream Country, Follow the Stars Home, and Cloud Nine. She lives in New York City and Old Lyme, Connecticut, with her husband. (Publisher Provided) mostra'n menys
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Sandcastles (2006) 631 exemplars
Beach Girls (2004) 589 exemplars
The Edge of Winter (2007) 570 exemplars
Dance with Me (2004) 548 exemplars
What Matters Most: A Novel (2007) 536 exemplars
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Dream Country (2001) 490 exemplars
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Safe Harbor (2002) 448 exemplars
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True Blue (2002) 431 exemplars
Summer Light (2001) 422 exemplars
Silver Bells (2004) 421 exemplars
Summer of Roses (2005) 420 exemplars
The Deep Blue Sea for Beginners (2009) 328 exemplars
Angels All Over Town (1985) 319 exemplars
The Shadow Box (2021) 294 exemplars
Crazy in Love (1988) 292 exemplars
The Silver Boat: A Novel (2011) 289 exemplars
Home Fires (1995) 281 exemplars
Last Day (2020) 281 exemplars
The Lemon Orchard (2013) 226 exemplars
The Secret Language of Sisters (2016) 222 exemplars
Little Night (1994) 221 exemplars
Stone Heart (1990) 214 exemplars
The Letters (2008) 196 exemplars
Secrets of Paris (1991) 180 exemplars
Blue Moon (1993) 173 exemplars
Pretend She's Here (2019) 168 exemplars
Last Night (2023) 113 exemplars
The Beautiful Lost (2017) 93 exemplars
Reader's Digest Select Editions 2002 v03 #261 (2002) — Autor — 21 exemplars
The Night Before (2014) 19 exemplars
Belle Mer (Getaway collection) (2022) 14 exemplars
Follow the Stars Home [2001 TV movie] (2001) — Autor — 10 exemplars
How We Started (2012) 7 exemplars
Summer Love Omnibus (2003) 3 exemplars
O Verão das Nossas Vidas (2010) 2 exemplars
Vildt forelsket (2008) 1 exemplars
Cloud nine 1 exemplars

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the person who said 'hilariously terrible' is right. unrealistic, and in desperate need of editing. so many loose threads. the mythologizing of irish americans was also really funny; you can tell the writer just wanted to use 'the lonergan family' in something and the second i heard how many siblings the main character had, i knew we'd be treated to endless extraneous details about them all.

also, a family with one working parent (a carpenter), three kids in high school, and four in college but they're willing to take in a wayward child?… (més)
prunetracy | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | May 22, 2024 |
Interesting oremise

This is the story of sisters Beth and Kate. Their best friends Scotty and Lulu too. Beth is found dead with a missing painting from her bedroom wall. The same painting that was stolen several years before which led to Beth, Kate and their !other being tied up in the basement of the art gallery they owned. The cop that rescued them then is now investigating Beth's death.
Cathie_Dyer | Hi ha 9 ressenyes més | Feb 29, 2024 |
Interesting that the author used a hotel she stays in, loves, and write in, as the base location for this mystery novel. No wonder she had such good descriptions of the location and surroundings. The characters were quite varied but none of them really stood out as more interesting than another and I never got the feeling that I knew them other than very superficially, mostly in relation to their occupations.
nyiper | Hi ha 5 ressenyes més | Feb 25, 2024 |



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