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The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (2018) 433 exemplars
The House That Joy Built (2023) 3 exemplars


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This book's got a bit of everything: inter-generational saga, romance, a touch of magic realism and even the odd bush noir overtone. Holly Ringland has created a deeply sympathetic heroine in Alice Hart. I quailed in fear right along with her as she weathered her father's terrifying rages, and I felt her bone-deep love of books and the transformative magic of a story.

Floriography was a Victorian fashion for saying things with flowers, for example, jonquils signified affection, returned. Ringland has adapted the 19th-century European fad to encompass a multitude of native Australian flora. This device allows our protagonist and other characters to express their emotions when words fail them, as well as driving a reasonable amount of the narrative. One of the joys of reading this book was the collection of beautiful illustrations, not only the cover art, which is outstanding, but the opening pages of each chapter. In this age of electronic books, it was so lovely to have this extra bonus of holding a beautiful object while I read.… (més)
punkinmuffin | Hi ha 12 ressenyes més | Apr 30, 2024 |
"If you want change, raise your sword, raise your voice."...
"What was stolen can never really be taken."

This is a story of love and loss, journey and discovery, by Australian author Holly Ringland. Aurora and Esther, sisters of seal and swan, of sea and sky, are close until Aurora returns from a trip to Denmark a reclusive shell of her former self. She finally disappears, last seen walking into the sea.

A year later Esther’s family present her with Aurora’s journal, containing seven mysterious sayings that Aura had also had tattooed onto her skin. They want Esther to go to Denmark and find out what happened to Aurora. Esther reluctantly agrees to a trip that takes her to Denmark, then to Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands, and has her researching tattoos, Nordic fairytales, mythology, selkies, music and hidden relationships.

This is a magical book that weaves together family life, folktales and legend. I loved the use of Indigenous names and stories in Tasmania (lutruwita). I loved the selkie stories and the Faroe Island setting. I felt the book was overly long in parts and I found myself mildly irritated with Esther at times and wanted her to get over her sibling rivalry. The audio-narration by Emmanuelle Mattana was excellent. Overall this was an engaging, enjoyable read and I would definitely read another. 4.5 stars.
… (més)
mimbza | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Apr 22, 2024 |
“Life is lived forward but only understood backward.”

This is the debut novel by Australian author Holly Ringland, a lyrical story that shifts between fairytale and reality, love and loss. Alice Hart grows up in coastal Queensland, a childhood that oscillates between the wonder and beauty of the sea, the garden, and her mother’s stories; and fear at her father’s rages and dark moods. One fiery night it all comes to an end and she goes to live with her grandmother June, on Thornfield, a wildflower farm full of secrets and silence, the language of flowers being the preferred speech. After a stunning betrayal Alice runs to the desert country and begins to work as a ranger on Kililpitjara, a meteor crater in the red centre of Australia. Here she meets the handsome Dylan and falls head over heels in love, not recognizing the danger he poses.

I found this to be a beautifully written book, with a feeling of magic and enchantment. There are many sad moments in the book, and family violence is a central theme but handled sensitively. There are troubled relationships, like that with her authoritarian grandmother, trying to protect but ultimately driving Alice away. There are also moments of sweetness like Alice’s friendship with Oggi and the dog Harry. Alice is an endearing child although as an adult mildly irritating at times. The use of invented places in central Australia with accompanying made up Indigenous stories did not sit well with me, as the sense of place was so vital to the story. I also found the audiobook did not quite live up to the story and struggled somewhat with the different accents. Nevertheless a great read I would definitely recommend.
… (més)
mimbza | Hi ha 12 ressenyes més | Apr 22, 2024 |
I struggled with this novel from the start. I kept hoping it would improve, and it did in places but overall the plot dragged. While I felt sorry for Esther having lost her sister a year ago, I didn't like her 'woe is me' attitude. It was as though she was the only person who was allowed to mourn Aura. The way she spoke and treated her friends and family was rude and extremely irritating!

In my opinion," The Seven Skins of Esther Wilding" was too long and even though the writing and settings were beautiful, this novel never held my attention the way "The Flowers of Alice Hart" did. Overall, a disappointing read.… (més)
HeatherLINC | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Mar 22, 2024 |



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