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Offers pieces to reinforce the technical skills presented in the corresponding Technique Book. Used together, the two books can replace the method books once a student learns basic reading skills. These books are very helpful in establishing solid technique, and the pieces are interesting enough to use as recital repertoire. I particularly like 2 things about this book: 1) the inclusion of a variety of key signatures and 2) the "tagging" of each piece as stylistically representing a period of music history - baroque, classical, romantic, contemporary. Rollin even includes notes such as "inspired by the jazz and blues harmonies used by American composer George Gershwin."… (més)
leylowe | May 23, 2007 |
Technique Book correlates with the Repertoire Book and offers discussions and exercises to promote confident technique. The two books together can replace the method books once a student acquires basic reading ability. I like the way Book 2 includes a review of the skills covered in Book 1, including a very good page showing photos of good piano posture and hand position. Very helpful for transfer students. Skills covered in Book 2: Scale Skills using major scales C, G, D, A, and E(thumb rolls, thumb and finger pivots, thumb under, legato arm), overlapping pedal, under-over wrist rolls, portato, wrist staccato, trills, voicing, Major Triads and inversions, and Primary Chord Progressions.… (més)
leylowe | May 23, 2007 |



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