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For the Internet and digital generation, the most basic human right is the freedom to read. The Web has indeed brought about a rapid and far-reaching revolution in reading, making a limitless global pool of literature and information available to anyone with a computer. At the same time, however, mostra'n més the threats of censorship, surveillance, and mass manipulation through the media have grown apace. Readers' Liberation addresses questions that deeply concern everyone in the twenty-first century, and especially Millennials. What should we be reading? Can we trust what we read in the mass media? Can we use the Internet to find the truth out there? Is the Establishment out to deceive us and control our reading, and if so, what can we do about it? This book surveys the history of independent sceptical reading, from antiquity to the present. It tells the stories of heroic efforts at self-education by disadvantaged people in all parts of the world. It analyzes successful reading promotion campaigns throughout history (concluding with Oprah Winfrey) and explains why they succeeded. It also explores some disturbing current trends, such as the reported decay of attentive reading, the disappearance of investigative journalism, 'fake news', the growth of censorship, and the pervasive influence of advertisers and publicists on the media. Jonathan Rose is William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of History at Drew University. mostra'n menys


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Un gran minestrone, in cui la Shoah e l'ebraismo entrano solo in parte, però pieno di cose interessanti. Con una struttura più organica e un titolo più appropriato sarebbe potuto diventare un gran libro.
winckelmann | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Dec 22, 2020 |
This work isn’t a biography of Winston Churchill, nor is it a book about his literary works. Rather, Jonathan Rose’s book is a more subtle study which analyzes the influence of literature and the theater on Churchill’s political career. Rose sees much of Churchill’s public image as the product of a conscious pose modeled after many of the tropes of popular theater. Churchill was hardly unique in this respect, as his political career began in an era when dramatic oratory was highly prized, and many politicians appreciated the value of the coup d’theatre. Though Churchill’s approach proved dated in the interwar era, with its preference for less affected politicians, it made him the ideal opponent for Adolf Hitler, a figure Rose sees as “a photo negative” to Churchill in his similar embrace of politics-as-theater. The dramatic style which was out of step in the interwar era proved a perfect fit for the war, becoming a critical component of both Churchill's success as prime minister and his depiction of his role in his image-defining postwar memoirs.

Rose’s approach offers a fresh and interesting perspective to understanding the ways in which Churchill shaped and defined his achievements. Though Rose oversells his argument by trying to read the influence of literature into more aspects of Churchill’s life than it can plausibly sustain, he makes a convincing case for viewing Churchill as more than just a politician who earned his income as a writer. Readers seeking to learn more about Churchill literary career would be better served by turning to more specialized studies such as David Reynolds’s [b:In Command of History: Churchill Fighting and Writing the Second World War|244753|In Command of History Churchill Fighting and Writing the Second World War|David Reynolds||237133] or Peter Clarke’s [b:Mr Churchill's Profession: Statesman, Orator, Writer|21275593|Mr Churchill's Profession Statesman, Orator, Writer|Peter Clarke||40587187], but for how literature helped make him into the unique politician he was this is the book to read.
… (més)
MacDad | Mar 27, 2020 |
Invaluable for Holocaust or book historians. The chapter on the Vilna ghetto library should be the source of a dissertation; the entire book paints a picture that is hard to see in any other (English-language) source.
jonsweitzerlamme | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Nov 28, 2018 |
Great overview of the big thinkers, what they thought, and where they succeeded and fell flat.
Stubb | Aug 28, 2018 |


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