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Peter S. Ruckman (1921–2016)

Autor/a de The Christian's Handbook of Manuscript Evidence

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Professional Liars in Action (1996) 4 exemplars
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The book of Psalms Volume III (1900) 1 exemplars
Puddle to Paradise 1 exemplars
Theological Studies (Book #10) (1983) 1 exemplars
Soulwinning (2018) 1 exemplars
Tongues, Signs, and Healing (1980) 1 exemplars


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Nom normalitzat
Ruckman, Peter S.
Nom oficial
Ruckman, Peter Sturges
Data de naixement
Data de defunció
Lloc de naixement
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Lloc de defunció
Pensacola, Florida, USA
Llocs de residència
Pensacola, Florida, USA
University of Alabama (BA)
Bob Jones University (MA & PhD)
Army DI
Dance Band Drummer
Disc Jockey
Pastor (mostra-les totes 8)
Biografia breu
Dr. Peter S. Ruckman received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alabama and finished his formal education with six years of training at Bob Jones University (four full years and two accelerated summer sessions), completing requirements for the Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degree.

Reading at a rate of seven hundred words per minute, Dr. Ruckman had managed to read about 6,500 books before receiving his doctorate, and he still reads an average of a book each day.

Dr. Ruckman stands for the absolute authority of the Authorized Version and offers no apology to any recognized scholar anywhere for his stand. In addition to preaching the gospel and teaching the Bible, Dr. Ruckman has produced a comprehensive collection of apologetic and polemic literature and resources supporting the authority of the Authorized Version of the Holy Scriptures.



dead dove, don't eat, but: never let wild & woolly white supremacists go heresy-hunting or con-conning, no matter how cumulative their syntax
aleph-beth-null | Mar 2, 2023 |
Dr. Peter S. Ruckman (1921-2016) was, to put it simply, the greatest Bible scholar of the twentieth century. He was not a "professional scholar," although he trained generations of young men in the formal study of Hebrew, Greek, and the English Bible. He certainly made no attempt to erect his own "systematic theology;" in fact, he had something of a disdain for formal theology per se, and regarded "the great theologians" as an unfortunate gaggle of men whose basic views of the Bible were fantastical and whimsical. For Ruckman, the issue was very simple: the final and absolute authority of the Authorized Version of the Bible, and a study of the doctrines contained therein.

He didn't become a Christian until he was 27 years old: a college graduate and World War II veteran, a jazz musician, and a disc jockey. In the aftermath of the Pacific war, he worked as an Army "music officer" at JOAK radio in Tokyo, monitoring the broadcasts for unacceptable political content. During this time, and during an earlier tour in the Philippines, he became a student and practitioner of Zen Buddhism, attaining certain experiences unachieved by many natives. But by the time he returned to the United States, he was a (self-described) drunken, suicidal misfit, living in abject misery until his conversion in 1949.

He went on to become the greatest living expert on the Authorized Version (King James), standing on the shoulders of experts who came before, but he was, in his heart, an evangelist and a pastor. His written and recorded words fill over a hundred books and thousands of hours of recordings. He traveled the world, from churches and prisons in Florida and California to Russia, the Ukraine, the Philippines, and his beloved family homeland, Germany: always preaching the same Gospel, always teaching the same doctrines, and always eschewing the company of "intellectuals" to engage with (pardon the expression) "the common man." He certainly had his flaws; and, being a plain-spoken man, he was hated and reviled by pastors, professors, and others who were primarily motivated by envy of his influence.

Those of us who knew him personally know that he was incredibly kind, consistently forgiving, and outrageously funny. Speaking very personally, I will borrow Dr. Watson's memorial to Sherlock Holmes: Dr. Ruckman was "the best and the wisest man I have ever known."

This book is his personal, no-holds-barred autobiography, including the bad with the good, and, once begun, is a very hard book to put down.

Very highly recommended.
… (més)
1 vota
WilliamMelden | Oct 21, 2022 |
A short sermon about how the Bible teaches the simplicity of coming to Christ/becoming born again, including examples of the convoluted thinking that keeps people from God. Good and short and to the point.
fuzzi | Aug 31, 2018 |
Straw men with an angry tone.
neverstopreading | Apr 1, 2018 |

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