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Obres de Louis Sabin

Wonders of the Sea (1982) 330 exemplars
Wonders of the Desert (1982) 304 exemplars
Willie Mays (1990) 198 exemplars
Narcissa Whitman: Brave Pioneer (1982) 191 exemplars
Andrew Jackson: Frontier Patriot (1986) 191 exemplars
Teddy Roosevelt: Rough Rider (1986) 189 exemplars
Young Mark Twain (1990) 87 exemplars
Ancient China (1985) 48 exemplars
Grasslands (1985) 46 exemplars
Canada (Geography) (1985) 40 exemplars
Johnny Appleseed (1985) 38 exemplars
Paul Bunyan (1985) 36 exemplars
Asia (Geography) (1985) 36 exemplars
Marie Curie (1985) 33 exemplars
Stars (Space Station) (1985) 31 exemplars
Fossils (Discovering the Past) (1985) 28 exemplars
North America (1985) 26 exemplars
Agriculture (Green and Growing) (1985) 18 exemplars
Amazing true dog stories (1983) 17 exemplars
Weather (Green and Growing) (1985) 13 exemplars
Basketball Stars of 1973 (1972) 8 exemplars
Great teams of pro basketball (1971) 7 exemplars
Stars of pro basketball (1970) 6 exemplars
Basketball Stars of 1972 (1971) 4 exemplars
Basketball Stars of 1971 (1970) 4 exemplars
Pele Soccer Superstar (1976) 3 exemplars
All About Dogs As Pets (1983) 1 exemplars
Johnny Bench: King of Catchers (1977) 1 exemplars

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Cricket Magazine, Vol. 7, No. 12, August 1980 — Col·laborador — 3 exemplars


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Louis Sabin was born on June 25, 1930 in Salt Lake City. Education Bachelor, Brooklyn College, 1953. Master of Arts, New York University, 1955. Author more than 160 non-fiction juvenile, young adult, adult books. Author, editor numerous crossword puzzles. Contributor articles to professional journals. Source: Pamela Baldwin Ford is the book's illustrator. She is a published author and an illustrator of children's books. Source: This slender soft cover book explores the desert and many of its animals both during the day and at night. It is beautifully illustrated.… (més)
uufnn | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Jun 1, 2018 |
This book is content rich exploring many facets of sea life: from the smallest plants and animals to concepts such as the food-chain, sea plants such as kelp, etc. There is even a page emphasizing the importance of plankton-for our overall food chain. There are several vocabulary words and very interesting pictures of sea creatures big and small (great for younger readers, too). An excellent, informative, fun look at sea life.
Age: 5 and up
Source: TCC ELC (Early Learning Center)
cintaclara_luna | Aug 14, 2015 |
“Ludwig Van Beethoven: Young Composer” was a very encouraging book to read. Growing up, many children are put under their pressure from their parent to excel in academics, athletics or music. Beethoven also suffered from the stress of attempting to please a parent and never doing so. This book would be a great way for children as young at eight years old to learn that the best approval is from oneself. This book also including some of Beethoven many struggles and accomplishments.
mdsalazar | Jan 22, 2013 |


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