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Marilyn Sachs (1927–2016)

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Marilyn Sachs was born Marilyn Stickle in the Bronx, New York on December 18, 1927. She graduated from Hunter College in 1949 and became a children's librarian trainee at the Brooklyn Public Library. She worked there for a decade while earning her master's of library science degree at Columbia mostra'n més University. She later worked part-time at the San Francisco Public Library before becoming a full-time author for middle grade and young adult readers in 1968. Her first novel, Amy Moves In, was published in 1964. Her other books included Veronica Ganz, The Bears' House, The Fat Girl, A Pocket Full of Seeds, and Lost in America. She was a co-editor with Ann Durell of the anthology The Big Book for Peace, which provided proceeds to peace organizations. She died on December 28, 2016 at the age of 89. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys

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The Big Book for Peace (1990) — Col·laborador; Editor & Contributor — 812 exemplars
A Pocket Full of Seeds (1973) 329 exemplars
Amy and Laura (1966) 178 exemplars
Veronica Ganz (1968) 145 exemplars
Amy Moves In (1958) 144 exemplars
The Bears' House (1971) 134 exemplars
Call Me Ruth (1982) 129 exemplars
Laura's Luck (1965) 126 exemplars
The Fat Girl (1984) 113 exemplars
Peter and Veronica (1969) 98 exemplars
A Secret Friend (1978) 89 exemplars
What My Sister Remembered (1992) 78 exemplars
The Truth About Mary Rose (1973) 73 exemplars
Underdog (1985) 63 exemplars
Dorrie's Book (1975) 47 exemplars
Class Pictures (1980) 46 exemplars
Lost in America (2005) 38 exemplars
Thirteen Going on Seven (1993) 37 exemplars
Fran Ellen's House (1987) 37 exemplars
At the Sound of the Beep (1991) 35 exemplars
Fourteen (1983) 35 exemplars
Almost Fifteen (1987) 33 exemplars
Marv (1970) 28 exemplars
First Impressions (2006) 27 exemplars
Just Like a Friend (1989) 23 exemplars
Hello... Wrong Number (1981) 22 exemplars
A Summer's Lease (1979) 21 exemplars
Baby Sister (1986) 19 exemplars
Circles (1991) 15 exemplars
Ghosts in the Family (1995) 13 exemplars
Bus Ride (1980) 11 exemplars
A December tale (1976) 10 exemplars
JoJo & Winnie : Sister Stories (1999) 9 exemplars
Another Day (1997) 8 exemplars
Thunderbird (1985) 8 exemplars
Matt's Mitt (1975) 7 exemplars
The Surprise Party (1998) 7 exemplars
Fleet-Footed Florence (1981) 4 exemplars
Beach Towels (1984) 3 exemplars
Sisters and Friends (1988) 2 exemplars

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Nom normalitzat
Sachs, Marilyn
Altres noms
Stickle, Marilyn
Data de naixement
Data de defunció
Lloc de naixement
The Bronx, New York, USA
Lloc de defunció
San Francisco, California, USA
Llocs de residència
San Francisco, California, USA
Hunter College
Columbia University (MLS)
children's book author
Jane Austen Society



A collection of short stories written by multiple well-know authors.
CarrieFortuneLibrary | Hi ha 13 ressenyes més | Sep 8, 2022 |
Classic '80s middle grade novel. It had all the things I liked about these books: light, character-driven, doesn't move too quickly, quirky. The main character is allowed to be "young" for her age (she's unsophisticated, she sits on her dad's lap when she's upset.) In a complete throwaway moment, she bravely catches a thief! The coolest thing she can wear is a sweater with a boat collar. Aaaaand the man who lives upstairs whom the MC has a crush on is a total perv who's grooming her. The writer knows it, the reader knows it, and luckily the MC figures it out. But it's presented as no big deal, of course she can keep on babysitting for his child. And that's what it was like in the '80s; you kids today don't know how good you have it.… (més)
jollyavis | Dec 14, 2021 |
Full disclosure: I bought this book simply because it had one of Maurice Sendak's Wild Things on the cover, and completely unaware of the contents, so this review may be a little scattered. Obviously Sendak was involved in the production of this book, contributing a lovely illustration of a simpler world full of fun and adventure, but most of the authors and illustrators were unfamiliar to me. Published in 1990, as the world was coming down from the highs of the Cold War, but still seeing an increase in violence and strige worldwide, the collection is a manifesto promoting cooperation, understanding, and of course peace among humankind. We see examples of cultures coming together ("There is an Island"), people peaefully protesting for their rights ("The Bus for Deadhorse"), and an example of peaceful coexistence from the animal world ("The Birds' Peace") to name a few of my favourite examples. For what is on the surface a simple children's book of tales, I was surprised at how deeply many of the stories tackle a historical narrative. Engaging with themes of American nationalism, racism, and isolationis a tricky thing to do for publishers, but this risk has paid off to make the book highly engaging. Since its publication it doesn't seem like humanity has come very far in becoming more peaceful, so may it is time to revisit this publishing concept and do another BIGGER book for peace!… (més)
JaimieRiella | Hi ha 13 ressenyes més | Feb 25, 2021 |



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