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Angela C. Santomero

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Angela C. Santomero is a published author and a creator of children's books. Her books include books in the Blue's Clues series.
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Blue Goes to School (2000) 160 exemplars
What to Do, Blue? (1999) 96 exemplars
Good Night, Blue (1999) 87 exemplars
Blue and the Color Detectives (1998) 72 exemplars
The Shape Detectives (1998) 62 exemplars
Hide-and-Seek with Blue (1999) 61 exemplars
Blue is My Name (2000) 57 exemplars
Blue Skidoos to the Farm (1998) 56 exemplars
Blue's Big Treasure Hunt (1999) 44 exemplars
Welcome To Blues Clues (1999) 40 exemplars
A Blue's Clues Holiday (1999) 33 exemplars
Blues Big Book Of Stories (2000) 30 exemplars
Crayon World (1999) 29 exemplars
Lights On! Lights Off! (1998) 22 exemplars
We're Thankful! (1999) 21 exemplars
Hansel and Gretel, Super WHY! (2009) 14 exemplars
Blue's Ready-to-Read Treasury (2000) 7 exemplars
Blue's Clues - Blue's Birthday (1998) 6 exemplars
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Daniel Goes to School (2015) — Creator — 4 exemplars
Blue's Big City Adventure [2022 film] (2022) — Screenwriter — 4 exemplars
Magenta's Visit (Blue's Clues) (2001) 3 exemplars
Beyond your wildest dreams! (2007) 2 exemplars
Blue's Clues Live! 1 exemplars


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This book has a lot of good takeaways. It was especially helpful in teaching how to be kind when it is difficult.
Deni_Weeks | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Sep 16, 2023 |
This should just be required reading for everyone. I checked this out from the library, but I’m going to have to go buy a copy so that I can highlight.
Paperandkindness | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Aug 12, 2021 |
Although this book is from the series Daniel tiger, it is great for reading with children because it deals with allergies and how to take care of yourself. It would be great to read to young children to get them used to the word 'allergies'. It eplains allergies in way that young children can understand.
vernareese | Jun 8, 2018 |
Summary: It's Blue's birthday and the gang is getting together to have him a birthday party.

Reaction: I love Blue's Clues, it has a lot of involving activities for children and helps them use their imagination.

Extension: In the class room it would care well as a theme involving hunting for objects of different sizes, shapes,and colors. It could involve drawing and painting activities. It could involve gathering kitchen ingredients and introductions of measuring cups and baking ingredients. It could involve counting spoons and finding what is missing or added. It can also involve togetherness as a class.… (més)
Rebecca90 | Mar 9, 2015 |

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