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First, I LOVE this cover (shoutout to the artist @green446004 and fantasy Black people. Let’s go!

But the pacing and storytelling weren’t for me. The writing felt heavy on the telling and was too fast-paced. But the last third of the book picked up until it jumped the shark a little bit. I thought the book would take place in one location and was surprised when it moved to somewhere unexpected for the brunt of the book.

With the worldbuilding, the fae/different types of fairies are established to be very dangerous. There's a serious class issue and they all have unique magical traits, view humans as beneath them, and are execution-style scary supposedly. But, it didn't make any sense the way and how quickly Lore would mouth off. She wavered between being afraid of them to not caring. Can or cannot these people smite you where you stand???

I wanted to like Asher and Lore more, but their connection felt like we were on a speed-run. The core building of their relationship mostly happens offscreen, so the romantic strides felt unearned. I couldn't get into their banter either. Also, the ending... I don't even know any more. what? whole time he's been living a lie??? did he get lost in the lie? why did he let the relationship go romantic if he was just using her?

i didn't want to mention them making out after finding out the human women are being forcefully impregnated because I thought it was a final hurrah/going out with a bang because they might die. but nah, it makes sense. y'all are acting horny after hearing that??? because you're a doggone villain!

The second male lead, Finndryl was rude and standoffish, but he was the strong, quiet type. These are the main types who have undying loyalty to the fmc when they get their act together lol. He and Lore kept getting on each other's nerves for the smallest things, but I liked him better because we got to see him slowly defrost. Then, freeze again. Slightly thaw. And freeze again.

Unfortunately, the majority of the character interactions felt like I was being "told" things. Let it marinate. Lore's friendship with Grey didn't have much time, but I believed in their relationship way more than the one with Asher and later Isla.

The editing process probably cut a lot of things which made the book pacing feel too fast. I don't like needless filler, but I think it would've made me more invested in the characters. One scene I liked in particular was when Lore gets pushed in a swing. Just a peaceful moment that let the story breathe.

Still, I'd check out book two! I'm ready to see Lore gain mastery over her skills. I also want to see the Finndryl route.

CW: forced breeding: in the big villain monologue, we find out some of the fae are forcefully raping human women to have half-fae to increase their declining population. 7 women are already with child when Lore and friends save them

2.5 stars

Drinking Games:
Lore fretting about her hair
Asher’s "long legs"
Lore drinking too much alcohol
Finndryl being moody
… (més)
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