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David P. Scaer, Th.D., is a professor of Systematic Theology and New Testament at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana and editor of Concordia Theological Quarterly. He is an author for three volumes in the Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics series, as well as The Sermon on the Mount mostra'n més (2000), Discourses in Matthew (2004), and numerous other publications. mostra'n menys


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Christology (1989) 163 exemplars
What Do You Think of Jesus? (1973) 89 exemplars
Sermons (2004) 57 exemplars
Once More to John 6 1 exemplars

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Handbook of Evangelical Theologians (1993) — Col·laborador — 107 exemplars


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Scaer, David P.
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Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
Concordia Seminary (St. Louis, Missouri | Th.D.)
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Dr. David Scaer is a professor of Systematic Theology and New Testament and holder of the David P. Scaer Chair of Biblical and Systematic Theology at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN. At the seminary since 1966 he serves as editor of the Concordia Theological Quarterly (1969-1994; 1999- ) and was academic dean (1984-1989). He is currently chairman of his department. Dr. Scaer has written extensively and his articles have appeared in Christianity Today, Lutheran Forum, Logia, Forum Letter, the Lutheran Witness, Modern Reformation, Cresset, the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, Grace Theological Journal and Issues in Christian Education. His Christology (1990) was the first volume to appear in the Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics, and is in its fourth printing. A second volume in this series, Baptism, has been published by the Lutheran Academy. For the same series he is also authoring the volumes of Law and Gospel and the Sacraments. Twice he was awarded the prestigious John W. Behnken Post-Doctoral Fellowship Award by AAL for study in Europe (1969,1986).

A parish pastor serving congregations in Gillespie, Illinois and Rockville, Connecticut, he also taught for ten years as a part time instructor in religion at the University of Illinois (Champaign) (1966-1976). He is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature, the Institute for Biblical Research, the Alliance of Confessional Evangelicals and the Christianity Today Institute, for which periodical he also serves as a research scholar. Dr Scaer was a member of the composing committee for "Evangelical Affirmations 1989" and a contributor of essays published for the May meeting (1990). He is listed as a contributing editor for Logia and Modern Reformation. His Latin Ecclesiastical Glossary , a dictionary of Latin terms for Lutheran seminary students, is regularly used with Pieper's Christian Dogmatics. Professor Scaer's interest in New Testament studies is shown in his James: The Apostle of Faith (Concordia Publishing House) which demonstrated this epistle's close connection to the preaching of Jesus and its basic unity with the Pauline epistles. His interest for some time has been in the area of Gospels and their order and interdependency.

His Sermon on the Mount was published by Concordia Publishing House. He has written in the area of the Lutheran Confessions and co-edited a volume in honor of the 450th anniversary of the Small Catechism, Luther's Catechisms - 450 Years (1979) and contributed to a volume honoring the 400th anniversary of the Book of Concord, Getting into the Story of Concord (1977). His articles have appeared in the Concordia Theological Quarterly, the Concordia Journal, Christianity Today, Affirm, Lutheran Witness, Lutheran Forum, Theology Today and Philosophy and Theology. He is a contributor to Contemporary Theology, The Baker's Dictionary of Christian Ethics, and The Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible. Among his other books are What Do You Think of Jesus?, The Apostolic Scriptures, and The Lutheran World Federation Today. Along with eighteen other recognized theologians, he is a contributor to Doing Theology in Today's World, a festschrift in honor Kenneth Kantzer, one time editor of Christianity Today. His contribution is entitled "How do Lutheran Theologians Approach the 'Doing of Theology Today.' " He has written two essays analyzing the theology of Dr. Francis Pieper. The first appeared in Baker's Handbook of Evangelical Theologians and the second in The Pieper Lectures: The Office of the Ministry, published by the Concordia Historical Institute.

He has served as the organizer of the annual on-campus Symposium on the Lutheran Confessions since 1978. His essays have also appeared in festschrifts for Professor Kurt Marquart, Dr. Charles Manske, Dr. Glen Zweck and Bishop Jobst Schoene. In 1999 his "The Doctrine of the Sacraments in the Theology of Johann Gerhard," appeared in Protestant Scholasticism.: Essays in Reassessment, published by Paternoster Press in England. His Getting into the Story of Concord was translated into French under the title Mieux conntaitre l'histoire de Concorde: une histoire du Livre de Concorde under the mission board of the LCMS for use in its sister churches.

A third generation Missouri Synod Lutheran clergyman, Professor Scaer was brought up in Brooklyn, New York where his father, the late Reverend Paul H. Scaer, served his lifetime ministry at Trinity Lutheran Church of Flatbush. He and his wife Dorothy have been married since 1960 and have five children.



The Book of Concord is comprised of eleven confessional documents that have served as the basis of Lutheran theology. David P. Scaer in Getting Into the Story of Concord, he tells the history of each document, why it was written, it’s authors, and what it contains. It is found on our library shelves under the number 238.41/Sca.
salem.colorado | Feb 15, 2020 |
If the Ascension is viewed as a spatial event with jesus going from one place into another, then its significance is lost. Without a hell down there and a heaven up there, ascension as a spatial even becomes meaningless.
kijabi1 | Jan 6, 2012 |
the Lutheran tradition has broad, ecumenical application.
kijabi1 | Jan 6, 2012 |
Theological counterpart of a classic editorial
kijabi1 | Jan 5, 2012 |


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