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Ellen Schreiber is a New York Times bestselling author. She graduated from Northern Kentucky University as a theatre major and spent a summer studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Previously an actress and stand-up comic, Schreiber wrote her first young adult novel after reading mostra'n més a young adult novel on a flight from Chicago to Los Angeles. Her brother, Mark Schreiber, who is also an author, helped edit her first novel, Johnny Lightning, which was first published in the Dutch language in Belgium. In 2001, HarperCollins published her first book in English, Teenage Mermaid. Schreiber is the author of the popular Vampire Kisses series and Blood Relatives manga. mostra'n menys
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Vampire Kisses (2003) 1,759 exemplars
Kissing Coffins (2005) 1,187 exemplars
Dance with a Vampire (2007) 1,124 exemplars
Vampireville (2006) 976 exemplars
The Coffin Club (2008) 914 exemplars
Royal Blood (2009) 748 exemplars
Love Bites (2010) 523 exemplars
Once in a Full Moon (2010) 346 exemplars
Cryptic Cravings (2011) 344 exemplars
Immortal Hearts (2012) 218 exemplars
Magic of the Moonlight (2011) 118 exemplars

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666: Number of the Beast (2007) — Col·laborador — 119 exemplars


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Schreiber, Ellen
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Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts
stand-up comedian
Schreiber, Mark (brother)



A lively and spooktacular supernatural YA with a touch of romance (but not that sappy insta-love). Raven is strong, smart, and lots of fun with a fantastic sense of humor. I appreciate so much about her: how she values friendships, the healthy (and authentic) relationship with her reformed-hippy parents, her indignation at being stuck in Dullsville, and of course her dramatic crush on the sexy new boy in town. We read this as a group read in Fireside and we all loved it! We immediately borrowed the next book (hoopla has the audio, and they are short listens with great narration). This first book in an 8 book series is a strong invitation into a world that resembles our own, with the typical challenges of high school life, and then adds in just the right amount of intrigue.… (més)
starlight-glimmer | Hi ha 64 ressenyes més | Oct 26, 2023 |
Ah, yes. Another throwback from my teen years - Kissing Coffins, the second book in the marvelous Vampire Kisses series.

Just a gentle reminder, these books are Young Adult novels with young, lovely characters who act like immature kids (because, they are YOUNG). If you're looking for a True Blood or Game of Thrones level of maturity, you've come to the wrong place.

As a teen, these books were my LIFE. They were a big part of my high school years and I was madly in love with them. I wanted to find my own Alexander and live in a big, spooky house. I idolized Raven and her style (because, let's be honest, she was my inner self). At the time, these books made so much sense - young mistakes, young love, lots of young fun! Reading them as my older self, obviously I wouldn't make the same decisions as Raven because I have life experience. But I believe Ellen did a really good job of making Raven feel like a real teen. Well, a real teen from my timeline.

That being said, this book is a lot of fun, full of goofiness and full of adorable romance. Alexander and Raven are a really cute couple and they really deserved the many books they got in this series. I found this series was a lot more fun to binge read then read alone. I wanted the story to keep going because I was so addicted. Not every reader has found this to be true, but I sure did! I love escaping into a YA like this series, and sinking into a fun, not totally realistic book. Did anyone really expect a vampire romance to be realistic? This series is like a vampire, soap opera for teens! It's excellent.

My biggest con for this series was at the time of my initial reading, I had to actually WAIT for the next series in the book. Oh man, was it frustrating. I'm glad I can jump back into this series as an adult and read it all in a row like I dreamed of back in the day. Other than that, I found this book to be fun and flawless! I love Ellen and her books!

Five out of five stars!
… (més)
Briars_Reviews | Hi ha 36 ressenyes més | Aug 4, 2023 |
This is one of my fave throwbacks to my teen years - Ellen Schreiber and her Vampire Kisses series. To say I was obsessed with this series is an absolute understatement. Recently, I picked this book up again and decided to throw myself into this series, and I still love it!

This series is full of cute-sy YA romance with Alexander and Raven. The book is written for a younger audience, but if you're like me and love sinking away into a fantastical world then it will be no issue to you. If you're expecting a "True Blood-esque" novel, then you've come to the wrong place.

The fourth book in this series, Dance with a Vampire, continues Alexander and Raven's epic love story. Except, this time around we've got more crazy antics that the pair have to deal with. Valentine is now up to her trouble, making it seem impossible for our love birds to have a happy ending.

A note for the reader: These books are relatively short, which makes them a fun, sweet, and smooth read. It's really easy to binge all of these books in a day if you have the nerve to. I read the first four books (back in the day) on a bus ride to a school swim meet. I re-read these books many times because of how short and fun they were. So, it's not a big time commitment if you read these babies one by one.

Final note: The manga version of this series was one of the first mangas I ever read and made me fall in love with that "genre" (is genre the right word? Probably not). The pictures were beautiful, the story was magical and I'm glad it got me so into reading! Thank you Ellen for being one of my early reading addictions. Hopefully I'll find some more newer books by her soon! Her writing just vibes well with my reading style.

I'd highly recommend these books. They are on the younger side of YA, but they are funny, sassy and absolutely adorable. My biggest con for this whole series was that it ended! I loved each book and I really want more by this author. So many YA novels take themselves way to seriously and try to make the teen be an adult. This series makes Raven be a fun, young girl who makes mistakes along the way (but she somehow gets an epic romance out of it).

Five out of five stars!
… (més)
Briars_Reviews | Hi ha 23 ressenyes més | Aug 4, 2023 |
Vampireville, the third book in the amazing Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schreiber, is another excellent addition to my bookshelf!

I love this series and I have a very obvious bias towards it. This series was a big part of my teenage years and it's hard to not jump back into this series and fall in love all over again. Alexander and Raven's epic romance is one of the best YA couples around (go ahead and argue that with me) and I can't help but shout from the hills about them. Jumping back into these books as an adult cemented my love for this series. It's still just as good!

Vampireville is a young YA book - the maturity of this novel isn't strong but that's why I loved it. Lots of YA books take themselves way too seriously, so having a book like this that is so much fun is a real delight. Raven is your stereotypical goth girl (Hot Topic shopping, black lipstick, loves black, black cats, in love with a vampire, etc.) but that makes her so cool. She's the ideal of every 13 year old girl who wanted to be a goth but her parents wouldn't let me (haha... me!). She's sassy, makes mistakes and feels more real than most YA heroines.

Raven and Alexander continue facing a very bumpy ride, but the ride is fun! I highly recommend binging the whole series as soon as possible. I didn't enjoy these books all on their own: I liked reading the entire series from beginning to end to really get this series. It helps that all the books are relatively short and written in a nice form so you can easily jump from book to book.

Five out of five stars! I love this series and I want more!
… (més)
Briars_Reviews | Hi ha 19 ressenyes més | Aug 4, 2023 |



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