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Daniel Schulman is a senior editor in the Washington bureau of Mother Jones, and a founding member of the magazine's investigative journalism team. His work has appeared in the Boston Globe Magazine, Columbia Journalism Review, Psychology Today, Village Voice, and many other publications. He splits mostra'n més his time between Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC. mostra'n menys

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Washington, D.C., USA
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA



The New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice • The incredible saga of the German-Jewish immigrants—with now familiar names like Goldman and Sachs, Kuhn and Loeb, Warburg and Schiff, Lehman and Seligman—who profoundly influenced the rise of modern finance (and so much more).
HandelmanLibraryTINR | Jan 19, 2024 |
The book does a fine job of recounting the lives and fortunes of the Koch family. But I came away feeling repulsed by the family itself and what they've done over the years. I should note that this was not a byproduct of any political disagreement with the well-explained and extensive political activities and financial support provided by some of the Koch family. Instead, I was pretty shocked at the amount of in-fighting, waste of time, energy, and money by the Koch brothers as they conduct legal battles against each other. Along the way, they basically destroy their own family. With all that the family had been given--a fortune beyond comprehension to most people, clearly superior intellectual capabilities, and rich opportunity afforded by living in the United States during their time--so much of their lives seems wasted for no good reason. Overall, definitely a downer, but my rating tries not to fault the author for recording a pathetic story.… (més)
Joe24 | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Jul 22, 2016 |
Schulman's book is a very readable introduction to understanding the highly influential Koch family. Although the Koch family probably found the book offensive, I actually found it sympathetic to the family.

The most useful aspect of the book is its clear explanation of the philosophy of Charles Koch and where he agrees and disagrees with the Tea Party and Republican Party. The book is highly recommended
M_Clark | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Feb 28, 2016 |
The book takes a perspective on these ultra-rich brothers from a political perspective from the left of where they reside yet it does manage to reveal interesting aspects of their lives and motivations. There is no question the rich are quite different in many ways and these brothers are certainly no exception.

Along with the larger then life wealth they managed to acquire with birth and to expand greatly upon we get a heavy dose of the squabbles that surfaced between them and the political motivations. Large sums of money equated to political muscle and power are devoted to libertarian cause and in a sense social engineering. Though we see some impact from these efforts we also see that even the deepest pockets are not always enough, other than buying politicians along the way. The Koch brothers themselves will soon enough fade away but their money and political legacy will live on to some extent as part of the political process that is fueled by it.… (més)
knightlight777 | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Oct 15, 2014 |


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