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The Good News According to Mark (1853) 181 exemplars
The Good News According to Luke (1820) 97 exemplars
Jesus (1968) 72 exemplars
The Holy Spirit (1980) 46 exemplars
Lordship and Discipleship (1960) 36 exemplars
God's Inescapable Nearness (1971) 9 exemplars


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In a series of lectures, the author presents "christology" as it unfolded from the New Testament times to the present. It is not an easy read & heavily influenced by the long discredited German Critical Method schools. The lectures, however, do give a window to the author's learned mind & the realization of the importance of faith for without faith, there is no christology. The work suffers from a slight anti-Semite tone & confusion in the attempt to apply historical analysis which is difficult to accomplish consistently because of the fragmentation and or lack of historical materials & historical understanding of the cultural limited again by a few works or materials written with a theological bent.… (més)
walterhistory | Jul 16, 2023 |
This book is #28 in a series of monographs designed to provide clergy and laity the best works in Biblical scholarship both in this country and abroad. The volumes in this series are planned to further the study of Biblical theology within the Church. Based on historical and literary research, the primary aim of the series is to set out more clearly the nature of Biblical faith as a living phenomenon of vital significance for the contemporary Christian.
ArkandDovePCLibrary | Jul 23, 2022 |
Eduard Schweizer produces an elegant commentary whose use of the Good News for Modern Man translation suggests casual reading even as Schweizer himself moves effortlessly (and moves his reader effortlessly) through the deeper academic discussion of the text. He keeps the scholarship in view while delivering a devotional content meant to get at how the early church used Mark's gospel. For example, in his comments on the episode in which the paralyltic is lowered to Jesus from a hole in the roof (and especially the conflict with the Pharisees which it evoked), Schweizer writes, "The church directed attention to this conflict in order to accentuate the emphasis inherent in the ancient story: All of Jesus' healings are symbols of a much more profound authority and of the forgiveness of sins which restores men to fellowship with God" (60). Schweizer is committed to form criticism, and assumes a perspective to the text that may set conservative readers on edge. Nevertheless, this is an edifying commentary and best read with a highlighter and a journal nearby.… (més)
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socialtrinity | Aug 2, 2007 |

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