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Jon Scieszka was born September 8, 1954 in Flint , Michigan. After he graduated from Culver Military Academy where he was a Lieutenant, he studied to be a doctor at Albion College. He changed career directions and attended Columbia University where he received a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1980. mostra'n més Before he became a full time writer, Scieszka was a lifeguard, painted factories, houses, and apartments and also wrote for magazines. He taught elementary school in New York for ten years as a 1st grade assistant, a 2nd grade homeroom teacher, and a computer, math, science and history teacher in 3rd - 8th grade. He decided to take off a year from teaching in order to work with Lane Smith, an illustrator, to develop ideas for children's books. His book, The Stinky Cheese Man received the 1994 Rhode Island Children's Book Award. Scieszka's Math Curse, illustrated by Lane Smith, was an American Library Association Notable Book in 1996; a Blue Ribbon Book from the Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books in 1995; and a Publisher's Weekly Best Children's Book in 1995. The Stinky Cheese Man received Georgia's 1997 Children's Choice Award and Wisconsin's The Golden Archer Award. Math Curse received Maine's Student Book Award, The Texas Bluebonnet Award and New Hampshire's The Great Stone Face Book Award in 1997. He was appointed the first National Ambassador for Young People's Literature by the Library of Congress in 2008. In 2014 his title, Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor made The New York Times Best Seller List. Frank Einstein and the Electro-Finger made the list in 2015. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys


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Math Curse (1995) 2,667 exemplars
The Knights of the Kitchen Table (1991) 2,242 exemplars
The Frog Prince, Continued (1991) 1,949 exemplars
The Good, the Bad, and the Goofy (1992) 1,415 exemplars
The Not-So-Jolly Roger (1991) 1,303 exemplars
Science Verse (2004) 1,159 exemplars
Your Mother Was a Neanderthal (1993) 1,124 exemplars
Tut, Tut (1996) 1,109 exemplars
2095 (Time Warp Trio, Vol. 5) (1995) 1,047 exemplars
My Dog Does My Homework! (2004) — Editor; Introducció — 871 exemplars
Summer Reading Is Killing Me! (1997) 809 exemplars
Baloney (Henry P.) (2001) 800 exemplars
It's All Greek to Me (1997) 788 exemplars
See You Later, Gladiator (2000) 773 exemplars
Guys Write for Guys Read (2005) — Editor; Col·laborador — 769 exemplars
Guys Read: Funny Business (2010) — Editor; Col·laborador — 692 exemplars
Viking It and Liking It (2002) 530 exemplars
Sam Samurai (2001) 504 exemplars
Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge? (2002) 466 exemplars
Battle Bunny (2013) 409 exemplars
Me Oh Maya (2003) 389 exemplars
Da Wild, Da Crazy, Da Vinci (2004) 388 exemplars
SPHDZ Book #1! (2010) 364 exemplars
Smash! Crash! (2008) 363 exemplars
Cowboy and Octopus (2007) 324 exemplars
Guys Read: Thriller (2011) — Editor — 323 exemplars
Seen Art? (2005) 314 exemplars
The Book that Jack Wrote (1994) 264 exemplars
Guys Read: Other Worlds (2013) — Editor — 240 exemplars
Truckery Rhymes (2009) 234 exemplars
Guys Read: The Sports Pages (2012) — Editor — 198 exemplars
Robot Zot! (2009) 186 exemplars
Guys Read: True Stories (2014) — Editor — 183 exemplars
Marco? Polo! (2006) 169 exemplars
Oh Say, I Can't See (2005) 165 exemplars
Zoom! Boom! Bully (2008) 155 exemplars
Uh-Oh, Max (2009) 155 exemplars
Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland (2008) — Adapter — 154 exemplars
Who Done It? (2013) 135 exemplars
Melvin's Valentine (2009) 130 exemplars
Kat's Maps (2011) 124 exemplars
Melvin Might? (2008) 121 exemplars
Snow Trucking! (2008) 119 exemplars
Frank Einstein and the BrainTurbo (2015) 111 exemplars
Guys Read: Terrifying Tales (2015) — Editor — 104 exemplars
SPHDZ Book #2! (2010) 102 exemplars
The Plant Planet (2019) 75 exemplars
Dizzy Izzy (2010) 64 exemplars
Junkyard Fort (2009) 61 exemplars
SPHDZ Book #3! (2011) 53 exemplars
Pete's Party (2008) 50 exemplars
Trucks Line Up (2011) 48 exemplars
Guys Read: Heroes and Villains (2017) — Editor — 46 exemplars
Kat's Mystery Gift (2009) 45 exemplars
The Spooky Tire (2009) 45 exemplars
Garage Tales (2010) 45 exemplars
SPHDZ 4 Life! (2013) 34 exemplars
South Pole or Bust (an Egg) (2007) 25 exemplars
Trucksgiving (2010) 23 exemplars
Time Warp Trio: Wushu Were Here (2007) 23 exemplars
The Water Planet (2020) 20 exemplars
Meet You at Waterloo (2007) 14 exemplars
Spin! Spin! (2008) 13 exemplars
Tires (2008) 10 exemplars
Zoom! (2010) 9 exemplars
A Big Red Sled (2011) 8 exemplars
Rosie (2011) 7 exemplars
Can Max Go? (2011) 7 exemplars
The Perfect Planet (2021) 7 exemplars
The Yellow Box (2011) 7 exemplars
Putt! Putt! Pop! (2011) 6 exemplars
Big Rosie (2010) 5 exemplars
Jack and Max (2008) 4 exemplars
Lucy Can Nap (2011) 4 exemplars
The Cap (2011) 3 exemplars
Can Big Rig Pass? 3 exemplars
Hot! (2008) 3 exemplars
Rita Ran to Rosie (2008) 3 exemplars
Time Warp Trio: Harem Scare'em (2007) 2 exemplars
The Best Smell (2011) 2 exemplars
Max, the Hot Rod 2 exemplars
Blue? (2011) 2 exemplars
Pete Can Dig (2011) 2 exemplars
Can Melvin Scoot? (2011) 2 exemplars
Guys Read website 2 exemplars
Your Question for Author Here (2011) — Autor — 2 exemplars
Melvin (2011) 1 exemplars
Bioactiunea 1 exemplars
Centura Evoblaster 1 exemplars
A Nap 1 exemplars
Pete 1 exemplars
Go and Stop! (2011) 1 exemplars
Ted 1 exemplars
Are You Like Gabriella? (2008) 1 exemplars
A Big Dent (2011) 1 exemplars
Tyres for Ted (2010) 1 exemplars
Jack Is It! 1 exemplars
The Big Frog Prince 1 exemplars
Mud Fun 1 exemplars
The Mat (2010) 1 exemplars
It Is Hot! (2010) 1 exemplars
the time warp trio 1 exemplars
Race from A to Z (2014) 1 exemplars
Rats 1 exemplars
Melvin Sat (2008) 1 exemplars
Perfect You 1 exemplars

Obres associades

Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out (2008) — Col·laborador — 351 exemplars
Dear Bully: Seventy Authors Tell Their Stories (2011) — Col·laborador — 321 exemplars
Half-Minute Horrors (2009) — Col·laborador — 279 exemplars
A Velocity of Being: Letters to a Young Reader (2018) — Col·laborador — 236 exemplars
Tomorrowland: 10 Stories About the Future (1999) — Col·laborador — 125 exemplars
First Kiss (Then Tell): A Collection of True Lip-Locked Moments (2007) — Col·laborador — 94 exemplars
Funny Business: Conversations with Writers of Comedy (2009) — Col·laborador — 71 exemplars
The Exquisite Corpse Adventure (2011) — Col·laborador — 61 exemplars
Lost and Found (13-in-1) (2000) — Col·laborador — 23 exemplars
Time Warp Trio: The High and the Flighty (2007) — Creator — 21 exemplars


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Independent Reading Level: Grades 2-4
Award: None
shelbycook101 | Hi ha 680 ressenyes més | Apr 29, 2024 |
Independent Reading Level: Grades 2-4
Award: None
connortodd | Hi ha 680 ressenyes més | Apr 29, 2024 |
Independent Reading Level: 4-8 year olds/ Grade Level : Preschool- 2nd
Awards & Honors: A Caledecott Honor Book
A New York Times Best Illustrated Book
Virginia_Lynn1999 | Hi ha 224 ressenyes més | Apr 29, 2024 |
Independent Reading Level: Kindergarten - 3rd grade.
bryannamiddleton99 | Hi ha 680 ressenyes més | Apr 29, 2024 |



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