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Shallcross, Robert



"Uncle Nino": Overworked executive Robert Micelli has little time for his loving wife, rebellious fourteen-year-old son, Bobby, and twelve-year-old daughter, Gina, who desperately wants a dog. This disconnected family is transformed by long-lost Uncle Nino, an old world Italian who unexpectedly arrives on their doorstep for a visit. Nino's simple, old-fashioned ways make him a curiosity to the neighborhood, and an embarrassment to Robert. But, Nino is slowly able to connect with each member of the family, and teach Robert how to enjoy life's simple pleasures: good food, good music, and most important, La Famiglia! Uncle Nino is that rare family film whose simple story and gentle humor can be enjoyed by all ages.

"The First of May": Eleven-year-old Cory is a foster child nobody wants. Carlotta is an elderly woman the world has forgotten. Together, they find friendship and family when they join a traveling circus, and show "what an old has-been and a First of May can do." Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney costars as excitable circus owner, Boss Ed, with Charles Nelson Reilly as the clown who takes Cory under his wing, and Baseball Hall of Famer and 20th century icon Joe DiMaggio in his memorable last screen appearance as a kindly stranger who offers Cory baseball tips and encouragement. "The First of May" is that rare family film that will touch viewers of all ages.

"Safe Harbor": This Hallmark Channel original movie is based on the remarkable true story of couple Doug and Robbie Smith, who founded the Safe Harbor Home for Boys in Jacksonville, FL. On the eve of their retirement cruise to luxury, self-made millionaire Doug Smith and wife Robbie get a call from Doug's past asking him to "pay it forward" by helping out trouble teens for a brief stay on their boat. A local judge, who took mercy on a young Doug when he was in trouble with police, asks the couple to put off their trip to help spare three teens from serving hard time with hardened criminals. Through hard work, discipline, and the calm and confidence gained by challenging life at sea under Doug and Robbie's guidance, the boys turn their lives around. In return, the couple finds a renewed sense of purpose and calling for their twilight years.

"Windrunner": Family-approved by the Dove and Kids First Associations, this film follows a high school boy who reluctantly moves with his mother (Margot Kidder) to a small town in Southern Utah. There, he visits his father in prison, meets a girl, makes the football team and befriends a mysterious Native American Indian. Wa Tho Huck reveals himself as the earthly spirit of the legendary Carlisle College athlete Jim Thorpe, who delivers the message that one can overcome any obstacle to fulfill life's dreams.
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Paul Sirmons Director - The First of May, Director & Producer
William Clark Director - Windrunner
Jerry Jameson Director - Safe Harbor
David James Producer