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Dani Shapiro was born on April 10,1962 in New Jersey. She attended Sarah Lawrence College where she studied under Grace Paley. She began writing fo rthe screen and adapted Oscar Wilde's "The Happy Prince" for HBO. She has also been a professor of creative writing at Wesleyan University and an mostra'n més instructor at Columbia University. She has since written five novels and 3 memoirs. Her novels include: Playing with Fire, Fugitive Blue, Picturing the Wreck, Family History and Black and White. Her memoirs are Hourglass, Slow Motion, Devotion, and Inheritance. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys

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Crèdit de la imatge: Author Dani Shapiro at the 2018 Texas Book Festival in Austin, Texas, United States. By Larry D. Moore - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Obres de Dani Shapiro

Family History (2003) 428 exemplars
Signal Fires (2022) 316 exemplars
Devotion: A Memoir (2010) 257 exemplars
Black & White (2007) — Autor — 241 exemplars
Slow Motion: A True Story (1998) 212 exemplars
Hourglass: Time, Memory, Marriage (2017) 192 exemplars
Picturing the Wreck (1995) 67 exemplars
Best New American Voices 2010 (2009) — Editor — 26 exemplars
Fugitive Blue (1992) 25 exemplars
Playing with Fire (1990) 24 exemplars
Señales en la noche (AdN) (2023) 1 exemplars

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Ultimately I worry this is the weakest of Shapiro's novels which generally I've really liked. She's got a great way with words and atmosphere. What failed for me in this novel was the plethora of characters who basically all make the same mistakes with the same dialogue. Too bad.
sparemethecensor | Hi ha 18 ressenyes més | Nov 17, 2023 |
Reason Read: JBC read for October
This is a memoir by an author who describes herself as an author of memoirs. This one is about what can happen when you do one of those DNA genealogy exams. It was okay. I am not fond of memoirs in general. I think they can be cathartic for people but how much can you really dwell on yourself that you become an author of memoirs. And as far as a memoir goes this one hit all the points; relevant, coherent. I don’t like memoirs and I am reluctant to do DNA testing. Perhaps this book supports another reason not to do DNA testing.… (més)
Kristelh | Hi ha 53 ressenyes més | Oct 27, 2023 |
Imagine that your feelings of uncertainty and detachment were all confirmed by the spit inside a test tube?
cbwalsh | Hi ha 53 ressenyes més | Sep 13, 2023 |
The earlier book I read by Dani Shapiro was a novel, but this turned out to be a memoir. During the course of reading this I discovered that she has written another, more recent memoir (Inheritance, in which she learned through routine DNA testing that the man she thought was her father was not actually her biological father). This memoir relates to a much earlier time, although her father plays an important role here, too.

Dani is in her early 20's. She had dropped out of college after a couple of years, ostensibly to pursue an acting/modeling career, but she also became the kept mistress of a much older fabulously wealthy married man, who also happened to be the stepfather of one of her best college friends. There is much cocaine and drinking involved in her life, meals at expensive restaurants (with purging afterwards), travel around the world, jewelry, furs etc. You get the picture--a charmed life indeed.

As the memoir opens, Dani is at a health and beauty spa on the West Coast when she receives a phone call notifying her that her parents have been in a serious car accident and may not survive. She must return to New Jersey at once. As she heads home, and in the days afterwards, she begins to rethink the course her life is taking. "I want to start my life over again, but I don't know how."

The book does a good job of portraying a life gone off the tracks, a self-destructive life, and what it took to turn that life around. Again, although this sort of thing is not my usual fare, it was a decent read.

3 stars
… (més)
arubabookwoman | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Sep 9, 2023 |



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