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I love how things I wanted to know more about in previous books in this series are shown in future books. The Halloween party where Soren and King dress up as each other and where Nora and Sheridan dress as Slash and Axl and Sheridan does the snake hips dance. I wanted to see that party. Now I have and I am happy.

I loved Brad Wolfe and always wondered what happened to him. I am so happy to see him get his HEA. I love Sheridan and am happy she finally got her HEA.

Also, I was very happy that we got an original story this Christmas and not just the repackaged previous stories.

Thank you Mistress!
… (més)
Library_Breeder | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Oct 22, 2023 |
I was a bit disappointed because I had rather high expectations based off the big success in unison with the high average rating but that is at least partly on me I guess.

All in all, it was an enjoyable read but there were quite a few things that rubbed me the wrong way.
The virginal insta-lust, as well as the general attraction, really stretched my WSoD. I could for the love of me not see when this initial attachment supposedly happened.
Somewhere in the middle, the author fell back on cheap plot devices like stupid misunderstandings and miscommunication at times.

The actual plot besides the romance drama was interesting and some of the twists were surprising if not overly complex.

The entire attempt at a "dark romance" or however you wanna call it was largely just misdirection. If you look back at the story after having finished the book it becomes pretty clear that most of this so-called"darkness" doesn't actually go far beyond the average book that is not part of the pink-fluffy-romance-clouds club.
The author basically can't resist making her characters ultimately good even tho she tried very hard to convince the reader they were more of a dark grey in the beginning.

The book was much more flawed than I expected but it still managed to be an entertaining read in general.
… (més)
omission | Hi ha 13 ressenyes més | Oct 19, 2023 |
Found this on an end of the year list of romance list on Goodreads and it was on Kindle Unlimited, so I thought why not?

I liked this book and it has lots of reasons not to, but for some reason it worked for me.
littlemuls | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Sep 12, 2023 |
This book has been on my tbr for the longest time and I finally was able to read it and let me just say I absolutely loved it. I'm a sucker for a enemies to lovers and this was literally it!! Ughhhh Daria and Penn have me on a chokehold. Literally the back and forth these two people have with one another is absolutely amazing! Penn calling her skull eyes
florrrrr12 | Hi ha 8 ressenyes més | Aug 31, 2023 |


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