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Josepha Sherman (1946–2012)

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Josepha Sherman is a writer, editor, and folklorist. She primarily writes fantasy and science fiction novels, but she has also written children's works in numerous genres and nonfiction works, including biographies of sports icons, business leaders, and famous explorers. She won the 1990 Compton mostra'n més Crook Award for The Shining Falcon. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys

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I'll review each of the 15 stories separately (quickly) then my overall impression.

The Gift of Rain Mountain (Bruce Holland Rogers)-- This story started off a little too slow for me. I wanted to punch the Main Character (Mactun) a few times because he irked me. The ending twist on what Mactun finally took from the Rain Mountain God as a boon made me grin with irony.

The Magestone (S.M. and Jan Stirling)-- I liked this twist on the mermaid/sailor tales. Though after reading what humans did to the wizard Shansu I felt a little queasy. The mermaid, Neesha, was kind of blood thirsty, but she thought she had the right way of thinking.

Eli and the Dybbuk (Janis Ian)--This was an interesting tale. Real quick--a dybbuk is from Jewish folklore and the gist of what they are is lost souls. They did horrible things in life and could not attain Heaven so they are stuck on Earth trying to possess unwary folks. I liked the moral of the story--brains over brawn (pretty much).

Heartless (Holly Black)--My first, my VERY FIRST, Holly Black story! What does it mean to be heartless? Holly Black explores this in a story about a young girl who follows army camps--doing the cooking, servicing etc. She remembers being someone else, but her mother had put her heart into her little finger bone (which Ada kept around her neck). Throughout the story Ada ponders the fact that she feels nothing and at the end she takes the greatest risk of all. Incidentally this is another story that involves a spirit--this time manes, in Roman mythology, were the deceased ancestors of people who were offered blood sacrifices.

Lioness (Pamela F. Service)--I have always enjoyed Pamela F. Service's historical novels, especially The Reluctant God (which is half historical, half contemporary). This story is about a young warrior princess, scared and worried about the Roman's continued push to take her kingdom (Kush), but determined to serve her god (the god of war Apedemek) and avenge her homeland. I cried a little, at the end, in relief because Tari (the princess) pulled through and proved herself capable.

Thunderbolt (Esther Friesner)--This is the story that led to the creation of Nobody's Princess and Nobody's Prize--two YA novels about Helen of SpartaTroy's early life. In this Helen recounts how it was really SHE who saved herself from the Athenian King Theseus, not her maybe divine (but really mortal) brothers. Helen was vastly amusing and I greatly loved how...manipulative she was. For a good cause (her freedom), but still.

Devil Wind (India Edghill)--Revenge! Age old classic theme. I liked how India wove both Hindu customs/beliefs with English religious beliefs. It made me a little sad though, reading about the fates of all those good people, but like the MC (Taravati) her brand of justice is well deserved and fitting.

The Boy Who Cried "Dragon!" (Mike Resnick)--Short and witty best sums up this 'true accounting' of the story never told. Geeky would-be knight meets geeky would-be fearsome dragon and a bond is formed over their innate geekiness. I found it cute when Melvin (would-be knight) bemoaned his pimples and Horace (would-be fearsome dragon) bemoaned not HAVING any.

Student of Ostriches (Tamora Pierce)--I always enjoy Tamora Pierce's writing to some degree. This short story was almost like hearing a legend actually. I would have never thought to study ostriches for learning combat, but apparently they have some wonderful moves. It did teach me to be wary of boys who kiss too easily however.

Serpent's Rock (Laura Anne Gilman)--I'll be honest this story went over my head. It began easily enough--a young boy wishes to help save his sister against BAD odds--but it then got somewhat confusing.

Hidden Warriors (Margaret Mahy)--It's important to note that the title is Hidden WarriorS not Hidden Warrior, the plural is important to remember while reading. This sometimes read like a fairy tale and sometimes read like a bard's song--it kept me interested and intrigued as it weaved the tale of a young magician who isn't sure who (or what) he is and a city that hides its true self behind friendship.

Emerging Legacy (Doranna Durgin)--This right here was a wonderful 'Surprises come in small packages' story. For anyone who was ever told that they were too awkward or graceless or klutzy to be useful, or if you were ever told that you were a disappointment as a child, this story is a wonderful salve. Kelyn is everything a warrior shouldn't be--clumsy, slow and prone to accidents if she didn't pay attention, but she used her brain and that in the end saved them all.

An Axe for Men (Rosemary Edghill)--Religious doctrine is something I have no patience for, but I do enjoy studying the ancient beliefs of civilizations long gone to the wind of time. Edghill's story is that of a young Priestess who, when seeing the only world she has ever known destroyed, learns the truth of that world. Her courage to find a new path for her people is what made this story so great.

Acts of Faith (Lesley McBain)--This story made me cry a little. I've been told stories of Ireland during WWII--just as I've been told stories of Italy and America from my other grandparents during the War--and the cant that McBain uses reminds me so strongly of how my Granny used to talk that I felt as if she was telling me the story.

Swords That Talk (Brent Hartinger)--Talking swords and a hero who laments being born during a time of enduring peace. This story was pretty funny and enjoyable to read for me. Quick like from an author I hadn't read before.

Overall the collection pleased me greatly, with only a few corkscrews that I could have done without. I also found several new authors to obsess overread more from. If you haven't already picked this up, then do so!
… (més)
lexilewords | Hi ha 12 ressenyes més | Dec 28, 2023 |
Nice encounter with Spock, and his history. An excellent use of a Jewish character and references to the Tanach. And listening to Leonard Nimoy read it was wonderful.
mrklingon | Hi ha 6 ressenyes més | May 1, 2023 |



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