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Very intriguing concept - kind of a post-apocalyptic fantasy. But the ending felt kind of weak. All the same, hope to see a second book - a lot of questions left unanswered.
nilaffle | Hi ha 44 ressenyes més | Nov 6, 2023 |
Tiernay West is a fun character. She stands up to bullies, introduces herself as a "professional adventurer," and doesn't care what other people think. She's not perfect, which is great--sometimes she gets in trouble for her adventures, her methods for dealing with bullies are not always the best, and she still sometimes feels left out, even if she tells herself she doesn't care what the other kids think.

Tiernay West, Professional Adventurer is a short middle-grade read. (On my e-reader, it clocked in at only 77 pages.) But Simner manages to pack a lot of adventure into the book, and kids eager to know how it ends will be glad they can get through it quickly.

My favorite aspect of the book is the juxtaposition between Tiernay's eloquent, adventure-story-inspired internal monologue, which marks the beginning of each chapter, and the reality of her present situation. For example, from the first page:
Tiernay West stalked through the forest, silent as the great cats of the African plains, deadly as the fabled Royal Assassins of Arakistan. With the eyes that had gotten her dubbed "Little Eagle," she scanned the verdant undergrowth, searching for the treasure hidden within.

Some motion made her pause. The shifting of a leaf, a scent upon the humid wind--with a single fluid motion she was up among the branches of an ancient oak. Adjusting her hat against the slanting sun, she settled in to watch. To wait.

"Tiernay! Tiernay, come out here this instant!"

I remained hidden among the branches of my favorite oak, not moving, not breathing. Well, trying not to breathe. You'd think that if Houdini could stay underwater for four minutes, if T.J. Redstone could conceal herself in the airless tomb of Arakistan's Hidden City for nearly a quarter hour, I could hold my breath long enough for Mom to cross the backyard.

Note: I received a digital galley of this book through NetGalley.
… (més)
fernandie | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Sep 15, 2022 |
Post-apocalypse with a twist--the war was between humans and faeries. I'm a sucker for dystopias, and this one was unique and well drawn.
readingjag | Hi ha 44 ressenyes més | Nov 29, 2021 |
I feel like the author missed something between this book and the previous one; the door to Faerie seems to be open now, with the Queen making a sudden appearance. Her goal is to destroy the human race and to take over their world as a replacement for the destroyed world of Faerie. Even though Simner explains how the war between huamsn and faerie began the motivations of the Queen seem to be a bit arbitrary and predictable. Her world was apparently destroyed, but she has such great power that it seems inconceivable tat she couldn't recall her world to its former glory - to to find a fey with this power.… (més)
JaimieRiella | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Feb 25, 2021 |



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