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Charnan Simon (1952–2014)

Autor/a de One Happy Classroom (Rookie Readers)

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Sam the Garbage Hound (1996) 152 exemplars
Mud! (Real Kids Readers) (1999) 76 exemplars
The Story of the Haymarket Riot (1988) 63 exemplars
Shattered Star (1868) 51 exemplars
Show and tell Sam (1998) 51 exemplars
Sam's Pet (Rookie Readers) (1999) 41 exemplars
I Like to Win! (1999) 38 exemplars
Plan B (Surviving Southside) (2011) 26 exemplars
Sam and Dasher (1997) 19 exemplars
Surprise! (Real Kids Readers) (1999) 18 exemplars
The Good Bad Day (1998) 13 exemplars
Water (Science Explorer) (2009) 10 exemplars
Teachers (Wonder Books) (2003) 9 exemplars
Nature's Children: Wolves (2012) 9 exemplars
Veterinarians (Wonder Books) (2003) 8 exemplars
Erosion (Science Explorer) (2009) 7 exemplars
Saturn (Our Galaxy and Beyond) (2003) 5 exemplars
The mysterious Amazon (2004) 3 exemplars
Venus (Our Galaxy and Beyond) (2003) 3 exemplars
Tressa the Musical Princess (2005) 3 exemplars
The sacred Ganges (2004) 3 exemplars
The mighty Mississippi (2004) 2 exemplars
Animals on Parade (2012) 2 exemplars
The Little Angel (1989) 1 exemplars
Chester A. Arthur 1 exemplars
Animals on Parade 1 exemplars
Go sailing 1 exemplars
The ancient Euphrates (2004) 1 exemplars
Mars (2011) 1 exemplars

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Celebrate Cricket: 30 Years of Stories and Art (2003) — Col·laborador — 43 exemplars


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Mustygusher | Dec 19, 2022 |
First of all, there is no Simon. It's Peter Levenda. This is particularly noticeable in his narrative history here in that he tells you a lot about Levenda's background, thoughts, and actions, but not any of that for "Simon." Yes, "Simon" admits that Levenda was involved with the Necronomicon. (Also, other researchers have pretty much proved that Levenda is Simon.) As such, it is Levenda/Simon's apologia for the so-called "Simon Necronomicon," i.e., the Necronomicon published in the black paperback by Avon/Bantam that is in every New Age section at Barnes & Noble. Levenda/Simon weaves a tale of how he supposedly got the book, translated it, published it. Luckily for him, all the characters in his tale are conveniently dead, except for Levenda and "Simon." Where's the actual manuscript he supposedly translated? Conveniently destroyed by a guy now dead. Where did it come from? From thefts supposedly undertaken by thieves now dead. Despite this unprovable provenance, Levenda/Simon tries to make the grimoire seem like a real descendant of Sumerian magic. And link it to Crowleyan magick. And, despite the fact that Lovecraft invented the "Necronomicon," Levenda/Simon tries to have it both ways and say: (a) I never said this was supposed to be Lovecraft's Necronomicon and (b) maybe Lovecraft secretly knew some occult stuff and saw my now destroyed Necronomicon, so it is Lovecraft's Necronomicon. And then Levenda/Simon attacks his critics, but mostly setting up straw men and ignoring their main criticisms. Levenda/Simon attacks especially Harms and Gonce, while ignoring their main contentions about the inventedness of the Simon Necronomicon. Of course, as Dan Clore and Owen Davies, both scholars, note, the Simon Necronomicon grimoire is just as made up and fake authentic as all the other grimoires in grimoire history.… (més)
tuckerresearch | Jul 22, 2022 |


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