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David J. Skal (1952–2024)

Autor/a de Dracula [Norton Critical Edition]

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David J. Skal is a respected scholar of all things macabre. A frequent talk-show guest and lecturer, his many media appearances include "The CBS Evening News," " Joan Rivers," "Charlie Rose," and NPR's "All Things Considered." He is the author of The Monster Show, Hollywood Gothic, and Dark mostra'n més Carnival. He has written, produced and appeared in a variety of film and television documentaries on occult and pop-culture subjects. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys

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Dracula [Norton Critical Edition] (1897) — Editor — 4,724 exemplars
V is for Vampire (1996) 80 exemplars

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Melodramatic, horrific and fun.
jd7h | Hi ha 133 ressenyes més | Feb 18, 2024 |
1897, that's the year of publication. A few years after Carmilla, which I must still read. So wonderfully written this beginning vein of lore and horror (yes I still need to find the contrasts with carmilla). Such wonderful images, character development and I tellect built throughout this story. I feel fortunate to be able to read this from such a time ago, and timeless it is.
cmpeters | Hi ha 133 ressenyes més | Feb 2, 2024 |
A disappointment, though recommended by quite a few people. The author employs a journal technique where nearly all the characters take part. It doesn't really work and I feel that some important facts were left out early on. Anyway, the real problem with reviewing the book is that what may have appeared intriguing or novel at the time the book was released is now, in fact, part of modern folklore and assumed.
MXMLLN | Hi ha 133 ressenyes més | Jan 12, 2024 |
It was a bit of slog for me to finally finish this. Things I did not realize about Dracula (the book) until actually reading it:

1. Van Helsing talks so funny.
2. The sections in cockney dialect are pretty much unreadable.
3. There's not enough Dracula (the character) in it for me.

To be fair, I read this and listened to [b:Dracula My Love|7202372|Dracula My Love The Secret Journals of Mina Harker|Syrie James||7894191] concurrently, so I suppose I was inclined to find the original version of Dracula a little slow and boring compared to the modern romance novel version. The modern romance version does make a lot of good points! For example:

1. VH gives Lucy blood from four different dudes. He's trying to save her, but modern understanding of blood types leads me to believe he probably had a hand in in killing her, right?

2. In the end, they cut off Dracula's head but they don't stake him with wood. Is he really dead? Or did he just disappear (AS WE KNOW HE CAN!)?

… (més)
LibrarianDest | Hi ha 133 ressenyes més | Jan 3, 2024 |



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