William Spencer (desambiguació)

"William Spencer" comprèn com a mínim 4 autors diferents, dividits per les seves obres.

Divisió d'autor

William Spencer (3)

New Writings in SF-6 (1966) — Col·laborador — 105 exemplars
New Writings in SF-2 (1964) — Col·laborador — 94 exemplars
New Writings in SF-18 (1971) — Col·laborador — 61 exemplars
The Mind-Slice 1 exemplars
Horizontal Man [short story] (1965) 1 exemplars

William Spencer (4)

Masters in This Hall (1958) — Arr., algunes edicions8 exemplars

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Nota de desambiguació
#1 is a military records specialist at the British National Archives, who formerly served in the Royal Navy and holds an MA in War Studies from the Department of War Studies at Kings College, London.

#3 is an English author of short stories (B. 1925).

Not included in this disambiguation, but not to be confused, is US novelist William Browning Spencer (B. 1946).