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Freya Stark (1893-1993), 'the poet of travel', was the doyenne of Middle East travel writers. Her travels earned her the title of Dame and huge public acclaim. Her many, now classic, books include Traveller's Prelude, Ionia, The Southern Gates of Arabia, Alexander's Path, Dust in the Lion's Paw, mostra'n més East is West and Valleys of the Assassins. mostra'n menys

Obres de Freya Stark

Alexander's Path (1958) 181 exemplars
Ionia: A Quest (1954) 81 exemplars
Perseus in the Wind (1948) 80 exemplars
Traveller's Prelude (1950) 73 exemplars
East is West (1945) 64 exemplars
Rome on the Euphrates (1966) 49 exemplars
Riding to the Tigris (1959) 30 exemplars
Letters from Syria (1942) 28 exemplars
The Zodiac Arch (1968) 22 exemplars
Turkey (1971) 17 exemplars
Freya Stark in Southern Arabia (1995) 13 exemplars
Rivers of time (1982) 12 exemplars
Freya Stark in the Levant (1994) 8 exemplars
Seen in the Hadhramaut, (1938) 8 exemplars
Peak in Darien (1976) 4 exemplars

Obres associades

The Portable Conservative Reader (1982) — Col·laborador — 211 exemplars
Maiden Voyages: Writings of Women Travelers (1993) — Col·laborador — 192 exemplars
Love Letters (1996) — Col·laborador — 182 exemplars
The Norton Book of Travel (1987) — Col·laborador — 110 exemplars
The Virago Book of Christmas (2002) — Col·laborador — 52 exemplars
The thrones of earth and heaven (1958) — Col·laborador — 11 exemplars
An Italian diary ; with a foreword by Freya Stark (1945) — Pròleg — 1 exemplars


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An autobiography covering Freya Stark's early travels in the Middle East - mainly Iraq and Iran, in the form of of commentary to link letters and diary entries. What comes across is her determination and spirit, despite considerable illness and hardship (a shortage of funds were a constant issue).
DramMan | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Jul 4, 2023 |
The first part of this book (which is a digest of several of Stark's books) is an unflinching look at her hard bohemian childhood in the early part of the 20th century. Stark shows a child's ability to find wonder in the natural world and broad friendship in the human one, mixed with a clear-eyed look at the parents and step-parents who caused her childhood to be terrifically unsettled and even dangerous. It's a gorgeously detailed and atmospheric story that spans the UK and Italy, and intersects with some interesting people who become lifelong friends. The second section covers her early adult life. Because of her neglected childhood (and a horrifying industrial accident), she spends much of her time through her mid-30s fighting chronic illness, worrying about her feckless mother and her beloved but hapless sister, maintaining a friendship with her odd, distant father, and trying to make money with a small farm. All the time, though, she holds a vision of becoming independent of all that — in fact, of becoming an explorer in the oil regions of Syria, Iraq and "Arabia." So she takes Arabic and cartography lessons, builds her contacts, and slowly finds her way to independence. And in the third book, with her mother finally provided for and some other loose ends tied as best she can, she heads out. It's a transportive story.… (més)
emilymcmc | Jun 24, 2023 |
"Beyond Euphrates" is a travel memoir written by Freya Stark, a British explorer and writer, first published in 1951. The book recounts Stark's remarkable journey through the Middle East, specifically focusing on her adventures in the region spanning from Turkey to Iraq and Iran.

As an intrepid traveler, Stark sets out to explore the less-traveled paths and delve into the history, culture, and people of these ancient lands. Her narrative takes readers on a captivating expedition, where she immerses herself in the landscapes, archaeological sites, and diverse communities she encounters.

Stark's journey begins in Turkey, where she explores the historical and cultural wonders of Anatolia. She then moves on to the rugged landscapes of Iraq, where she embarks on archaeological expeditions, visits ancient ruins, and meets local tribes. Continuing her odyssey, she ventures into Iran, navigating through remote villages, traversing deserts, and documenting her interactions with the people she encounters along the way.

Throughout "Beyond Euphrates," Stark weaves together her personal experiences with historical anecdotes, mythologies, and her keen observations of the people and places she visits. Her evocative prose brings to life the vibrant cultures, architectural marvels, and natural beauty of the Middle East.

Moreover, Stark's exploration of the region is not merely an external journey but also an internal one. She reflects on her own motivations and aspirations as a traveler, while contemplating the significance of the landscapes and the people she encounters.
… (més)
FallsGalloway | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | May 7, 2023 |
This interesting book by explorer Freya Stark charts her movements through Arabia as she searches for the ruined city of Shabwa (in modern day Yemen). The things I loved most were Freya's descriptions. They are many. They are vivid. They bring the writing to life. On her travels, she met various sultans in the region, and her descriptions of her time with them are hugely insightful.

I definitely enjoyed this book more than "The Valleys of the Assassins". However, I have a couple of similar complaints. The first is that there are absolutely no photos. Freya talks about using her camera, always looking to document through pictures. None of those pictures made it into this book. There are a couple of hand drawn illustrations. That is all. The second is that the book, like the first, feels anti-climactic. She talks on and on about how she is looking for Shabwa, but in the end, sickness puts a stop to her journey, which is frustrating for both her and me!

Still, this is a highly readable travelogue.
… (més)
briandrewz | Hi ha 5 ressenyes més | Apr 13, 2023 |



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