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Daniel Stashower is the author of four mystery novels and a winner of the Raymond Chandler Fulbright Fellowship in Detective and Crime Fiction Writing. He lives in Bethesda, MD. (Bowker Author Biography)

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Arthur Conan Doyle: Life in Letters (2007) — Editor — 299 exemplars
Murder in Baker Street: New Tales of Sherlock Holmes (2001) — Editor & Introduction — 286 exemplars
Sherlock Holmes in America (2009) — Editor; Col·laborador — 198 exemplars
Murder, My Dear Watson: New Tales of Sherlock Holmes (2002) — Col·laborador; Editor — 113 exemplars
The Houdini Specter (2001) 90 exemplars
The Floating Lady Murder (2000) 80 exemplars

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Complete Stories and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe (1824) — Introducció, algunes edicions11,897 exemplars
Death's Excellent Vacation (2010) — Col·laborador — 819 exemplars
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1976) — Col·laborador — 354 exemplars
The Best American Mystery Stories 2003 (2003) — Col·laborador — 203 exemplars
More Holmes for the Holidays (1999) — Col·laborador — 154 exemplars
The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (2015) — Col·laborador — 137 exemplars
Dangerous Work: Diary of an Arctic Adventure (2012) — Editor — 131 exemplars
Cleveland Noir (2023) — Col·laborador — 24 exemplars
The Surgeon of Gaster Fell (1890) — Epíleg, algunes edicions9 exemplars


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Stashower, Daniel Meyer
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Cleveland, Ohio, USA
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Maryland, USA
freelance journalist



History; Nonfiction; True Crime; Erik Larson; Daniel Stashower a If You Like Then You Will Love (juliol 2013)
Conan Doyle letters a Baker Street and Beyond (setembre 2007)


American Demon is a well written true crime drama about a good cop and his most frustrating case.

American Demon more about Eliot Ness than the Torso Killer. It's about his devotion to Public Safety rather than his image. It's also about Ness as a person with major flaws. He wasn't the person we see portrayed in popular media. He wasn't a super-cop. He wasn't always a good person and he was sometimes a hypocrite. He went up against an entrenched system and found out twice that sometimes the best way to accomplish a task is to compromise and make peace with "that's good enough".

I don't know how to say more without spoiling the book, which is kind of a bizarre thing to say about true crime.
… (més)
rabbit-stew | Hi ha 10 ressenyes més | Dec 31, 2023 |
300 pages, of which 35% speaks of Ness's days going after Capone in Chicago, and not addressing the main topic of the book. If I wanted to read about that story, I would have bought a different book.
BenM2023 | Hi ha 10 ressenyes més | Nov 22, 2023 |
While very well researched and entertainingly written this volume has one problem in that it feels like two separate stories, that of Ness’s campaign to clean up a corrupt city, and the string of gruesome unsolved murders.

It’s only towards the end that the author puts forward the theory that Ness had been quietly monitoring the murder case, and had a suspect he felt was responsible, but had been pressured into secrecy.

In many ways the story of Ness’s decline from the famed leader of the “Untouchables” to an easily manipulated political stooge is a sad one, and we’ll probably never know exactly what went on. But it’s also a fascinating insight into Cleveland’s struggles to reinvent itself in the immediate pre-WW2 years.… (més)
gothamajp | Hi ha 10 ressenyes més | Apr 2, 2023 |
Cuando Harry Houdini es encerrado por espionaje, víctima de un montaje, Sherlock Holmes se compromete a limpiar su nombre. Ambos se unen para derrotar a los criminales que quieren chantajear al príncipe de Gales. El caso requiere de todas sus habilidades; y aún más. Houdini consigue transformarse en ectoplasma y protagoniza una audaz huida de Scotland Yard. Watson se convierte en la única persona en presenciar su fuga de una celda.
Su experiencia como mago profesional, su buen hacer al documentar sus textos, su estilo llano y evocador y su amor por el misterio bien construido hacen de Daniel Stashower un digno heredero de Conan Doyle y Poe, manifestado tanto en obras de ficción, como en ensayos.… (més)
Natt90 | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Mar 29, 2023 |



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