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Frances R. Sterrett

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Mary Rose of Mifflin (1916) 7 exemplars
The Amazing Inheritance (1922) 5 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Rebecca's Promise (1919) 5 exemplars, 1 ressenya
William and Williamina (1917) 2 exemplars
Rusty of the Mountain Peaks (1930) 2 exemplars
These Young Rebels 1 exemplars
Rusty of the Tall Pines (1928) 1 exemplars
Rusty of the Meadow Lands (1931) 1 exemplars
Rusty of the High Towers (1929) 1 exemplars
Up the Road with Sallie (1915) 1 exemplars
Jimmie the Sixth (1918) 1 exemplars
The Golden Stream 1 exemplars
Nancy Goes To Town (2010) 1 exemplars

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Adventure [Vol. 1 No. 5, March 1911] (1911) — Col·laborador — 1 exemplars
Adventure [Vol. 2 No. 3, July 1911] (1911) — Col·laborador — 1 exemplars


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A girl working in a department store is suddenly notified that her uncle, missing for 20 years, was king of a group of islands in the Pacific, and he has died and left them to her. Her employer sees free publicity, her employer's son notices how pretty she is, her little brother aims to protect her with his Boy Scout skills, her guy friend warns her that monarchy is outdated, a shadowy rebel group tries to prevent her from taking the throne, and a native islander dogs her every step as a self-appointed bodyguard. Racist in spots, meant to be tongue-in-cheek, I suppose. Humorously told, but I'm glad it wasn't any longer.… (més)
Alishadt | Feb 25, 2023 |
Rebecca Mary is a 22-year-old schoolteacher who is weighed down by her poverty, her need to save for the future, and a hundred other worries that cause her to wear a perpetual frown. When her older cousin takes her to tea at an expensive restaurant, they have a heart-to-heart talk. Her cousin challenges her to start saying, "yes, thank you," whenever someone asks her to do something instead of " no, I couldn't possibly." She reluctantly agrees. But as soon as she begins this new phase of life, unexpected and wonderful things start happening to her. They involve about six other people who were also present at the tea-room that day, but whom she didn't know then.… (més)
Alishadt | Feb 25, 2023 |

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