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One of the most significant American artists of the post-war period, Donald Judd changed the course of modern sculpture. This exhibition is the substantial retrospective of his work in three dimensions since 1988, and the first to trace his career up to his death in 1994.
Ruch-Partner | Jul 11, 2022 |
Not a lot to appeal in this exhibition. Shots of Yves Klein's action painting shows, dragging naked women around canvases on the floor and back to the Sixties pictures of 'happenings' - attractive young people stripping off on Brooklyn Bridge. Looked as if they had just come off the stage from 'Hair', very nostalgic!
theabbottsdesires | Apr 4, 2016 |
Calder is probably best known for his mobiles, which are certainly fun, but I really liked his earlier wire sculptures, particularly the portraits, Josephine Baker, Helen Wills, Fernand Leger, Joan Miro and the like. There was also a charming 'aquarium' he made for his mother, complete with a wire signature and a little handle to get the fish moving. He was naturally playful, creating circus shows for his friends with acrobats, knife throwers, trapeze artists and the like. They showed a film of one performance with Calder crawling around on the floor.… (més)
theabbottsdesires | Apr 4, 2016 |
Este libro conmemora la apertura de la Tate Modern, el museo nacional de arte moderno y contemporáneo londinense. Presenta los trabajos más significativos de los artistas más relevantes de la Tate Gallery, con el objeto de ayudar a entender y conocer el arte del siglo XX .
BibliotecaUNED | Jun 8, 2012 |


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Zoé Whitley Editor and Curator
Briony Fer Editor
Brooklyn Museum., Host Institute
Rod Bigelow Foreword
Darren Walker Sponsor's Foreword
de Young Museum Host Institute
Museum of Fine Arts Host Institute
Mark Thomson Designer
Brenda Danilowitz Contributor
María Minera Contributor
Roz Hill Picture Researcher
T'ai Smith Contributor
Nicholas Fox Weber Contributor
Emma Poulter Project Editor
Priyesh Mistry Contributor
Sandra Zelma Designer
Magdalena Droste Contributor
Gannit Ankori Contributor
Chris Dercon Foreword
Laura Bruni Assistant curator
Maeve Polkinhorn Assistant curator
Amy Dickson Assistant Curator
Juliette Rizzi Assistant curator
Nancy Ireson Curator
Tamar Garb Contributor
Vincent Gille Contributor
Man Ray Photographer
Paul Gauguin Cover artist
Andrew Dunkley Photographer
Emma Lewis Curator
Marcus Leith Photographer
Mark Godfrey Curator
Patrick Cescau Contributor


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