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Peter Temple (1) (1946–2018)

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Peter Temple was born in South Africa in 1946. In 1979, he moved to Australia to work as education editor at the Sydney Morning Herald. He taught at Charles Sturt University and later at RMIT. In 1982, he edited the magazine Australian Society. He became a full-time writer in the 1990s. He wrote mostra'n més nine novels including the Jack Irish series, which was adapted into a television show. He won the Gold Dagger in 2007 for The Broken Shore, the Miles Franklin award in 2010 for Truth, and five Ned Kelly awards. He died from cancer on March 8, 2018 at the age of 71. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys


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Set in rural Australia and featuring a large cast of characters, this absorbing crime novel is something very different as the initial investigation into a murder and robbery expands rapidly in new directions. Along the way, the book touches on the mental and physical demands put upon the police, as well as the discriminatory and disparaging treatment and attitudes towards the aboriginal population. These do not detract from the mystery being investigated. In fact, they give a greater depth to the story, as they complicate the process of trying to deliver justice to the victims and their families as further crimes as uncovered as the case progresses.… (més)
camharlow2 | Hi ha 53 ressenyes més | Jun 1, 2024 |
an Australian police procedural. Joe Cashin is a former member of the homicide squad in a city force; after a bad accident in the line of duty, which cost another officer his life, he's been assigned to run a station in a small coastal town where he knows the lay of the land from spending his childhood there. He suffers from chronic pain, PTSD, and survivor's guilt...the back story is parceled out to the reader in fragments as the main plot unfolds. A highly respected member of the community is found dead in his home, possibly the victim of a panicked burglar caught in the act. But a few things fail to add up for Cashin, whose suspicions prompt him to ask questions even his superiors don't want answers to. This is an intense and absorbing story, made a bit difficult for me at times by the uber-natural dialog between characters who clearly share history and inside jokes that might be more easily understood by Australian readers than American ones. (An Aussie slang glossary at the end of the book was helpful, but did not erase all the language mysteries for me.) Nonetheless, I quite enjoyed the rough ride, and everything came together in the end. This one is not for the faint of heart. Gritty, noir, very well done, but trigger warnings are warranted for graphic descriptions of mutilations, racial epithets, sexual abuse of children and general profanity. Some of these elements are ubiquitous throughout, and others come fairly late in the narrative, with the potential to take the reader somewhere they didn't expect to go.… (més)
laytonwoman3rd | Hi ha 53 ressenyes més | Mar 18, 2024 |
A great read especially the 2nd half. Loved the characters and descriptions of people, places, stuff.
SteveMcI | Hi ha 9 ressenyes més | Mar 2, 2024 |
A pacy read, wrapped up quickly and great description of a footy game at the end.
SteveMcI | Hi ha 11 ressenyes més | Dec 1, 2023 |



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