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Kathleen Tessaro was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She attended the University of Pittsburgh before entering the drama program of Carnegie Mellon University. In the middle of her sophomore year, she went to study in London for three months and stayed for the next twenty-three years. She began mostra'n més writing at the suggestion of a friend and was an early member of the Wimpole Street Writer's Workshop. Her debut novel, Elegance, became a New York Times bestseller. All of Kathleen's novels (Innocence, The Flirt, The Debutante, The Perfume Collector, and most recently, Rare Objects) have been translated into many languages and sold all over the world. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys
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Obres de Kathleen Tessaro

Elegance (2003) 953 exemplars
The Perfume Collector (2012) 931 exemplars
Innocence (2005) 268 exemplars
The Debutante (2010) 198 exemplars
Rare Objects (2016) 172 exemplars
The Flirt (2008) 142 exemplars
Elegance & Innocence (Omnibus) (2013) 2 exemplars


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It was a good story not very well told.

Typos, errors, and inaccuracies bother me; they distract me from the story, tending to make me go back and read again, thinking I had misread. This book contained many of these. For example:

Two farmers on their way to market early in the morning in 1920s France would not be riding on a train (they'd have a cart or wagon), and would not be heading from Monte Carlo out to the countryside but rather the other way around.

A client at a posh hotel in Monte Carlo would not be rudely treated by the front desk because when checking in he was wearing a worn suit. They would treat him like all other clients or they would refuse him service. They also would not give him a shabby room. A hotel like that has no shabby rooms.

And very distracting is when, at the end, one of the two main characters in the book is misnamed. If that was intentional, I can’t imagine what the purpose could have been.

But despite such annoyances, I enjoyed the book. Although the story wasn’t particularly plausible, it was still good fun.
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dvoratreis | Hi ha 57 ressenyes més | May 22, 2024 |
A lightweight story of an American woman living in London who comes across a 1960's guide to being elegant and how she uses and misuses the guidance to direct her life.
ElizabethCromb | Hi ha 32 ressenyes més | Apr 14, 2024 |
Guess I'm just tired of books that bounce back and forth between different generations.
ellink | Hi ha 57 ressenyes més | Jan 22, 2024 |


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½ 3.5

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