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Anthony C. Thiselton (1937–2023)

Autor/a de The First Epistle to the Corinthians

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Anthony C. Thiselton is emeritus professor of Christian theology in the University of Nottingham, England, and a fellow of the British Academy. He has published twenty-five books spanning the fields of hermeneutics. New Testament studies, systematic theology, and philosophy of religion.

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New Horizons in Hermeneutics (1992) 305 exemplars
Hermeneutics: An Introduction (2009) 187 exemplars
The Promise of Hermeneutics (1999) 132 exemplars
Hermeneutics of Doctrine (2007) 105 exemplars
Systematic Theology (2015) 79 exemplars
The Last Things: A New Approach (2011) 61 exemplars
Thiselton on Hermeneutics (2006) 57 exemplars
The Responsibility of Hermeneutics (1985) — Autor — 53 exemplars
Doubt, Faith, and Certainty (2017) 22 exemplars
Language, Liturgy and Meaning (1975) 9 exemplars
The New Hermeneutic 2 exemplars

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Hearing the New Testament: Strategies for Interpretation (1995) — Col·laborador, algunes edicions342 exemplars
The Cambridge Companion to Biblical Interpretation (1998) — Col·laborador, algunes edicions256 exemplars
The Modern Theologians: An Introduction to Christian Theology Since 1918 (2005) — Col·laborador, algunes edicions201 exemplars
Eerdmans Commentary on the Bible (2003) — Col·laborador — 160 exemplars
After Pentecost: Language and Biblical Interpretation (2001) — Col·laborador — 123 exemplars
Canon and Biblical Interpretation (2006) — Col·laborador — 118 exemplars
The Way Forward?: Christian Voices on Homosexuality and the Church (1997) — Col·laborador — 74 exemplars


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A commentary on commentaries on Romans.

The work begins with encouragement to read Romans, interpretive strategies for Romans, how Romans has been received and read, the textual critical history of Romans, an introduction, and then section by section analysis, primarily drawing on a range of modern commentaries on the text.

The author is enamored with Jewett's theory that Romans is a preparatio for the work in Spain which will be facilitated by the Romans and which involves Phoebe strongly. It's an interesting theory, for sure, but seems a bit too historically imaginative.

If you're looking for a condensation of modern commentary on Romans, this is your book. If you're looking for originality in commentary, go to the sources the author uses.
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deusvitae | May 7, 2018 |
Thiselton always provides unique perspectives on biblical material, often informed by philosophy, and he does not disappoint here. Who would have thought that Wittgenstein could have anything to do with eschatology? Although I am not always convinced by his interpretations, observing his argumentation is worth the journey. And there are nuggets of insights to be extracted here and there.
proflinton | Jul 12, 2015 |
An excellent and handy little dictionary. However, I would like to make the observation that there is no article on Middle Knowledge (scientia media)!
RicardusTheologus | Dec 6, 2007 |
good on Wittgenstein; less so on Heidegger
reuchlin | Apr 15, 2007 |

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