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ABlack Muslim boy must summon the courage to ask for a place at school to pray.

It’s Muhammad’s seventh birthday, and Daddy has a special gift for him: a prayer rug that’s royal blue with gold stitching and that smells of incense. Muhammad is now old enough to independently offer the five Muslim daily prayers, or salat. He packs the rug before school the next day and plans to find a private place for salat. But asking his teacher for help feels harder than anticipated—especially after seeing mean passersby jeer at his father, who prays in the open while working as an ice cream truck driver. To claim a space, Muhammad will need to be brave, just like his joyful, hardworking Daddy. Once again, Thompkins-Bigelow (Mommy’s Khimar, 2018) has written a beautiful, positive, and welcome portrayal of Black Muslim families. Her melodic writing captures Muhammad’s feelings as he works to find his voice and advocate for his needs. Aly’s playful, energetic illustrations offer a nod to Islamic art traditions and work in tandem with the text to give readers a glimpse into Muhammad’s hopes, fears, and growth. An author’s note explains what salat is, the times and names of the prayers, how it is performed, and other relevant terms used within the text. (This book was reviewed digitally.)

An empowering and important tale of bravery. (Picture book. 5-8)

-Kirkus Review
… (més)
CDJLibrary | Apr 2, 2024 |
Sweet story about a boy who wanted to be a writer but was facing roadblocks and needed a teacher to remind him that he was a great writer no matter what roadblocks he faced.
Ajames0722 | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Feb 5, 2024 |
Saddened by her classmates’ and teacher’s mispronunciations of her name, a girl is empowered by her discovery that names are like songs when she and her mom celebrate the musicality of African, Asian, Black-American, Latinx, and Middle Eastern names. Illustrations and musicality of the book great way convey the importance of names and recognizing each.
AnnesLibrary | Hi ha 13 ressenyes més | Jan 28, 2024 |
Beautiful, empowering book that teaches how to honor, grieve and uplift the past and present together. Stunning illustrations.
rianainthestacks | Nov 5, 2023 |



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