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The Girls from Corona del Mar (2014) 261 exemplars, 12 ressenyes
Margo's Got Money Troubles (2024) 160 exemplars, 8 ressenyes
Dear Fang, With Love (2016) 150 exemplars, 8 ressenyes
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Margo’s Got Money Troubles by Rufi Thorpe
Contemporary fiction, chick lit, humorous.
As the child of a former Hooters waitress and an ex-pro famous wrestler, Margo Millet’s always known she’d have to be self supporting. She starts junior college and is singled out by her English professor and soon enough, ends up pregnant. Though he now claims married, Margo decides she wants to keep the baby. Her school roommates move out complaining about the crying baby leaving Margo with an apartment she can’t afford since she also lost her job.
When her estranged father, Jinx, shows up, he agrees to move in and help with the rent and provide childcare. Margo takes a page from Jinx’s career of storytelling and creates an internet account selling photos of herself. Her success is up and down as she learns what works, what’s new and how to make money. But certain careers come with scrutiny and Margo needs to be strong or she could lose everything.

Poor Margo. She’s been taken advantage of by her professor and is simply trying to do the right thing. She is also naive allowing others to make things worse. Margo is trusting and sometimes too much. I’d say she’s a “good girl” but that’s a bit derogatory. Her mother made me so mad but Margo understands. Her father is wonderful but has his own problems.
Without spoiling it in detail, Margo does learn and grows strong. She’s smart and proves it. I was certain ing cheering her on in those last chapters.

Funny moments that will have you laughing, but also sad as she struggles through a lot. It comes down to self empowerment. And Margo is all over it.

I received a copy of this from NetGalley.
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Madison_Fairbanks | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Jul 9, 2024 |
It’s absolutely criminal that this is a new release this week but all I’m hearing about is the Freida book, this one should get so much more attention!

First of all, it’s hilarious. Imagine starting an OF and then your estranged dad (who is in the WWE Hall of Fame) decides to come live with you and be your kind of manager? Like what even is that about lol. Don’t even get me started on the d-bag baby daddy part of it cuz been there and I can relate.

All around, loved it. I just feel bad it was overshadowed by book 3 of The Housemaid.… (més)
ellierey | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Jul 7, 2024 |
You are about to begin reading a new book, and to be honest, you are a little tense. The beginning of a novel is like a first date. You hope that from the first lines an urgent magic will take hold, and you will sink into the story like a hot bath, giving yourself over entirely. But this hope is tempered by the expectation that, in reality, you are about to have to learn a bunch of people's names and follow along politely like you are attending the baby shower of a woman you hardly know.

Margo is still a teenager when her English professor gets her pregnant. And in the following weeks, despite everyone telling her not to, she decides to keep the pregnancy. She has an apartment that she shares with three other girls, the man who told her, over and over, how much he loves her, her best friend Becca and her mother. And once she has Bodhi, the professor ghosts her, her mother quickly tells her that she will not be helping out, her best friend disappears from her life, two of her roommates move out and she loses her job. Margo does indeed have money troubles, but money is only one of her problems.

They had tried to warn her: her mother, Mark, even Becca. But when they talked about the opportunities she would be missing, she'd thought they meant a four-year college. She hadn't understood thy meant that every single person she met, every new friend, every love interest, every employer, every landlord, would judge her for having made what they all claimed was the "right" choice.

But she's not without resources. First, there's the one roommate who didn't leave, and then there's her father, someone who was largely absent while she was growing up but now, fresh out of rehab, he needs a place to stay and he can pay rent. And he gives her an idea of how she can make money to take care of her and Bodhi. None of it is ideal, but there's a chance this odd family can make it work, or maybe the underlying issues are too serious to paper over with love and effort.

This book surprised me. Thorpe's writing is light and smart and she often goes for the clever wordplay over a more sincere telling. And Margo is a young woman who hides her own feelings with her quick mind and a careless attitude. But as this novel progresses, it doesn't take the easy way, or the expected direction, but chooses to be more real and complex and muddled in ways that make it more than the breezy language indicates. I ended up rooting for Margo to figure out a road between the many obstacles placed in her way.
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RidgewayGirl | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Jul 2, 2024 |
At times the search for funny, relatable, smart, brilliantly crafted light reading seems like a fool's errand. But then, you find the holy grail and you know the search has been worth it. This book! I laughed out loud while reading many many times. I loved every character and thought the story rolled out perfectly bringing us to an end that was completely unexpected and yet absolutely right.

The story is basically laid out in the blurb. Margo is a very smart and interesting college freshman from the wrong side of the tracks -- she is the illegitimate daughter of a Hooters waitress and a WWE hype man. For reasons unclear, perhaps especially to Margo, she has a brief and not particularly satisfying affair with her married professor who is more than twice her age. It peters out (no pun intended) but just after the end of the affair Margo realizes she is pregnant. Against the wishes of the creepy professor she chooses to have the baby (the tone here is VERY pro-choice, not to worry.) When she finds it impossible to access and pay for childcare that works with waitressing she ends up launching a unique and hilarious OnlyFans page. Her first communication on the site caused me to laugh uncontrollably while standing on the Roosevelt Island tram. (I am pretty sure the tourists just thought they were having the NYC crazy person moment, but the operator who sort of knows who I am looked concerned.) That is all I will share. The story is filled with fascinating characters who are quirky and zany while also being completely believable and I loved every one of them at least a little, except Margo's high school best friend. She is awful. This is such a compassionate book. It straight-up killed me with kindness. But also, it is not at all sappy. If you don't laugh when Rick Flair appears as a sort of religious vision I worry you have no sense of humor at all. A complete delight.

One additional note -- I listened to this, and Elle Fanning is a fantastic narrator. She inhabited Margo!
… (més)
Narshkite | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Jun 27, 2024 |



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