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Ivan Turgenev (1818–1883)

Autor/a de Pares i fills

Inclou aquests noms: TURGENIEV, I Turenev, Turgénev,, Turgenjev,, I. Turgenev, I Turgenyev, Turgenev I., I S Turgenev, Ivan Turenev, I. TURGUENEV ... (mira la llista completa), Ivan Turvenev, Ivan Turgenev, Ivan Turgenev, IVA TURGUENEV, Ivan Turgenev, Ivan Turgenev, Ivan Turgeneu, Iwan Turgenev, Ivan Turgenev, I.S. Turgenev, Ivan Turgenev, I. Toergenjev, Ivan Turgenev, Ivan Turgenev, Ivan Turgenev, Ivan Turgenev, Ivan Turgenev, Iwan Turgenjew, Iwan Turgeniew, Ivan Turgenyev, Ivan Turguenev, Ivan Turgenjew, Ivan Tourgenev, Ivan Turgenjev, Iwan Turgenjew, Ivan Turgeneve, Ivan Turgeniev, Ivan Toergenef, I.S. Toergenew, Iwan Turgenjev, Ivan Turgenjev, Ivan Turgennev, Ivan Turgenyev, Ivan Turgenjef, Turgenjeff Iwan, Iwan Toergenjew, Iwan Turgenieff, I. S. Turguenev, Iván Turguenev, Ivan Turguénev, Iwan Toergenjev, Ivan Turgueniev, Iwan Toergenjef, Iwan Turgenjeff, Ivan Turgueneff, Ivan Turgenieff, Ivan Turghenjev, Ivan Turgieniev, Ivan Turguénev, Ivan Turgénjev, I.S. Toergenjev, Ivan Toergenjev, I.S. Toergenjew, IVAN TURGUENIEV, Iwan Turgieniew, Jvan Turgheniev, I. S. Turgeniev, I.S. Turgheniev, Ivan Tourgueniev, Ivan S. Turgenev, Iván Turgueniev, Iván Turgueniev, Ivan Turgénieff, I. S. Turgueniev, Ivan Turguêniev, Iwan S. Turgenew, Ivan Tourguénef, Ivan Tourgueniev, Iván Turguénev, Ivan Tourgueneff, Iwán Turgênjew, Тургенев., Iwan S. Turgenjew, Ivan S. Turguenev, Tourghenieff Ivan, Ivan Tourguéneff, Turgénjev,, Iwán Toergénjew, Iwan S. Toergenew, Iván Turgénieff, Ivan S. Toergenjev, Ivan S. Turguénev, Iván S. Turguenev, Ivan S. Turgueniev, Ivn S. TURGUIENIEV, Ivan S. Toergenjew, Iwan S. Toergenjew, Iván S. Turgueniev, Ivan Serge Turgenev, Iván S. Turguénev, Turguénev. Iván S., Ivan Turgenév, IVAN SERGEI TURGUENEV, Тургенев И.С., И.С. Тургенев, Ivan Sergeviĉ Turgenev, Ivan Tourguéniev, Ivan Sergevich Turgenev, И. С. Тургенев, Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev, И. С. Тургенев, Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev, Ivan Sergejevic Turgenev, Ivan Segejevič Turgenjev, Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich Turguenev, Иван Тургенев, Iván Sergievich Turgenev, Ivan Sergejevic Turgénev, Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev, TURGUENEV IVAN SERGUEEVICH, Ivan Serguievich Turguenev, Ivan Sergejevič Turgeněv, Ivan Sergejevics Turgenyev, Ivan Sergejevic Turguénev, Ivan Sergueevich Turguenev, Ivan Sergejevič Turgenjev, IVAN SERGUEYEVICH TURGUENEV, Iwan Sergejewitsch Turgenew, Ivan Szergejevics Turgenyev, Iwan Sergejewitsj Toergenew, Ivan Sergueevich Turguénev, Ivan Sergueievitx Turguenev, Ivan Sergejevitsj Turgenjev, Ivan Sergejevitsj Toergenjev, Iwan Sergejewitsj Toergenjew, Ivan Sergueievitx Turguénev, Iván Sergeevich Turgénieff, Iván Sergueevich Turguénev, Iván Turguénev, Iwan Sergejewitsch Turgenjew, Ivan Sergueï Tourgueniev, Iván Turguéniev, Ivan Serguéievitx Turguénev, Иван С. Тургенев, Ivan S Turgenyev {as Turgenev], Iván Serguéyevich Turguénev, Iwan: Autor / Titel: Turgenjew, Ivan Serguëievitch Tourguéniev, TOURGUENIEV (MAUROIS André), Richard Hare (Trans. ) Ivan Turgenev, Ivan (I. S. ) (Turguenieff) Turgenev, איבן סרגיביץ טורגניב, איון סרגיביץ' טורגניב, ইভান তুর্গেনেভ, Illustrated by MARY KESSEL IVAN TURGENEV, Ivan Serguéievitx Turguénev, Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev; Michael R. Katz, Иван Сергеевич Тургенев, Иван Сергеевич Тургенев, Тургенев Иван Сергеевич, איון סרגיביץ' טורגניב, Ivan Turgenev; translated by; Richard Freeborn, Иван Сергеевич Тургенев, 1818

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19,362 (25,339)4551,003 (3.88)83
Ivan Turgenev, 1818 - 1883 Novelist, poet and playwright, Ivan Turgenev, was born to a wealthy family in Oryol in the Ukraine region of Russia. He attended St. Petersburg University (1834-37) and Berlin University (1838-41), completing his master's exam at St. Petersburg. His career at the Russian Civil Service began in 1841. He worded for the Ministry of Interior from 1843-1845. In the 1840's, Turgenev began writing poetry, criticism, and short stories under Nikolay Gogol's influence. "A Sportsman's Sketches" (1852) were short pieces written from the point of view of a nobleman who learns to appreciate the wisdom of the peasants who live on his family's estate. This brought him a month of detention and eighteen months of house arrest. From 1853-62, he wrote stories and novellas, which include the titles "Rudin" (1856), "Dvorianskoe Gnedo" (1859), "Nakanune" (1860) and "Ottsy I Deti" (1862). Turgenev left Russia, in 1856, because of the hostile reaction to his work titled "Fathers and Sons" (1862). Turgenev finally settled in Paris. He became a corresponding member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences in 1860 and Doctor of Civil Law at Oxford University in 1879. His last published work, "Poems in Prose," was a collection of meditations and anecdotes. On September 3, 1883, Turgenev died in Bougival, near Paris. (Bowker Author Biography)
— biography from Pares i fills
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