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Sigrid Undset (1882–1949)

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Sigrid Undset was the daughter of archeologist Ingvald Undset. Cultural, autobiographical, and religious topics constitute a large and interesting portion of her fiction, which in Norway is categorized according to the time of action: medieval or modern. Jenny (1911), an idealistic and tragic love mostra'n més story, is one of the latter novels. Undset's comprehensive knowledge of medieval Scandinavian culture has its literary monuments in Kristin Lavransdatter (1920--22) and The Master of Hestviken (1925--27), historical novels that depict life in the Norwegian Middle Ages. She was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1928. Norwegian criticism of Sigrid Undset's writing centers on her religiosity (she became a conservative, almost reactionary Catholic in Lutheran Norway in the 1920s; she possesses an intensity of belief that is rather naturally expressed in the medieval novels. Yet while she has written religious polemics, the medieval novels are not tendentious. In fact, the central motifs are eroticism, marriage, and family life, in short, the full life of a medieval woman who sees herself in the light of contemporary Christian beliefs. These novels are great, realistic delineations of medieval personalities. During World War II she escaped the German occupation of Norway and fled to America, where she wrote her autobiographical Happy Times in Norway (1942). (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys
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(nor) Sigrid Undset's sitat: "Menneskenes hjerter forandres aldeles intet i alle dager. Det er bare de ytre forholdende, vanene og miljø som har forandret seg, ikke følelsene, kjærligheten, skylden og ansvaret".

Crèdit de la imatge: Sigrid Undset - photo: Eivind Enger, Kristiania, 1905


Obres de Sigrid Undset

Kristin Lavransdatter (1920) 2,945 exemplars
Kristin Lavransdatter I: The Wreath (1920) 1,687 exemplars
Kristin Lavransdatter II: The Wife (1921) 1,039 exemplars
Gunnar's Daughter (1909) 340 exemplars
Catherine of Siena (1951) 308 exemplars
Jenny (1911) 296 exemplars
The Master of Hestviken (1925) 198 exemplars
Ida Elisabeth (1932) 130 exemplars
Våren (1914) 83 exemplars
The Wild Orchid (1929) 79 exemplars
The Faithful Wife (1936) 69 exemplars
Happy Times in Norway (1942) 65 exemplars
Return to the future (1605) 63 exemplars
The Longest Years (1934) 62 exemplars
Madame Dorthea (1939) 62 exemplars
The Burning Bush (1930) 61 exemplars
Stages on the Road (1934) 55 exemplars
Olav Audunssøn og hans barn (1932) 43 exemplars
Olav Audunssøn i Hestviken (1982) 38 exemplars
Images in a Mirror (1938) 27 exemplars
Saga of Saints (1934) 23 exemplars
Four Stories (1959) 22 exemplars
Men, Women, and Places (1939) 12 exemplars
Tolv år (1998) 10 exemplars
Fru Hjelde (1958) 9 exemplars
De kloge jomfruer (1982) 9 exemplars
Ungdom : dikt (1986) 8 exemplars
Fattige skjæbner (2005) 6 exemplars
Splinten av troldspeilet (1980) 6 exemplars
Essays og artikler 1920-1929 (2006) 5 exemplars
Kjære Dea (1979) 5 exemplars
Christmas and Twelfth night (1932) 4 exemplars
Hellig Olav : Norges konge (1930) 4 exemplars
Essays og artikler 1940-1949 (2008) 4 exemplars
Den hellige Sunniva (2000) 4 exemplars
Essays og artikler 1930-1939 (2007) 3 exemplars
Etapper 3 exemplars
Essays og artikler 1910-1919 (2004) 3 exemplars
Viga-Ljot und Vigdis: Roman (2019) 2 exemplars
Et kvinnesynspunkt (1982) 2 exemplars
Undset : Sitater (2010) 2 exemplars
Småflickor (2021) 2 exemplars
Den lykkelige alder 2 exemplars
Harriet Waage (1959) 2 exemplars
Sigrid Undset 2 exemplars
Prinsessene i berget det bla (1973) 2 exemplars
Catarina de Siena 1 exemplars
Yarina Dönüs (2022) 1 exemplars
La edad feliz 1 exemplars
Sigrid Undset. 1 exemplars
Fred på jorden 1 exemplars
Madame Dorothe 1 exemplars
Obras completas 1 exemplars
Ein Fremder. Erzählungen. (1936) 1 exemplars
Fortellinger i utvalg (1999) 1 exemplars
Olav Audunsohn und Eirik (1978) 1 exemplars
Undset Sigrid 1 exemplars
Edele Hammer's grote liefde (1932) 1 exemplars
Middelalder-romaner 1 exemplars
Katholsk propaganda (1927) 1 exemplars
Antón Simonsen 1 exemplars
Cuatro mujeres (1978) 1 exemplars
Thjodolf 1 exemplars
Visa jungfrur 1 exemplars
YARINA DONUS 1 exemplars
Sunniva 1 exemplars
Olaf syn Audyna 1 exemplars

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Nom normalitzat
Undset, Sigrid
Nom oficial
Undset, Sigrid
Data de naixement
Data de defunció
Lloc d'enterrament
Mesnalia kirkegård
País (per posar en el mapa)
Lloc de naixement
Kalundborg, Denemarken
Lloc de defunció
Lillehammer, Noorwegen
Llocs de residència
Kalundborg, Denemarken
Christiania, Oslo, Noorwegen
Rome, Italië
London, Engeland
Rome, Italië
Ski, Noorwegen (mostra-les totes 10)
Sinsen, Christiania, Oslo, Noorwegen
Bjerkebæk, Lillehammer, Noorwegen
'40-'45 Hotell Margaret, 97, Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, Amerika
Bjerkebæk, Lillehammer, Noorwegen
American Academy of Arts and Letters (Foreign Honorary ∙ Literature ∙ 1943)
Premis i honors
Grand Cross of St. Olav voor patriottische inspanningen tijdens WO II (1947)
Nobelprijs voor Literatuur (1928)
Biografia breu
Sigrid Undset (Kalundborg, 20 mei 1882 – Lillehammer, 10 juni 1949) was een Noorse romanschrijfster die in 1928 de Nobelprijs voor de Literatuur won.

Undset werd in Kalundborg in Denemarken geboren, maar haar familie verhuisde naar Noorwegen toen zij twee jaar oud was. In 1924 bekeerde ze zich tot het katholicisme. Ze vluchtte in 1940 naar de Verenigde Staten wegens haar verzet tegen nazi-Duitsland en de Duitse bezetting, maar na de Tweede Wereldoorlog in 1945 keerde ze terug. Haar bekendste werk is Kristin Lavransdatter, een modernistische trilogie over het leven in Scandinavië in de middeleeuwen. Het boek speelt zich af in middeleeuws Noorwegen en werd van 1920 tot 1922 in drie delen gepubliceerd. Kristin Lavransdatter beeldt het leven van een vrouw van geboorte tot dood uit.

Undset stierf in Lillehammer op 67-jarige leeftijd.



Group read: Kristin Lavransdatter a 2018 Category Challenge (juny 2018)


This is very long, there is a big focus on religion and I spent a good part of the book wanting to tell Kristin to snap out of it. But even so, you don't read books set in medieval Norway every day, the relationships were complex and I was invested in knowing how lives would play out. Good for a long winter read.
mmcrawford | Hi ha 73 ressenyes més | Dec 5, 2023 |
A slow but immersive historical novel with strong writing and deep themes regarding womanhood, faith, and romantic love. The leisurely pace is livened up with strangely compelling domestic dramas.
markhopp | Hi ha 37 ressenyes més | Dec 2, 2023 |
If you think what you want will make you happy, you're wrong... it won't. This is the basic premise of the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy. Overall, I really liked it. I thought it was very realistic in portraying the characters' emotional lives, and some of their actions that spilled over from these.

Though it follows Kristin and Erlend's relationship, it is not a love story, which I really loved. Since the premise of this book is that Kristin sleeps with Erlend before they're married and is then filled with guilt, yet still goes on to fight for what she wants (Erlend), there is a certain amount of sexual references/content, though nothing is very graphic.

The name of Jesus is used in vain several times throughout.

I'm giving it 4 stars overall, but have briefly reviewed the individual books below.

Book One, The Wreath - 3 Stars

The first book in the series was not very interesting. The pace was slow, not much happens, and I didn't love the characters. What I liked the most about this first book was some of what the monks said about God and their faith.

Throughout most of this book, I was so disengaged that I wasn't even planning on continuing the series, but at the very end, the book left off at a place that finally piqued my interest.

A favorite quote from The Wreath:

"'God help you, Ragnfrid Ivarsdatter,' said Sira Eirik, shaking his head. 'You want nothing more from all your prayers and fasting than to force your will on God. Does it surprise you, then, that it has accomplished so little good?'" (p 44)

Book Two, The Wife - 5 Stars

I really liked this book, as this is when Undset begins really showing that Kristin isn't satisfied with all the choices she's made, yet now she has to deal with the consequences, like it or not. Undset also begins showing some situations from the point of view of Simon, the man Kristin was betrothed to before she married Erlend. Their lives never go as planned and they're bittersweet.

A few favorite quotes from The Wife:

"Every man forgets the sinful pleasure he has enjoyed when he has to pay for it." (p 306)

"Are you so arrogant that you think yourself capable of sinning so badly that God's mercy is not great enough?..." (p 361)

"She had chosen to follow the other man, whom she knew traveled on dangerous paths. Monks and priests had pointed out remorse and repentance as the road home to peace, but she had chosen strife rather than give up her precious sin." (p 630)

Book Three, The Cross - 4.5 Stars

This was a good continuation of The Wife, but toward the end it began to drag, and some of the characters I'd become comfortable with were switched out for others whom I had no attachment to, so I didn't enjoy it quite as much.

Favorite quote from The Cross:

"It seems to me that you should have seen so much by now that you would put more trust in God the Almighty. Haven't you realized yet that He will hold up each soul as long as that soul clings to Him?... Haven't you realized yet, sister, that God has helped you each time you prayed, even when you prayed with half a heart or with little faith, and He gave you much more than you asked for. You loved God the way you loved your father: not as much as you loved your own will, but still enough that you always grieved when you had to part from him. And then you were blessed with having good grow from the bad which you had to reap from the seed of your stubborn will." (p 1094-1095)
… (més)
RachelRachelRachel | Hi ha 73 ressenyes més | Nov 21, 2023 |
Oh, Kristin. You really did make all the wrong choices in life, didn't you?Probably the best part about this book for me was the focus on the relationship between Kristin and her father. The love between them was so intense; everything Lavrans did was so clearly for Kristin's benefit, but she could not bring the family honor. Still pretty upset about how things went down despite reading this half a year ago, but deep down I can't find it in me to blame Kristin. She was a child really, and Erlend...Well let's just say this wasn't Erlend's first rodeo. Undset is a master at expressing the emotions, desires and regrets of her characters. Though this one was truly heartbreaking, I think I'm going to have to read the sequel.… (més)
ejerig | Hi ha 37 ressenyes més | Oct 25, 2023 |



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