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Alison Uttley (1884–1976)

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A Traveller in Time (1939) 606 exemplars
The Country Child (1931) 219 exemplars
Little Grey Rabbit's Christmas (1940) 154 exemplars
Little Grey Rabbit's Party (1936) 101 exemplars
Little Grey Rabbit's Birthday (1944) 95 exemplars
Magic in My Pocket (1974) 85 exemplars
Wise Owl's Story (1935) 85 exemplars
Fuzzypeg Goes to School (1938) 81 exemplars
Water-Rat's Picnic (1943) 76 exemplars
Squirrel Goes Skating (1934) 75 exemplars
Hare and the Easter Eggs (1952) 64 exemplars
The Speckledy Hen (1945) 62 exemplars
Little Grey Rabbit Makes Lace (1950) 59 exemplars
Moldy Warp the Mole (1940) 56 exemplars
Recipes from an Old Farmhouse (1966) 53 exemplars
The Little Grey Rabbit Treasury (1987) 47 exemplars
Adventures of Sam Pig (1940) 46 exemplars
Little Grey Rabbit's Storybook (1977) 46 exemplars
The Knot Squirrel Tied (1937) 45 exemplars
The Great Adventure of Hare (1931) 44 exemplars
Hare and Guy Fawkes (1956) 40 exemplars
Grey Rabbit and the Circus (1961) 38 exemplars
Adventures of Tim Rabbit (1945) 38 exemplars
Tales of Little Grey Rabbit (1980) 37 exemplars
Grey Rabbit's May Day (1963) 37 exemplars
Little Red Fox (1970) 34 exemplars
Little Grey Rabbit's Paint-Box (1958) 30 exemplars
Hare Joins the Home Guard (1941) 28 exemplars
Little Grey Rabbit's Valentine (1953) 26 exemplars
Foxglove Tales (1754) 24 exemplars
Squirrel Goes Skating (1980) 20 exemplars
Hare goes shopping (1965) 18 exemplars
Sam Pig Goes to the Seaside (1978) 17 exemplars
Grey Rabbit Finds a Shoe (1960) 16 exemplars
Little Red Fox Stories (1992) 15 exemplars
Fuzzypeg's Brother (1971) 13 exemplars
Country Hoard (1976) 13 exemplars
More Little Red Fox Stories (1975) 13 exemplars
Magic Water (1939) 10 exemplars
Sam Pig and Sally (1942) 9 exemplars
Ten Candlelight Tales (1991) 9 exemplars
Buckinghamshire (1950) 9 exemplars
Ambush of young days (1974) 8 exemplars
Country Things (1946) 8 exemplars
Sam Pig Goes to Market (1951) 8 exemplars
Sam Pig at the theatre (1940) 7 exemplars
Hare and the Rainbow (1975) 6 exemplars
Sam Pig at the Circus (1943) 6 exemplars
Sam Pig And The Cuckoo Clock (1989) 5 exemplars
Here's a New Day (1951) 5 exemplars
Sam Pig in Trouble (1948) 5 exemplars
Plowmen's Clocks (1952) 4 exemplars
A Year in the Country (1976) 4 exemplars
Rainbow Tales (Young Piper) (1988) 4 exemplars
The Brown Mouse Book (1971) 4 exemplars
Snug and Serena Pick Cowslips (1950) 3 exemplars
Nine Starlight Tales (1942) 3 exemplars
Some Moonshine Tales. (1945) 3 exemplars
Ten Tales of Tim Rabbit (1941) 3 exemplars
Cuckoo Cherry-Tree 3 exemplars
Cuckoo in June (1966) 2 exemplars
High Meadows (1964) 2 exemplars
Enchantment 1 exemplars
The Swans Fly Over 1 exemplars
When All Is Done 1 exemplars
Tim Rabbit's dozen 1 exemplars
Wild Honey (1962) 1 exemplars
Pienen Harmaakanin tarinat (2013) 1 exemplars
The Washerwoman"s Child (1956) 1 exemplars
MOONSHINE AND MAGIC (1932) 1 exemplars
A peck of gold (1966) 1 exemplars
Macduff (1950) 1 exemplars

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Nom oficial
Uttley, Alice Jane Taylor
Data de naixement
Data de defunció
Lloc d'enterrament
Holy Trinity Churchyard, Penn, Buckinghamshire, England
Lloc de naixement
Cromford, Derbyshire, England, UK
Lloc de defunció
Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
Llocs de residència
Derbyshire, England, UK
Fulham, London, England, UK
Bowden, Cheshire, England
Knutsford, Cheshire, England, UK
Lea Board School, Holloway
Lady Manners Grammar School, Bakewell
Owen’s College, Manchester University
Lady’s Training College, Cambridge
children's book author
Uttley, James Arthur (husband)
Uttley, John (son)
Taylor, Henry (father)
MacDonald, Ramsay (friend)
Taylor, Hannah (mother)
Judd, Denis (biographer)
Premis i honors
Honorary Doctorate of Letters, University of Manchester, 1970
Blue Plaque
Biografia breu
Alison Uttley was the pen name of Alice Jane Taylor, born and raised in rural Derbyshire. She was educated at a local grammar school and at Manchester University, where she became only the second woman honors graduate. She did postgraduate studies at Cambridge to qualify as a teacher. In 1911, she married James Uttley, a scientist. After her husband’s suicide, she took up writing to support herself and her son under the name Alison Uttley and produced the popular work The Country Child (1931), a fictionalized account of her own childhood, illustrated by C.F. Tunnicliffe. Although she also wrote for adults, her best remembered works are her stories for children, for whom she invented the beloved characters of Little Red Fox, Little Grey Rabbit, Sam Pig, Little Brown Mouse, and Brock the Badger, among others. She was a prolific writer and published more than 100 books, including the classic A Traveller in Time (1939). She wrote about 20 volumes of memoirs as well as her autobiography, Ambush of Young Days (1951).



Twelve delightful country tales about Tim Rabbit of the kind heart and big adventures.
PlumfieldCH | Dec 17, 2023 |
Childhood favourite, stil loved and red
Jennywren1445 | Apr 8, 2022 |
Worried about her youngest daughter’s health, Mrs. Cameron arranges for all three of her children – Alison, Ian, and Penelope – to stay with her elderly aunt and uncle on the Derbyshire farm where she herself was raised. All of the children, and especially Penelope, soon take to the rhythms of country life. However, it isn’t as restful for Penelope as the adults hoped. Penelope finds she has the ability to slip between past and present. She spends more and more time in 16th century Thackers, the country home of Anthony Babington, whom Penelope knows is destined to be executed for his role in plotting the escape of Mary, Queen of Scots. Penelope feels herself caught between the two worlds, as tragedy draws ever closer for her 16th century friends and Penelope is powerless to change the outcome.

This book combines many elements that I love, including old houses with secret passages and time travel into the past. The time travel element reminds me very much of Daphne du Maurier’s The House on the Strand, with past and present coexisting in the same physical space for the time traveler. The descriptions of the house, its furnishings, the farm buildings, and the landscape are vivid enough that I could easily picture them in my mind. The continuity between past and present, with furniture and tools in use over many generations of the farm’s inhabitants, will resonate with family historians who either cherish physical objects passed down in their own family or who mourn their lack.
… (més)
cbl_tn | Hi ha 21 ressenyes més | Jan 9, 2022 |



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