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Inclou el nom: Eric Velasquez

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Not impressed. The illustrations were detailed oil painting, which I generally find a bit boring for a children's book, and the writing was boring add well. This book makes me wonder about the award.
mslibrarynerd | Hi ha 42 ressenyes més | Jan 13, 2024 |
This book was about a boy and his grandma. His grandma did not speak english so it was hard for her to understand a read around town. The boy and his grandma went to the market to go ingredients for Christmas dinner. After that they went home and started on it before the boy could go to the museum for his assignment. After they finished they went to the museum and found a painting of a puerto rican just like the boy and his grandma so that made them very happen. Due to this that made grandma think about what to get the boy for christmas and it gave her an idea of a sketch book and a pencil. This book would be really good for ELL and ESL students due to the fact that some is in spanish. I think this is a good book because it would make students who are not good at reading in english, want to read this book.… (més)
hannahfontenot12 | Hi ha 42 ressenyes més | Nov 15, 2020 |
Grandma's Gift by Eric Velasquez entails the story of Eric a young boy who goes to visit his grandma. Eric and his grandmother are preparing for the Puerto Rican Celebration when Eric discovers a painting of Diego Velasquez. Eric then realizes that he wants to become an artist. Nevertheless, Eric's grandmother presents him with a sketchbook and colored pencils to help Eric pursue his dream. I would recommended this book because it teaches the story of self discovery and discovering your talent. Eric would have never visited the museum had he not asked his grandmother for permission. His grandmother often never left the house and now she was able to discover Eric's talent. This book teaches the lesson of stepping out of your comfort zone.… (més)
elijahtaylor98 | Hi ha 42 ressenyes més | Apr 1, 2020 |
This book demonstrates a great mixture of culture. This book describes of how younger Eric spent his holiday break with his grandmother. Grandma was not able to read English, yet she promised to take him to the museum in New York after the made their traditional Puerto Rico treat, pasteles. Once they made it to the Museum, Eric was worried that he would have to translate everything to her. What surprised them is that there was a painting of someone from Puero Rico and grandmother was actually able to talk about this painter to Eric. This is an amazing story I can use to compare how my relationship with my grandmother was as well. Many times I thought I had to translate everything, yet many times she surprised me with her knowledge of what was around.… (més)
rdelarca | Hi ha 42 ressenyes més | Jan 31, 2020 |



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