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The Strangers (2021) 149 exemplars
The Girl and the Wolf (2019) 93 exemplars
North End Love Songs (2012) 48 exemplars
The Circle (2023) 37 exemplars
river woman (2018) 36 exemplars

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I read the first three volumes of this series in 2021, but didn't have access to the final chapter until my local library added this omnibus of all four volumes. So now I have the chance to re-read the time traveling adventures of Echo Desjardins and find out how the story ends.

My Jan. 26, 2021, review of A Girl Called Echo, Vol. 1: Pemmican Wars ~ 3 stars ~

A Métis teen named Echo finds herself unstuck in time, bouncing between her history class in the present day and an early 19th century Canadian trade conflict called the Pemmican War. It's not an original time travel concept, but I'm interested in finding about Echo and this particular bit of history of which I'm entirely ignorant.

For instance I now know that pemmican is a paste made of bison meat and berries that can be stored for years, helpful for getting through a long Canadian winter -- a precious commodity in 1814.

My Feb. 6, 2021, review of A Girl Called Echo, Vol. 2: Red River Resistance ~ 3 stars ~

A Métis teen named Echo still finds herself unstuck in time, bouncing between her history class in the present day and the Red River Resistance (or "Rebellion") of 1869. English-speaking Protestants and French-speaking Catholic Métis led by Louis Riel clash over the terms by which Manitoba will become a province in the new Canadian Confederation. A lot of events and characters are introduced in a few pages, but a timeline of events in the back helps keep everything straight.

In the present day, the troubled and previously closed-off Echo is starting to open up a little to those around her.

It doesn't feel like there are enough pages to fit all the story the author wants to tell, but I still find Echo and the history engaging. I always think of Canada as a peaceful place, so it is eye-opening to see the dirty laundry aired here.

I'm tempted to re-read Chester Brown's Louis Riel graphic novel.

My Feb. 7, 2021, review of A Girl Called Echo, Vol. 3: Northwest Resistance ~ 3 stars ~

The history gets more than a little vague this time around as Louis Riel heads up a second resistance movement fifteen years after the events recounted last volume. A timeline in the back helps fill in the holes, but I'd rather the story had provided more of the details.

In the present day, Echo's foster care may be coming to an end as her mother is nearing the time when she can return home. And she is also able to shed some light on Echo's time dislocations.

I thought this might be the final volume, but there is one more coming out in April this year.

A Girl Called Echo, Vol. 4: Road Allowance Era

With the failure of the Northwest Resistance and the death of Louis Riel, many Métis people find themselves marginalized over the following decades as they are denied land ownership, driven out of their traditional territory, and end up squatting on government lands in shanty towns. But during the Great Depression of the 1930s, even that little bit is taken from them as they are evicted and dispersed even more. Witnessing this through her time jumps, Echo wonders what she can do as a Métis teen in the modern day.

Despite all the hardships, the series ends on a positive note as Echo, encouraged by the hope and perseverance of her ancestors, takes strength from her heritage and the progress made in recent court decisions in righting past wrongs,

A worthwhile journey that taught me a lot.
… (més)
villemezbrown | Jun 1, 2024 |
Set in Winnepeg’s North End neighborhood punctuated by a swath of land with hydroelectric towers that becomes the scene of a horrific crime and a symbolic artifact of the characters’ fractured lives, this debut novel for Métis poet Katherena Vermette follows the lives of a family whose members live with the consequences of their proximity to the violent gangs that roam their streets and prey on people, including thirteen-year-old Emily, who is viciously attacked. The community itself is largely indigenous, with many half-breeds, including one of the policemen investigating Emily’s attack. Racial bigotry forms the backdrop to the story. Flora, known as Kookom to her grandchildren (apparently it is the Cree word for grandmother), is the head of this four-generation family at the center of the novel.. Her daughter Cheryl is a functional alcoholic and her other daughter, Rain, was murdered when her daughter, Stella, was a child, such that Stella was raised by Kooko. Cheryl has two daughters, Louisa (Lou) and Paulina (Paul) who have children of their own. Emily is Paulina’s daughter. Men are not portrayed very kindly in this story; most of them abandon their responsibilities, and the women realize that they often get involved with unsuitable men. The story is told from the varied perspectives of the characters, who each bring pieces of the full story to the family’s complex history. Haunting.… (més)
bschweiger | Hi ha 32 ressenyes més | Feb 4, 2024 |
This novel completes the trilogy, following The Break and The Strangers. It's a good story, dealing with the lingering after-effects of a violent action by one character on two young girls. We see how their families continue to have to deal with the consequences of the attack, set in the context of ongoing racism and colonization.

About five years have passed since Phoenix attacked Emily and Ziggy and Phoenix is being released from prison. Phoenix's younger sister, Cedar, has formed a strong friendship/romantic interest with Ziggy, who doesn't know they are related. Jake feels responsible for protecting his cousin, Emily, and other family members, worrying that they will see Phoenix in the neighbourhood.

This book, in particular, looks at the idea of justice and the bonds of family and friendships.
… (més)
LynnB | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Dec 10, 2023 |
If there's one book that should have won CBC Canada Reads, this is it.
hubrisinmotion | Hi ha 32 ressenyes més | Nov 14, 2023 |



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