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San Antonio, Texas, USA
University of Central Oklahoma (BA|English)
Romance Writers of America
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P.E.A.R.L. nominee (New Author, 2007)
Merrilee Heifetz
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A native of the dust bowl, Rachel Vincent is the oldest of five siblings, and arguably the most outspoken of the bunch. She loves cats, devours chocolate, and lives on flavored coffee. Rachel’s older than she looks—seriously—and younger than she feels, but remains convinced that for every day she spends writing, one more day will be added to her lifespan.



Girl that finds out she's a banshee a Name that Book (octubre 2015)


It was such a fast pace read. I really loved the main character and the world that was built. I grew to love the main characters. The world was scary but also so fascinating... It was great quick read. I hope to read the sequel whenever it comes out. I liked the unexpected twists and turns and really grew to love the main character
lmauro123 | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Dec 28, 2023 |
It was such a fast pace read. I really loved the main character and the world that was built. I grew to love the main characters. The world was scary but also so fascinating... It was great quick read. I hope to read the sequel whenever it comes out. I liked the unexpected twists and turns and really grew to love the main character
lmauro123 | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Dec 28, 2023 |
If I had to articulate the issues I had with this book, and this is a review so I should, it boils down to the unrelenting dislike I had for the entire cast. Not that they all didn't have various reasons for their disastrous personalities, but sweet stars I wanted to throttle them.

Genesis, aka I Have Plot Convenient Hidden Depths and Talents.

Maddie, aka everyone I love is taken from me!

Holden, aka typical rich boy diva whiner.

Ryan, aka I must protect my sister...or at least make a good show of it.

The summary wrecks part of the mystery why these kids are taken hostage - I think if I hadn't known going in Genesis was a big reason for it, I probably would have cared more to unravel the why of it.

I can't speak towards the culture represented (Colombia), as I know very little about it or the country, but the judgy attitude of Maddie's (in regards to her Uncle Hernan and cousin Genesis) and Genesis's casual dismissal of her heritage except when it suited her (all part of her hidden depths by the way) rubbed me wrong.

In the end while I didn't hate this, I found no reason to continue the trilogy either sadly.
… (més)
lexilewords | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Dec 28, 2023 |
Guys, I will admit to this: going in I was afraid. Petrified even. I trust Vincent to not disappoint me with her writing, or with the in-book justification of events and consequences, but I was so worried. I love this series. I adore it--one of my top five Young Adult series I always recommend to people. But after the last two books...

Well. Vincent had me pondering, really really hard, about the nature of love and sacrifice and letting go even when it doesn't feel like you should.


There is really three plots at work here. Plot 1) was the book plot--that of the teacher who was an Incubus and taking advantage of the gullible students. Plot 2) involves the ongoing relationship status of Nash and Kaylee (and Sabine) and Plot 3) is the new underlying plot for the next couple of books. Plot 3 isn't such a big thing until the last few chapters of the book, but Plots 1 and 2? Insanity!

I'm going to try to be as vague as possible to avoid spoilers, so forgive me if I don't back things up.

First there's Kaylee's behavior throughout the book. I've been kind of edgy about Kaylee in the last couple of novels due to her behavior and overall indecisiveness on some matters. Granted, what Nash did was bad. Really bad and would have gotten even worse if left unchecked quite frankly. Kaylee has every right to be frightened that it might happen again and want to take things slower.

However at some point in Book 4 Kaylee went from wanting to take things slower to 'Do what I say, act the way I want you to' in her treatment of Nash. She sabotaged, through her own insecurities and fear, any attempts he made to connect with her again. Made no concerted effort to be with him again, but wanted him to avoid someone who she felt was a bad influence on him (Sabine).

This book isn't much different in that regard. I thought they had come to an understanding at the end of Book 4. I thought Kaylee was ready to make a decision and stick to that decision. I thought she was ready to take the consquences of her actions.

Nash, for his part, messes up big time a couple times. He reacts badly and does some things I find extremely questionable given what he kept pleading to Kaylee about. But oh man does Kaylee do him a horrifically WRONG turn. Twice. I mean if there was any two things she could have done to REALLY break Nash's spirit she did them both. Not happily, and with some huge regrets, but still. The outcome of at least one may have been in my favor (preference wise), but I kind of side with Nash in his fury towards her.

There was extenuating circumstances for one of the things, and she did sacrifice something pretty major in an attempt to make it right, but still. I do wonder if Vincent will explore the parallels between what Kaylee did to Nash and what Nash did to Kaylee. I hope she does. While I am content with the way things ended in this book romance wise, I'm anxious over how things turned out relationship wise. I want this to be something that brings them closer, whichever way you want to take that.

I haven't mentioned much about what happens with the teacher because honestly it leads to a whole mess of spoilers that could skew a reader's perception throughout the book. Big surprise he is a BAD GUY and messes with Kaylee and co. in terrifying ways. It really does make me wonder about the general population of their town though, in the same way that I always wondered about Sunnydale in Buffy--are the residents just THAT oblivious and/or used to these really freaky dangerous occurances? Though that's not a fair thing to ask since well its fiction and who knows how people would react if this happened in REAL life right?

Book 4 felt like the closing of a chapter in the series--by that point Kaylee had come into her own (power wise), had a mostly reliable cadre of friends/companions/people she moderately tolerated to help her and seemed better equipped for the world at large. This book, Book 5, felt like the beginning of a new chapter. Certain things happen that make this a more obvious beginning then others, but overall I felt like for the first time in a long time Kaylee was learning what it means to live in that world.

At one point or other her lifelines--Tod, Nash, Emma, her family--are all cut off from her in some way and she's forced to make decisions on her own and shoulder those consequences herself. This is a big step for her and one that Vincent handles well. Kaylee doesn't handle it so well, but then she's only 16 right? If she was perfect this wouldn't be a very interesting series overall would it?

I likely say this every time, but I can't wait for Book 6.
… (més)
lexilewords | Hi ha 33 ressenyes més | Dec 28, 2023 |



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