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Neale Donald Walsch and his wife formed the Conversations with God Foundation, a nonprofit organization offering programs in personal growth and spiritual understanding, with the state mission of helping the world to help itself. He lives in Ashland, Oregon.


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Ashland, Oregon, USA
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Neale Donald Walsch is a resident of Ashland, Oregon, and is the author of 15 books, including the extraordinary Conversations with God series, which has sold in the multi-millions in 34 languages worldwide. His first children's book was The Little Soul and the Sun, which became an instant spiritual children's classic. He is a founder of the non-profit Conversations with God Foundation ( and creator of Humanity's Team ( Information on his work in the world, and an opportunity to participate in it, may be found at



Love this relatable Book. If God knows his sheep, I hope I qualify and I really really really loved it. I found Mr. Neale's thoughts on Knowing God personally quite unique. And it really is one of those Christian books that Atheists will love as well. A wonderful read.
sarah_d_writer | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Jan 24, 2024 |
Not sure what the definition of God is here - does not seem to value the Bible.
pcm.rsl | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Dec 30, 2023 |
In this, his latest book, Neale Donald Walsch, discusses the nature of God – what He/She/It is really like.

He says eight out of ten people agree that there is a God, but do not agree about who or what It is.

He himself agrees that the views of most of us are inaccurate.

He calls this problem the God Dilemma and his answer, as described in the book, the God Solution.

One thing bothers me about the book. It is that the author keeps talking about how the various religions dictate to those belonging to them that God is such and such a being, and that is just the way it is.

Personally, I don’t adhere to any religion at all, and never will, but am in no doubt that God exists.

I agree with Jung, that I don’t believe that It exists, I know It does.

It’s just that in the course of the book I got fed up with hearing about these religions and what their members believed. I don’t think that God necessarily has anything to do with religion as such.

I realize that proponents of the various religions have didactically declared that God is such and such, leaving no room for doubt, as though they and they alone knew this.

But, firstly, Christianity, or at least the Old Testament, has got it all wrong and, secondly, in my view God has no need of religion.

I feel it is a personal, not a “religious” matter, what we believe about God.

What I’m trying to say is that I don’t see that Neale has mentioned that it’s a personal matter. I know that most of the world’s population are controlled by their religious leaderrs but it will not always be this way.

The world and its peoples are changing fast and I believe many are becoming more spiritually developed and will be casting aside the various forms of religious beliefs about God tht have previously been dictated to them.

I feel that this book has come at the exact right time, when many of us are ready to rid ourselves of old negative beliefs about God imparted to us by church authorities. We are ready to realize that if God is really a benign creator, then It is, as Neale propounds, a God of love, in fact, It is what I call Divine Love, and Neale calls Pure Love.

My own father was a minister of the Church, but he never told me anything abut religion, Christ, or God, never. But this was a blessing because it meant that I had to find out myself who or what God was. And I did.

Of course, we’ve heard many times that God is Love. It’s been many decades, and it feels like centuries, since I’ve attended a church service. But I’m not sure that God is Love is the main theme that ministers/pastors or what you would call them are preaching about in church.

It does seem strange that, as Neale mentions at the start of the book, 85% of the world’s people belong to a religion, but yet “the world is a mess”. At present we have the war in Ukraine and the one between Israel and Hamas.

Neale mentions a suggestion of his wife, Em - “What if each of us could create our own religion?”

But I just don’t see that we need to have a religion. We can each have our own ideas and eperiences of god. But why do we need a religion? What intrinsic connection does God have to religion?

Now I don’t believe that ministers, priests or whoever should tell us what to believe, and I feel that Neale could have written more about how we should find out what we personally feel about whether or not there is a God, and if so what Its characteristics are.

I really appreciate Neale’s definition of God as Pure Love.

I may be mistaken, but I don’t recall anything, or at least much having been written in the book about we ourselves being a part of God or that It is within us. I’ve had to return the book to the library so I can’t check.

Here I have to recount my first spiritual experience at the age of 14, since I feel it is absolutely relevant.

It was a lovely summer’s day in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I hd just come home from school and I was standing in my room looking out the window at our garden.

I experienced three things – one, the lovely summer’s day, which was not typical for Belfast, two, the beautiful flowers tended by my mother, who loved them and which I had never noticed/appreciated previously, and three, the birds’ cheerful chirping.

Suddenly, I was in a state of Bliss. I did not feel love, but Bliss. Perhaps the Bliss overshadowed the love.

There was a circle of golden light.

I was experiencing God, I was a pulsating cell in the body of God. I was a part of God, God was Bliss. I was Bliss.

There was no death and no time. I knew these things.

I don’t know how long the experience lasted, there being no time.

But, though I believe that God is within us, it must have been an out-of-body experience, because I felt my soul or whatever spiral back into my body, around my solar plexus, just like when the last of the bathwater spirals out of the bath.

I was still standing. I sat down on the bed and felt completely purified, as though many of my previous lives had been cleansed (though I was just 14 I knew about previous lives and recalled one of them). Perhaps there had been Love, Pure Love, and this is what had purified me.

This was the most wonderful experience I had ever had. I told nobody of it, because who of my family or those I knew would have believed it.

(I have also on three separate occasions experienced what I call Divine Love, though I didn’t feel at the time that it was God. It was amazing to experience this Love – there was no need to do anything other than sit and bask in the experience.)

So I would have appreciated Neale writing something, or something more, about how we are a part of God.

In the book Neale tells us that God loves with no strings attached whatsoever.

He says we should not resist unhappy circumstances but instead pour Pure Love into them. I will.

I have often thought that were a maniac to enter my home by force and threaten to kill me, I would not try to kill him. I do not have a gun. I think it’s only Americans that have guns. In my country only criminals and hunters (who are also

criminals in my view) have guns. Instead I would pour Divine Love into them.

A potential murderer such as that would have to be in dire need of Pure Love.

And, anyway, I do not fear death.

Neale says “When we embrace the feeling that our newly defined God is, and allow it to flow freely in us, through us, and as us – and then project it forward into our tomorrows as a creative force – we are employing and magnifying, focusing and directing God’s Essential Essence, and the world we touch lights up with love.”

He adds – “This is called enlightenment.”

He poses the question - “Must the love of God be earned? ”Is Divinity incapable of giving love to sentient beings simply because it is God’s nature to do so, whether certain beings ‘deserve it’ or not. Could the offering of love to someone who does not ‘deserve it’ be the height of Pure Love?”

In short, Neale defines God as self-conscious, self-aware energy eternally projecting a feeling called Pure Love.

We are told how to deal with any possible negative outcome that we imagine occurring in our life. We should love it to death.

You should consciously call forth God energy that is within you, rather than call for it to be with you.

“You can use this energy to respond to somehing that is occurring in this moment, or project it toward producing something that you would like to occur in some future moment.”

We should feel the most powerful emotion we would experience if an outcome we desire is already manifest. This would be gratitude.

To sum up, this is an inspiring book which helps us to understand God perhaps in a more positive way than previously, and to use the God energy to deal with difficult situations.

I highly recommend this book and apologize for inserting so many of my own experiences into this review,
… (més)
IonaS | Nov 5, 2023 |



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