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"Frank Waters" comprèn com a mínim 5 autors diferents, dividits per les seves obres.

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Frank Waters (1)

Book of the Hopi (1963) 908 exemplars
The Man Who Killed the Deer (1942) 283 exemplars
Anasazi: Ancient People of the Rock (1974) — Pròleg — 183 exemplars
The Colorado (1946) 72 exemplars
Woman at Otowi Crossing (1966) 64 exemplars
People Of The Valley (1941) 54 exemplars

Frank Waters (desconegut)

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Nota de desambiguació
Frank Waters (1902-1995) is the author of most of the books listed here.This author's full name is Frank (Joseph) Waters.

Frank (C.H.) Waters is the author of AIX Performance Tuning.

Frank Waters (b. 1907) wrote Postal unions and politics : a history of the Amalgamated Postal Workers’ Union of Australia.

Frank Waters (b. 1909) edited Reading with Mother.

Frank Waters (fl. 1903-1927) is the author of Eight bells, Sailors' snug harbor yarns and ballads.