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Alison Weir (1) (1951–)

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Alison Weir was born in London, England on July 8, 1951. She received training to be a teacher with a concentration in history from the North Western Polytechnic. Before becoming a full-time writer, she worked as a civil servant and ran her own school for children with learning difficulties from mostra'n més 1991 to 1997. Her first book, Britain's Royal Families, was published in 1989. Her other books include The Six Wives of Henry VIII; Children of England; Eleanor of Aquitaine; Henry VIII: King and Court; Mary, Queen of Scots; and Isabella. Her first novel, Innocent Traitor, was published in 2006. Her other novels include The Lady Elizabeth, The Lady in the Tower: The Fall of Anne Boleyn, The Captive Queen, A Dangerous Inheritance, and Katherine of Aragon, the True Queen. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys


Obres de Alison Weir

The Six Wives of Henry VIII (1991) 3,248 exemplars
Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Life (1999) 2,851 exemplars
The Life of Elizabeth I (1998) 2,806 exemplars
Innocent Traitor (2006) 2,471 exemplars
The Children of Henry VIII (1996) 2,125 exemplars
The Princes in the Tower (1992) 2,048 exemplars
The Wars of the Roses (1995) 1,974 exemplars
The Lady Elizabeth (2008) 1,822 exemplars
Henry VIII: King and Court (2001) 1,661 exemplars
The Captive Queen (2010) 826 exemplars
Anne Boleyn: A King's Obsession (2017) 469 exemplars
Jane Seymour, The Haunted Queen (2018) 394 exemplars
The Marriage Game (2014) 282 exemplars
Katherine Parr, The Sixth Wife (2021) 206 exemplars
The Last White Rose (2022) 158 exemplars
Traitors of the Tower (2010) 125 exemplars
The King's Pleasure (2023) 104 exemplars
A Tudor Christmas (2018) 53 exemplars
Arthur, Prince of the Roses (2016) 22 exemplars
BP Portrait Award 2011 (2011) 14 exemplars
The King's Painter (2019) 8 exemplars
The Grandmother's Tale (2018) 7 exemplars
The Queen's Child (2021) 6 exemplars
The Curse of the Hungerfords (2019) 5 exemplars
In This New Sepulchre (2021) 4 exemplars
Mary I: Queen of Sorrows (2024) 4 exemplars
The Wicked Wife (2021) 3 exemplars
A Man of God 1 exemplars

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The Daughter of Time (1951) — Introducció, algunes edicions5,931 exemplars
The Witch and the Priest (1956) — Introducció, algunes edicions40 exemplars


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Couldn't read past the first few chapters: boring, repetitious, and a very distasteful view of Elizabeth.
Abcdarian | Hi ha 13 ressenyes més | May 18, 2024 |
1.5 stars. Too long, dull, and with an unpleasant fictional understory.
Abcdarian | Hi ha 26 ressenyes més | May 18, 2024 |
Mary is born of love and into a family rich with honours and status. The only child of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, Mary is raised to be a queen but her father longs for a male heir. When he suppplants her mother with the 'witch' Anne Boleyn, Mary is cast aside in favour of her half-sister. Then Anne's star falls and Henry gets his heir. Mary is getting older though and longs for a marriage and child of her own. Finally she ascends to the throne but life gets harder, not easier for this devout woman.
Mary I is a very divisive character and Weir is completely honest when she says that she finds it hard to sympathise. In fact I feel that she has written quite a balanced novel here despite the extremely radical Catholicism that Mary believed in. Every Tudor monarch has their positives and negatives and in this book, Weir tries to show the motivations behind Mary's later actions. What I love about these books is the strong research interwoven wit
… (més)
pluckedhighbrow | May 16, 2024 |
"I affirm to embody the lessons from Mistress of the Monarchy: Lesson 1 - I seek a patron who supports me through mentorship, offering guidance on financial wisdom, health, and more, while nurturing trust and allowing room for growth and autonomy. Lesson 2 - I understand the importance of self-education and seizing opportunities for growth under patronage, while also recognizing when to defer to those with greater expertise. Time is precious, and I pledge to use it wisely, leveraging connections with integrity, communication, and tireless dedication to serve both my patron and my family. Trust, discretion, honesty, privacy, wisdom, and opportunity guide my actions, fostering an environment where mistakes are learning experiences, conversations remain confidential, and personal counsel is valued."… (més)
Kaianna.Isaure | Hi ha 36 ressenyes més | May 9, 2024 |



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