Kim Williams (desambiguació)

"Kim Williams" comprèn com a mínim 9 autors diferents, dividits per les seves obres.

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Inclou aquests noms: Kim Williams, editor Kim Williams

Divisió d'autor

Kim Williams (3)

Book of Uncommon Sense (1986) 25 exemplars
Eating wild plants (1977) 7 exemplars

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Nota de desambiguació
(1) Kimberly Joan Williams (1966–), she wrote Stokes Beginner's Guide to Bats
(2) Kim Williams (1956–), she wrote Italian Pavements: Patterns in Space
(3) Kim Williams, she wrote Book of Uncommon Sense
(4) Kim Williams, spent close to a decade working in the entertainment industry; 40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule is her first novel
(5) Kim Williams, a speech and language therapist who works with HSA (UK organization), Total Communication
(6) Kim M. Williams, AU, lecturer at La Trobe University, she edited Fashion, design and events
(7) Kim Williams, he lives in Georgia, CSci degree, Microsoft .NET Remoting
(8) Kim E. Williams, M.Div., pastor, he wrote Wishful Preaching
(9) Kim Williams, church minister, former teacher, living Atlanta GA area; Letters to Layton series