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Frieda Wishinsky

Autor/a de Albert Einstein (DK Biography)

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Obres de Frieda Wishinsky

Albert Einstein (DK Biography) (2005) 473 exemplars
Oonga boonga (1990) 231 exemplars
Remembering the Titanic (2012) 224 exemplars
Nothing Scares Us (2000) 80 exemplars
Beware, Pirates! (2007) 79 exemplars
You're Mean, Lily Jean (1657) 77 exemplars
Please, Louise! (2007) 69 exemplars
Crazy for Gold (2007) 60 exemplars
Yikes, Vikings! (2007) 51 exemplars
Queen of the Toilet Bowl (1864) 44 exemplars
Just Mabel (2001) 43 exemplars
Danger, Dinosaurs! (2007) 39 exemplars
Each One Special (1998) 33 exemplars
Blob (2010) 32 exemplars
Hurry, Freedom (2008) 31 exemplars
Flying High! (2007) 30 exemplars
Pioneer Kids (2007) 26 exemplars
A Whale Tale (2008) 26 exemplars
Crazy for Chocolate (Read 180) (1998) 25 exemplars
Give Maggie a Chance (2002) 20 exemplars
Far from Home (2008) 19 exemplars
Time to Celebrate! (iOpeners) (2004) 17 exemplars
Lost in the Snow (2008) 16 exemplars
SOS! Titanic! (2010) 16 exemplars
Avis Dolphin (2015) 15 exemplars
Construction Easy Reader (1997) 15 exemplars
The Queen's Secret (2010) 14 exemplars
A Bee in Your Ear (Orca Echoes) (2004) 14 exemplars
Camp Disaster (Orca Currents) (2016) 12 exemplars
Survival: Ice Storm! (2016) 12 exemplars
Survival: Hurricane! (2016) 11 exemplars
Stop that Stagecoach! (2009) 11 exemplars
Trains and Trolleys Easy Reader (1997) 11 exemplars
Maggie Can't Wait (2009) 10 exemplars
Halifax Explodes! (2011) 10 exemplars
Dimples Delight (2005) 10 exemplars
Farm Easy Reader (1997) 9 exemplars
Arctic Storm (2011) 8 exemplars
Survival: Avalanche! (2015) 8 exemplars
Boats and Ships Easy Reader (1997) 8 exemplars
Cars and Trucks Easy Reader (1997) 7 exemplars
On the Case (2009) 7 exemplars
A Flower is a Friend (2023) 7 exemplars
Jump In (Nelson Language Arts) (1998) 6 exemplars
Airplanes Easy Reader (1997) 6 exemplars
A Quest in Time (2000) 6 exemplars
Survival: Shipwreck! (2015) 6 exemplars
A Trip By Train (2003) 5 exemplars
First Day (2003) 3 exemplars
Alfie, No! (2019) 2 exemplars
My Little House (2002) 1 exemplars
Tout sur Mme Côté (2004) 1 exemplars
Pablo s'inquiète 1 exemplars
Houses 1 exemplars
Dive In 1 exemplars
Super grand frère (2017) 1 exemplars
Breakfast in the Bathtub (2003) 1 exemplars


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Munich, Germany (displaced person)
Llocs de residència
New York, New York, USA
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CUNY, Brooklyn
special education teacher
children's book author
Biografia breu
Frieda Wishinsky's parents emigrated to Canada from Europe after the end of World War II. She began writing as a child. She majored in international relations in university, and then enrolled in an M.S. program in special education. She became a special education teacher and has worked for more than 25 years in three countries. While on a two-month sabbatical with her husband in Eugene, Oregon, she began writing books for children and young adults. She found success with her first work, the picture book Oonga Boonga (1990), and has been a prolific author of more than 60 books since then, winning numerous awards



An engaging, rather than boring, biography.
RRabas | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Jun 16, 2023 |
This is set up as a board book and it has a line per page of two things, usually a flower and an animal helping each other. Then that page asks a question. It waits until the very end to give you the answers. It tells you about ladybugs and bats and hummingbirds, and all the animals that were in the book. I thought it was a little odd at first, but it all comes together quite well. And makes for a book that would be enjoyable by kids with short attention span and by kids who want to go and learn further.… (més)
LibrarianRyan | Feb 28, 2023 |
Note: I received a digital review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.
fernandie | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Sep 15, 2022 |



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