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G. Clifton Wisler (1950–2006)

Autor/a de Mr. Lincoln’s Drummer

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Author G. Clifton Wisler was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He has written over 60 books, many of which are historical fiction works for young adults. He currently lives in Plano, Texas. (Bowker Author Biography)


Obres de G. Clifton Wisler

Mr. Lincoln’s Drummer (1995) 402 exemplars
Red Cap (1991) 290 exemplars
Jericho's Journey (1993) 135 exemplars
Thunder on the Tennessee (1983) 131 exemplars
Caleb's Choice (1996) 98 exemplars
The Drummer Boy of Vicksburg (1997) 55 exemplars
Kings Mountain (2002) 42 exemplars
The Raid (1737) 36 exemplars
Run the Blockade (2000) 25 exemplars
Mustang Flats (1997) 25 exemplars
The Mind Trap (1990) 13 exemplars
Lakota (1989) 13 exemplars
Winter of the Wolf (1981) 12 exemplars
Piper's Ferry (1990) 10 exemplars
The seer (1989) 9 exemplars
The Wetherbys (1992) 9 exemplars
Under the Black Hills (1999) 8 exemplars
My Brother, the Wind (1979) 7 exemplars
A Special Gift (1983) 7 exemplars
Buffalo Moon (1984) 7 exemplars
Thompson's Mountain (1987) 7 exemplars
Dreaming Wolf (Medicine Trail) (1992) 6 exemplars
North of Esperanza (1991) 6 exemplars
The Antrian messenger (1986) 6 exemplars
The Medicine Trail (1991) 6 exemplars
Texas Brazos (1987) 6 exemplars
Purgatory (1986) 6 exemplars
The Trident Brand (1982) 6 exemplars
The Weeping Moon (1995) 6 exemplars
Wolf's Tooth (1987) 5 exemplars
A cry of angry thunder (1980) 5 exemplars
Spirit Warrior (1986) 5 exemplars
Illinois Prescott (1987) 5 exemplars
Blood Mesa (1991) 5 exemplars
The Shawnee Trail (1993) 4 exemplars
High Plains Rider (1986) 4 exemplars
Massacre at Powder River (1997) 4 exemplars
Palo Pinto (Texas Brazos) (1987) 4 exemplars
Comanche Summer (Zebra Books) (1987) 4 exemplars
Esmeralda (1989) 4 exemplars
Fortune Bend (Texas Brazos) (1987) 3 exemplars
West of the Cimarron (1985) 3 exemplars
Antelope Springs (1986) 3 exemplars
Wayward Trail #5 (1987) 3 exemplars
The Return of Caulfield Blake (1987) 3 exemplars
Abrego Canyon (1987) 2 exemplars
Warrior's Road (1994) 2 exemplars
Clear Fork (1990) 2 exemplars
South Pass Ambush (1988) 2 exemplars
Ross's Gap (1988) 2 exemplars
Prescott's Law (Prescott, 2) (1990) 2 exemplars
Baron of the Brazos (1992) 2 exemplars
Sweetwater Flats (1988) 1 exemplars
Prescott's Challenge (1990) 1 exemplars
Starr's Showdown (1986) 1 exemplars
Avery's law (1988) 1 exemplars


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Nom oficial
Wisler, Gary Clifton
Data de naixement
Data de defunció
Lloc d'enterrament
Sparkman Hillcrest Memorial Park, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA
Lloc de naixement
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Causa de la mort
heart attack
Llocs de residència
Plano, Texas, USA
University of North Texas
Boy Scouts of America
Western Writers of America
Author's Guild
Ridgewood Park United Methodist Church
Premis i honors
Spur Award for Best Juvenile, Spur Award for Best Original Paperback Novel
Biografia breu
[excerpted from Dallas Morning News online obituary]
Wisler attended Hillcrest High School, where he wrote sports and editorials for the Hillcrest Hurricane. Wisler took that interest to Southern Methodist University. A journalism major who served four years on the sports staff of the SMU Daily Campus, he worked part time his senior year for the Dallas Morning News. After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in journalism, Wisler taught journalism and sponsored the school newspaper and yearbook at Denton High School the following year. He then returned to SMU, where he received his Master of Arts in English and Education.

Wisler taught English and served as publications advisor at Ben Jackson Middle School in Garland, Texas. Years of sharing stories led his students to encourage him to attempt his first novel. Doubleday published that book, My Brother the Wind.

Wisler left the classroom in order to devote all his time to writing. Except for a brief return to teaching in 1986 at Bowman Middle School in Plano, Texas, his primary focus became writing and speaking to school, educational, and literary groups.

Wisler published 73 books (over 2 million copies published in 5 different languages), Wisler also wrote over 25 short stories and articles for Boy's Life magazine. He was nominated for several Book Awards, a finalist for the Western Writers of America "Spur Award" 8 times, winning twice. In 2001 the International Reading Association awarded him the Paul A. Witty Prize for Best Juvenile Short Story for "The Orange Armband".



OK short novel on two boys dealing with Comanches who killed their parents and two other brothers in Texas.
kslade | Dec 8, 2022 |
Good children's history book set during the Revolutionary War that features South Carolina/North Carolina locations.
Shofbrook | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Nov 6, 2020 |
The book presented the idea of how the Old West has evolve in culture and tradition.
m.arredondo | Apr 30, 2019 |
Caleb is a 13 year old privileged boy in Texas going to a nice private academy. When his father falls on hard times and everything is taken away, he is sent to live with relatives for a while. First with a snooty aunt, and then with a hard-working grandmother who runs an inn. There he befriends Edith, an older cousin who he has never met, and Michah, a ridiculously superstitious hired hand about his age.

When Caleb nearly drowns in a flash flood, he is saved by an escaped slave, and if forced to question his own attitudes towards slaves and slavery.

The second half of the book is fairly good, once it gets to the point of the story. There doesn't seem to be any reason for Caleb to have grown up in a wealthy home and school, and indeed after the first chapter, he never behaves as though he did. The short stay with the stuffy aunt is completely irrelevant to the story, as is the seemingly endless chatter about Michah's infinite superstitions.
… (més)
fingerpost | Mar 9, 2018 |



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