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Ressenya escrita per a Crítics Matiners de LibraryThing .
A sweet romance between Asher and Samantha. Samantha has been away from home for several years and has come home to find that her father is already trying to marry her off. He is having a ball with eligible bachelors, and she is not going to have her father running her life. She doesn't care if a man has lots of property or a big bank account, she wants a man who will love her. Asher has been working in another county to help his family after his father's death. He finds out that his family has been evicted from their home by Samantha's father. Asher is looking for evidence that he evicted them unfairly, but he is almost caught. As he is running away from their house, Samantha's little brother follows him and falls into the pond. He doesn't know how to swim, and Asher can't let him drown. After saving Clint, he runs away and drops a boot. Samantha spends a lot of time looking at men's feet to see if she can find the man who broke into their house. Asher is ashamed, but he has his family to think about. Asher and Samantha seem destined to keep meeting, and they realize that they are destined to be together. Will Asher come clean? Will Samantha's father put him in jail if he does? She comes from a wealthy family and his is very poor. Will she accept him as he is?… (més)
jadavid | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Feb 29, 2024 |
First sentence: She'd only been home from school for two weeks, and already her father was trying to marry her off. Silently fuming, Samantha Dearing yanked open the door to her father's study and stepped inside.

Premise/plot: If the Boot Fits is the second book in the Texas Ever After series by Karen Witemeyer. Samantha Dearing is the daughter of a "cattle king" and her father is anxious to see her wed. Samantha wants to marry sure enough, but not just anybody and definitely not someone just of her father's choosing. She wants to follow her heart and marry for love.

The novel opens at the close of a party--a "ball," if you will--Samantha has not found her one true love. But she has caught someone sneaking around her father's property. And that someone--somehow, someway--has left a boot behind. In his flight, however, he does take time to save Samantha's younger brother, Clint, who is in pursuit.

Asher Ellis has no love for Mr. Dearing, but, his daughter on the other hand seems oh-so-charming and quite lovely. Not just on the outside, but a GOOD person through and through. She's teaching Asher's younger brother to read, and he is teaching her to ride a horse.

As she settles into the community, it seems someone in the community wants her dead....can Samantha survive long enough to see if the boot fits her one true love?

My thoughts: I'm not sure if I'm all the way committed to the notion of this being a Cinderella retelling. It is clumsy--in my opinion--if that is the sole determinator of the book's success. However, if you remove that somewhat gimmicky premise, the book is definitely worth reading. I do love Asher and Samantha; individually and together, these two are easy to like/love. Both are genuinely good people. The book has plenty of drama--though none from stepmothers or stepsisters. In fact, I'd argue that Karen Witemeyer has taken the intensity level completely off the charts. If you want DRAMA that goes all the way--full force on dangerous predicaments and true life-or-death peril--then this one delivers.
… (més)
blbooks | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Feb 26, 2024 |
A delightfully enchanting Texas fairy-tale romance, filled with humor, faith, family, and romance.

A fun, original twist on a classic romance inspiration, with a full cast of characters, great interaction, growth, and a solidly paced plot. Such a great read that pulled me in quick and kept a smile on my face, I loved how Sam keeps the mystery man's secret, while silently searching for him. Asher is a strong, family oriented man, and he can't pass up a chance to do good. Which leads his and Samantha's paths to cross often.

A charming read, that combines all of my favorite things in this terrific western Cinderella, faith filled romance. I loved the themes of family, forgiveness, and repairing relationships. Clint is a spirited younger sibling to be sure, and I loved his hilarious turns of phrase!

A fantastic feel-good western romance that you won't want to put down!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
… (més)
labornotinvain | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Feb 18, 2024 |
Ressenya escrita per a Crítics Matiners de LibraryThing .
This was fun and cute! I don't usually read westerns, but Karen Witemeyer writes them so well. I enjoyed this and will look for more from her.
emmyson | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Feb 10, 2024 |


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