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Michael Wood (1) (1948–)

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Michael Wood is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.


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Read this a few years ago now and do not recall much about it unfortunately although as a child I was very interested in Greek mythology.
kitsune_reader | Hi ha 9 ressenyes més | Nov 23, 2023 |
This was an interesting title that I feel served as a useful introduction to the vast and frankly intimidating topic of Chinese history. The author admits at the outset that a complete historic overview is beyond the scope of this or any single volume. However, he intersperses his sweeping historical narrative with a wealth of primary sources, giving an excellent feel for the time and place of these events.

I would recommend this to anyone curious about Chinese history and wanting a very brief introduction, or anyone who enjoys well written, informative history books.

… (més)
Autolycus21 | Hi ha 6 ressenyes més | Oct 10, 2023 |
4 stories. 1st two are exciting. Last two are interesting.
Mcdede | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Jul 19, 2023 |
A well written book that did a great job in condensing 5,000 years if history into a single volume. The book is broken down chronologically into the main dynasties and a brief geo-political description is given, followed by a detail exposition of key aspects of life in China in ch era via the journals/diaries ect of certain individuals.
Daniel_M_Oz | Hi ha 6 ressenyes més | Mar 26, 2023 |



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