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Oh boy, this was... not it. Couldn't get going. No humor to be found, and if that's not in it, it's just a boring reteling of someone's tabletop gaming session.
cwebb | Mar 18, 2024 |
This was an excellent read. In my opinion, entire plot is like this SF thriller was written by Follett or Forsyth [of old, newer stories being a big disappointment]. It is such great world building novel, I say we definitely need third book in the series.

So, how to approach the review without ruining the experience for others......

Let me tell you just the basics - Guilliman is venturing off Earth with his armies. Behind he leaves a mish-mash of political actors on various levels to govern the Throne World. He has made the initial steps for reforms but doubt remains if his reforms will survive without him present. After all Terra has managed to calcify political-wise so any change is suspicious at best, especially when one considers many enforcement, religious and political bodies vying for dominance and operating in the balance of power where no-one is given an edge over the others, they are forced to live and work together.

So, Gulliman's departure to battlefields amongst the stars leaves everybody thinking and plotting. And in the middle of all of this we find the Custodes, still trying to find their place under new regime where they are more active [and in some places proactive than before], and Sisters of Silence, reactivated by Guilliman's decree and rebuilding their order on the dark side of the Moon.

And this is where I will stop..... Although I can mention shadowy Space Marines chapter acting like I would expect Alpha Legion to act in pre-Heresy period....... now I will stop :)

Story is told by three main characters - Jek (new Imperium Administration Chancellor appointed by Guilliman), Valerian, member of Custodes, and Aleya, member of Sisters of Silence.

Narrative is broken up in blocks of chapters where we first follow the first, then second and then third character [followed then by next chapter by Jek etc] as they chase up their clues and execute missions on war-torn Terra, place completely shaken by multiple insurrections after Lions Gate battle and on Luna that has its own share of turmoils to handle.

Best part if you ask me? All narrations are in past tense, with lots of hints about how events moved on after the events from this book. This opens so much more space for more truly beautiful stories about Talons of the Emperor and in general political development and infighting on Terra and Sol system, under influence of Guilliman.

This is second book in series, and I highly recommend to read the first one first just to be able to comprehend what is going on.

Excellent action thriller, highly recommended to fans of W40K and action thriller SF in general.
… (més)
Zare | Jan 23, 2024 |
Re-read, August 2023

I think this will be a book I will be returning to every so often. Very nature of early Imperium period, world exiting millennia of heavy war-fighting filled with mad warlords and people wielding miraculous powers of bio-engineering and knowledge of [hardware] technology, armies developed along such lines that even mighty Custodes are seen as just one of many formations created and armed using exotic technologies, maybe more powerful and motivated than those before it but in general just one more in the sea of others.

To read about the remnants of mercenaries and Thunder Warriors marching to the Palace, gullibility of the good-intended people [in that eternal attempt to save the Republic, although Republic was never to be], Valdor's thoughts on the new (at the time) war-gear of the Custodes and need for such symbols, recalling how in beginning they fought with what was then standard field equipment, subterfuge of people with manias of grandeur (although they might have a reason for it mind you, since they were maybe second only to the Emperor in their fields) and finally emergence of the new Legions on the battlefield........

Excellent read, so much elements from the early period.

Highly, highly recommended.

Original, review, February 2020

I have not read a book that teased so much about the lore as this one. There simply isn't part of the book that does not give reader glimpse of the Imperium at the very beginning - but only limited dose. And I want to read about it in its entirety :)

Although rather short we are given some of the details on Valdor himself (although in very very tiny bits, ah those teasers), some scraps of information on what did actually happen at Mount Ararat (battle on Maulland Sen) and how did the Emperor progress with further genetic experiments that resulted in the creation of Space Marines.

About Valdor ... And Custodes. If you thought they were the tip of the spear after reading this novella you will put them into completely different category. These humanoid weapons are the ultimate protectors of the Imperium of Man. I liked how Custodes are treated by the people at this time (High Lords especially) - they are seen as just yet another military formation built using latest technology and gene splicing. I do not have to say how big mistake it is to underestimate them.

Author gives a great portrayal of society rocked for so long with never-ending war that they always look at everything through the prism of tribal conflict and fight for power and dominance. So when events get put into motion (as they say road to Hell is paved with the good intentions) it comes as no surprise that Emperor is still keeping a lot of secrets even from his closest political associates - High Lords of Terra. There are wheels within wheels at work here and not everything can be taken at the face value. Soon everybody realizes that although Emperor is benevolent he is not aiming for a democracy. He is aiming to form a benevolent dictatorship.

I followed the forums when limited edition book was published and I have to say one thing - Mount Ararat story is only mentioned here, there are no details on what happen at this place except the few words from Valdor (his description of the Unity army progressing to the fortress of the Priest-King is great) and the remains dug up by one of the High Lords.

What is detailed though is a magnificent introduction of our Space Marines in perhaps first full defense of what will become Imperial Palace.
Thunder Warriors play the role in the story but theirs is eternal role of the First and the Flawed. Warriors supreme that were condemned by their genetic traits and instability. It is very clear that Valdor holds them in high esteem but is aware that they have no place in Imperium's future.

Valdor is portrayed as a man that knows his task and path ahead of him. He is fully dedicated to the Emperor's project but also feels sad because he knows how others - no matter how intelligent and benevolent they are - will see the actions of Emperor - almost always in negative light. And he can tell them nothing because to do that would undo a lot of work already done or in progress. So what can he do but his best to make sure no harm comes to innocent or mislead, do the cleanup after they make hasty action without much thought and hope Emperor will soon decide to fully share his plan for advancement of humankind. Secrets breed discord and hardest duty falls to those tasked with guarding the secrets.

Sad story of lonely guardian standing everlasting vigil in order to protect the humanity.

I hope they give us more books with Unity or early Imperium period setting. And soon :)

Highly recommended to fans of Warhammer 40K and especially Horus Heresy.
… (més)
Zare | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Jan 23, 2024 |
If there ever was a war novel set in the W40K universe then this is the one.

Told from the perspective of the remembrancer [who is more wired to become investigative-journalist-war-reporter than just awed boy allowed to walk amongst demigods (which would relate to majority of media in our times :))] we are presented with a rather unique portrait of one of the more mysterious and deadly Legions, Blood Angels.

Having been criticized for honest and brutal portrayal of Night Lords and World Eaters, their destructive approach to warfare and achieving compliance (terror, huge collateral damage if not outright genocide and extermination), our hero gets invited by non-other than Sanguinius to write a book/record about Blood Angels. What starts as enchantment with the Primarch evolves in gruesome and realistic picture of a legion, rather merciless warrior group, that does not shy from their purpose - utter obliteration of the enemy force, acting completely mercilessly once attack order is issued. What we are presented is not some mythical portrayal of Blood Angels as knights and heroes (which would be standard later W40K "propaganda") but very down to earth, honest portrayal of warriors, their private lives,as told by themselves and described by their allies from other Legions (Iacton Qruze was great :) he brought memories of grandad and uncle from Only Fools and Horses :) ). Slowly mystery surrounding their origins when they were known as Revenant Legion starts to surface. Portrayal of combat against Ylech and horrific killing grounds on aptly named world of Murder is one of the more realistic (as it can be done in SF setting) visual descriptions I ever read. Some reviewers say that makes this book slightly boring but for me it just showed how Adaptes Astartes, no matter how mighty and how advanced from core humanity they are, they are first and foremost soldiers, trained for a single purpose - relentlessly spreading the Human Empire's borders; warrior's life might be made of epic battles in W40K times but in majority of cases it is just going from one battlefield to another, surviving and giving one's best for the cause. As many history book or military memoir shows - days of mundane and everyday activity, training, preparing, constant drilling followed by few hours of utter mayhem of the battlefield and then cycle starts again.

Ending is somewhat depressive but that is as expected considering events post Horus Heresy. As author states it is easier to bury the truth than defend it, and new Imperial bureaucracy made the decision very early on what their approach will be.

It is story of the world and Legion saved by the Primarch, indirect presentation of Sanguinius himself. No other book shows that Primarchs are core, very heart of the Legion and Legion is extension of their Primarch.

Highly recommended.
… (més)
Zare | Jan 23, 2024 |



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