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Benedictus XVI

Autor/a de Jesús de Natzaret : primera part, del baptisme en el Jordà fins a la transfiguració

Inclou aquests noms: Bento XVI, Bento XVI, Benet XVI, Benoit Xvi, Benoit XVI, papa Benet, Benoît XVI, Benoît XVI, Benedykt XVI, Benedeto XVI ... (mira la llista completa), Benedict XVI, J. Ratzinger, Benedykt XVI, Benedict XVI, Bebedicto XVI, Benedetto XVI, Benedicto XVI, POPE BENEDICT, Benedikt Xvi., Benedikt XVI., Benedikt XVI., pave Benedikt, Benedicto XVI, Pope Benedict, papa Benedetto, Papa Benedicto, Benedictus XVI, Papa Bento XVI, Papa Bento Xvi, Benediktas XVI, Benedictus XVI, Papst Benedikt, papež Benedikt, Josef Ratzinger, paus Benedictus, RATZINGER JOEPH, oseph Ratzinger, Josep Ratzinger, Benoit Xvi Pape, Jseph Ratzinger, xvibenedictpope, Jospeh Ratzinger, BENOIT XVI S.S.,, påve Benedictus, joesph ratzinger, Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Bendict XVI, Josepf Ratzinger, Joesph Ratzinger, Pope Bnedict XVI, Papa ( Benedicte, Benoît XVI Pape, Benoît XVI, Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Benedict XVI, XVI Pope Benedict, Benedicti PP. XVI, Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Benedict XVl, Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Benedict XVI, Josephl Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Benedict Xvi, Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Benedixt XVI, Pope Benedict XVI, papa Benedikt XVI, Pope Benedict XVI, XVI. Benedek pápa, Pape Benoã®T Xvi, Papa Benedicto XVI, Papst Benedikt XVI, Pope Benedictus 16, Ratzinger Joseph K, Cardinal Ratzinger, papa Benedetto XVI, Papa Benedicto XVI, Pope Benedict 16th, p©Łpa Benedek, Papst Benedikt XVI., Paus Benedictus XVI, XVI. Papst Benedikt, Paus Benedictus XVI, Benedictus XVI Papa, (papież ; Benedykt, pápa Benedek, Papst Benedikt XVI., HH Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger XVI, Fr. Joseph Ratzinger, By Pope Benedict Xvi, XVI. Papa Benedictus, påve XVI Benedictus, paavi. Benedictus XVI, Benoît XVI Pape, Etal Joseph Ratzinger, Joseph Ratzinger Pope, påve Benedictus, Pope Benedict XVI XVI, Joseph Ratzinger Pope, pápež Benedikt XVI., Joseph Kard. Ratzinger, Joseph Card. Ratzinger, Ratzinger Pope Benedict, (papież ; Benedykt XVI, Cardinal Joseph Razinger, Joseph Cadinal Ratzinger, 1927- Papa Benedicto XVI, Cardeal Joseph Ratzinger, Cardeal Joseph Ratzinger, Card. Ratzinger, Joseph,, Papa Joseph Benedicto XVI, Joseph Kardinal Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, påve Benedictus XVI, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Joseph C. Ratzinger et. al, Kardynał Joseph Ratzinger, Józef Kardynał Ratzinger, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger,, Pope Emeritus Benedict Xvi, Benedict; Joseph Ratzinger, Joseph kardynał Ratzinger, Joseph Ratzinger; Benet XVI, Pope Ratzinger Benedict XVI, Papst emeritus Benedikt XVI, Joseph Ratzinger, Benet XVI, Benet XVI; Joseph Ratzinger, Joseph Ratzinger Benedict XVI, Йозеф Ратцингер, Benedykt Xvi Joseph Ratzinger, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger Benedicto XVI, Joseph Ratzinger Benedictus XVI, Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI), Papa Bento Xvi Joseph Ratzinger, Benedicto Xvi - Papa - Xvi Papa, Pope Ratzinger Benedict, Joseph, Benedicto Joseph Ratzinger, XVI, und Joseph Ratzinger Benedictus, Benedikt XVI / Joseph Ratzinger, Benedetto XVI (Joseph Ratzinger), Benedict XVI - Encyclical Letter, Benedicto XVI (Joseph Ratzinger), Joseph. Benedetto XVI. Rayzinger, Ratzinger Joseph /Benedictus XVI, Cardinal J. Ratzinger and others, papa; Joseph ratzinger Benet XVI, Benedetto XIV (Joseph Ratzinger), Benedetto XVI (Joseph Ratzinger), XVI - Ratzinger Josepf Benedetto, Joseph-Ratzinger Pope-Benedict-16, Joseph Ratzinger : Benedictus XVI, Joseph Ratzinger Pope Benedict XVI, Catholic Church. Pope Benedict xvi, Ratzinger Joseph (Benoît Xvi), Joseph Ratzinger; Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph - pape Benoît XVI Ratzinger, Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict) XVI, Pope Benedict - Joseph Ratzinger XVI, Joseph - Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger, Jospeh [Pope Benedict 16th} Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger Benedict XVI, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger Benedict XVI, (as Joseph Ratzinger_ Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict, Benedikt Benedikt XVI./Joseph Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Imprimi Potest), Joseph (Kardinal) Autor / Titel: Ratzinger, Joseph Alois (Pope Benedict XVI) Ratzinger, Ratzinger Joseph Pope Emeritas Benedict XVI, Pope Benedict XVI. Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI. Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Josehp Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI), Joseph Ratzinger (DE 1927 - ....) Benoît XVI, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedictine Xvi), Encyclical Letter of the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI, Pope Benedict XVI, 1927- ; Joseph Ratzinger Papa Benedetto XVI, Josef · Ratzinger Benedictus Ratzinger, Joseph · Benedictus · Benedictus XVI · Benedetto XVI · Benedetto
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Joseph Ratzinger was born on April 16, 1927 in Marktl am Inn in the state of Bavaria, Germany. Ratzinger entered the minor seminary in Traunstein, in 1939 and in 1943 along with the rest of his seminary class he was drafted into the Flak [anti-aircraft corps]. In 1944 he was released from the Flak and returned home only to be drafted into labor detail under the infamous Austrian Legion. In the spring of 1945 Ratzinger deserted the army and headed home but when the Americans arrive at his village shortly thereafter, he was identified as a German soldier and incarcerated in a POW camp for a brief time. Following his release he re-entered the seminary. In 1951 Joseph was ordained into the priesthood and began lectures as a full professor of fundamental theology at the University of Bonn. From 1962-65 Ratzinger was present during all four sessions of the Second Vatican Council as a peritus, or chief theological advisor to Cardinal Joseph Frings of Cologne, Germany. . In 1977 Joseph Ratzinger was appointed Archbishop of Munich and Freising and on June 27 elevated to Cardinal of Munich by Pope Paul VI. In 1981 Ratzinger accepted Pope John Paul II's invitation to take over as Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and in 1986 he was appointed head of a 12-member commission responsible for drafting the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Cardinal Ratzinger was elected vice dean of the College of Cardinals in 1988. In 2002 Pope John Paul II, approved his election as dean of the College of Cardinals. On April 8, 2005, Cardinal Ratzinger presided over the funeral of Pope John Paul II. On April 19, 2005, Cardinal Ratzinger was elected Bishop of Rome on the fourth ballot of the conclave and took the name Benedict XVI. (Bowker Author Biography)
— biography from Jesús de Natzaret : primera part, del baptisme en el Jordà fins a la transfiguració
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