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Award-winning author Jeff C. Young has worked as a library media specialist, and as a sportswriter for several Florida newspapers. Other titles he has written for Enslow Publishers, Inc., include True Underground Rescue Stories and Amazing African-American Actors.

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In this informational chapter book there are many men and women of science discussed. I enjoyed this book because of its use of photographs and timelines, its organization of a chapter per scientist, and the inclusion of different research resources. Throughout the book there are a combination of photographs of important places and the individuals being discussed as well as a timeline in the beginning of the chapter. This helps the reader navigate where the text is going and what information is being highlighted as significant. By doing this, it helps the reader to take notes of any information needed when possibly doing a research paper. The second reason I enjoyed this book is because of how it is organized. Each chapter is a new individual and although the accomplishments are different, as you read there are some similarities as well in how they faced adversity. Finally, I enjoyed this book because of its inclusion of research resources. This is very helpful so that the reader can further their understanding of a topic discussed. The big idea of this chapter book is to show how although African-Americans were not "suppose" to have higher education professions, these individuals fought against the racism to make an impact on the world of science.… (més)
anunez1 | Mar 26, 2015 |
A book

Basically this is a book earmarked for the young student ...I thought it was great.
I was looking for a little understanding of Grover Cleveland before reading A Study In Character...

This little book is a gem.
Approx 45 pg of a summary of his life and then internet links providing an abundance of information.
I went to the myreportlinks site and listed a code given to enter.
I entered and found links to many aspects of his life, both personal and professional, even the obituary ....

.....a wealth of information... on Cleveland, other presidents and many other topics...

the site advertises...great books, great links, great for research

★ ★ ★ ★
… (més)
pennsylady | Jan 14, 2015 |
A good read about The Pony Express with surprising detail. It includes other sources of information, plus some pretty cool stories about the people involved in the Pony Express's short life.
BrynDahlquis | Feb 20, 2012 |
This books talks about nine African American Inventors life's experience and the things they invented in the United States. This will be great for grades 4th and 5th. An activity I would use is having students find one invention that they are really interested in, and write a brief summary about the inventor.
janeyiaC | Dec 10, 2011 |





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