New York Drama Critics' Circle Award

Given by New York Drama Critics' Circle

Altres noms: New York Drama Critics' Circle Award Runners Up (Anglès)
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The New York Drama Critics' Circle Award, awarded every year to the best new play of the season, with additional awards for musicals and foreign or American plays as well as citations for special mostra'n més achievement, is the United States' second oldest theatre award, after the Pulitzer Prize for drama. The first was awarded to Winterset by Maxwell Anderson, who won the following year as well for High Tor. The award for Best Play carries with it a cash prize of US$2,500, and US$1,000 goes to the playwright who receives the award for best American or foreign play. The awards are made possible by a grant from the Lucille Lortel Foundation. mostra'n menys
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Runners Up 50

The Flick de Annie BakerBest Play2014
Other Desert Cities de Jon Robin BaitzPlay2012
4,000 Miles de Amy HerzogPlay2012
Cavall de guerra de Michael MorpurgoForeign Play2011
Blasted (Rebentats) de Sarah KaneForeign Play2009
The God of Carnage de Yasmina RezaForeign Play2009
The Seafarer de Conor McPhersonPlay2008
Rock'n'roll de Tom StoppardPlay2008
Indian Blood de A. R. GurneyAmerican Play2007
Dying City de Christopher ShinnAmerican Play2007
Frost/Nixon: A Play de Peter MorganPlay2007
The Play About The Baby de Edward AlbeeAmerican Play2001
Three Days of Rain: A Play de Richard GreenbergAmerican Play1998
The Beauty Queen of Leenane de Martin McDonaghPlay1998
Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika de Tony KushnerPlay1994
Marvin's Room. de Scott McPhersonAmerican Play1992
Prelude to a Kiss de Craig LucasPlay1990
The Grapes of Wrath (play) de John SteinbeckPlay1990
M. Butterfly de David Henry HwangPlay1988
Biloxi Blues de Neil SimonPlay1985
Top Girls de Caryl ChurchillForeign Play1983
Quartermaine's Terms de Simon GrayForeign Play1983
'night, Mother: A Play de Marsha NormanPlay1983
Torch Song Trilogy de Harvey FiersteinAmerican Play1982
"Master Harold" … and the Boys de Athol FugardPlay1982
Amadeus: A Play in Two Acts de Peter ShafferPlay1981
Terra de ningú de Harold PinterPlay1977
Seascape: A Play in Two Acts de Edward AlbeeAmerican Play1975
The Island de Athol FugardPlay1975
In the Boom Boom Room de David RabeAmerican Play1974
Sticks and bones: A play in two acts de David RabePlay1972
The Trial of the Catonsville Nine de Daniel BerriganAmerican Play1971
Indians: A Play de Arthur KopitAmerican Play1970
Hadrian VII de Peter LukePlay1969
A Delicate Balance de Edward AlbeePlay1967
Philadelphia, Here I Come! : A Comedy in Three Acts de Brian FrielPlay1966
The Royal Hunt of the Sun de Peter ShafferPlay1966
Luv de Murray SchisgalPlay1965
The Odd Couple de Neil SimonPlay1965
Gideon de Paddy ChayefskyAmerican Play1962
Bus Stop de William IngeAmerican Play1955
The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial de Herman WoukAmerican Play1954
The Crucible: Text and Criticism de Arthur MillerAmerican Play1953
Mrs. McThing: a Play By Mary Chase de Mary ChaseAmerican Play1952
Billy Budd: based on the novel by Herman Melville de Louis O. CoxeAmerican Play1951
The Iceman Cometh de Eugene O'NeillAmerican Play1947
The Skin of Our Teeth de Thornton WilderAmerican Play1943
Native Son: The Biography of a Young American: A Play in Eleven Scenes to Be Performed Without Intermission de Richard WrightAmerican Play1941
Our Town de Thornton WilderAmerican Play1938
Idiot's Delight de Robert E. SherwoodAmerican Play1936

No Stage 138

All the Way de Robert SchenkkanAmerican Play2013-2014
The Night Alive de Conor McPhersonPlay2013-2014
Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike de Christopher DurangPlay2012-2013
Tribes de Nina RaineForeign Play2011-2012
Sons of the Prophet de Stephen KaramPlay2011-2012
Jerusalem de Jez ButterworthForeign Play2010-2011
Good People de David Lindsay-AbairePlay2010-2011
The orphans' home cycle de Horton FootePlay2009-2010
Black Watch de Gregory BurkeForeign Play2008-2009
Ruined de Lynn NottagePlay2008-2009
Agost de Tracy LettsPlay2007-2008
Radio Golf de August WilsonAmerican Play2006-2007
The Coast of Utopia: Voyage, Shipwreck, Salvage de Tom StoppardPlay2006-2007
The History Boys: A Play de Alan BennettPlay2005-2006
The Pillowman de Martin McDonaghForeign Play2004-2005
Doubt: A Parable de John Patrick ShanleyPlay2004-2005
Intimate Apparel de Lynn NottagePlay2003-2004
Talking Heads de Alan BennettForeign Play2002-2003
Take Me Out: A Play de Richard GreenbergPlay2002-2003
The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? de Edward AlbeePlay2001-2002
Proof: A Play de David AuburnAmerican Play2000-2001
The Invention of Love de Tom StoppardPlay2000-2001
Copenhagen de Michael FraynForeign Play1999-2000
Jitney de August WilsonPlay1999-2000
Closer de Patrick MarberForeign Play1998-1999
Wit: A Play de Margaret EdsonPlay1998-1999
Amy's View: A Play de David HareSpecial Citation1998-1999
The Blue Room: A Play in Ten Intimate Acts de David HareSpecial Citation1998-1999
Via Dolorosa and When Shall We Live de David HareSpecial Citation1998-1999
Pride's Crossing de Tina HoweAmerican Play1997-1998
Art de Yasmina RezaPlay1997-1998
Skylight de David HareForeign Play1996-1997
How I Learned to Drive de Paula VogelPlay1996-1997
Molly Sweeney de Brian FrielForeign Play1995-1996
Seven Guitars de August WilsonPlay1995-1996
Love! Valour! Compassion! de Terrence McNallyAmerican Play1994-1995
Arcàdia de Tom StoppardPlay1994-1995
Three Tall Women de Edward AlbeePlay1993-1994
Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 de Anna Deavere SmithSpecial Citation1993-1994
Someone Who'll Watch Over Me: A Play de Frank McGuinnessForeign Play1992-1993
Àngels a Amèrica : El mil·leni s'acosta de Tony KushnerPlay1992-1993
Two Trains Running de August WilsonAmerican Play1991-1992
Dansa d'agost de Brian FrielPlay1991-1992
Our Country's Good de Timberlake WertenbakerForeign Play1990-1991
Six Degrees of Separation de John GuarePlay1990-1991
Privates on Parade de Peter NicholsForeign Play1989-1990
The Piano Lesson de August WilsonPlay1989-1990
Aristocrats de Brian FrielForeign Play1988-1989
The Heidi Chronicles de Wendy WassersteinPlay1988-1989
The Road to Mecca de Athol FugardForeign Play1987-1988
Joe Turner's Come and Gone de August WilsonPlay1987-1988
Les Liaisons Dangereuses de Christopher HamptonForeign Play1986-1987
Fences de August WilsonPlay1986-1987
Benefactors: A Play in Two Acts de Michael FraynAmerican Play1985-1986
A Lie of the Mind de Sam ShepardPlay1985-1986
The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe de Jane WagnerSpecial Citation1985-1986
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom de August WilsonPlay1984-1985
Glengarry Glen Ross: A Play de David MametForeign Play1983-1984
The Real Thing de Tom StoppardPlay1983-1984
Plenty de David HareAmerican Play1982-1983
Brighton Beach Memoirs de Neil SimonPlay1982-1983
A Soldier's Play de Charles FullerAmerican Play1981-1982
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickelby: A Play de David EdgarPlay1981-1982
Crimes of the Heart de Beth HenleyAmerican Play1980-1981
A Lesson from Aloes de Athol FugardPlay1980-1981
ENGANY de Harold PinterForeign Play1979-1980
Talley's Folly de Lanford WilsonPlay1979-1980
The Elephant Man [play] de Bernard PomerancePlay1978-1979
Da de Hugh LeonardPlay1978
American Buffalo de David MametAmerican Play1976-1977
Otherwise Engaged de Simon GrayPlay1976-1977
Streamers de David RabeAmerican Play1975-1976
Travesties de Tom StoppardPlay1975-1976
A Chorus Line: The Complete Book of the Musical de James Kirkwood1976
Equus de Peter ShafferPlay1974-1975
Short Eyes de Miguel PiñeroAmerican Play1973-1974
The Contractor (A Play) de David StoreyPlay1973-1974
The Hot L Baltimore de Lanford WilsonAmerican Play1972-1973
The Changing Room de David StoreyPlay1972-1973
The Screens de Jean GenetForeign Play1971-1972
That Championship Season de Jason MillerPlay1971-1972
Old Times de Harold PinterSpecial Citation1971-1972
Sticks and bones: A play in two acts de David RabeSpecial Citation1971-1972
The House of Blue Leaves de John GuareAmerican Play1970-1971
Home de David StoreyPlay1970-1971
The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds de Paul ZindelAmerican Play1969-1970
Borstal Boy: An Adapted Play de Brendan BehanPlay1969-1970
The Great White Hope: A Drama in Three Acts de Howard SacklerPlay1968-1969
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead de Tom StoppardPlay1968
Qui a casa torna de Harold PinterPlay1966-1967
The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade de Peter WeissPlay1965-1966
Hal Holbrook: Mark Twain Tonight! [1967 TV special] de Paul BogartSpecial Citation1965-1966
The Subject Was Roses de Frank D. GilroyPlay1964-1965
Luther de John OsbornePlay1963-1964
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? de Edward AlbeePlay1962-1963
Beyond the Fringe de Alan BennettSpecial Citation1962-1963
The Night of the Iguana de Tennessee WilliamsAmerican Play1961-1962
A Man for All Seasons de Robert BoltForeign Play1961-1962
All the Way Home de Tad MoselAmerican Play1960-1961
A Taste of Honey: A Play de Shelagh DelaneyForeign Play1960-1961
Toys in the Attic de Lillian HellmanAmerican Play1959-1960
Five Finger Exercise de Peter ShafferForeign Play1959-1960
A Raisin in the Sun de Lorraine HansberryAmerican Play1958-1959
The Visit de Friedrich DürrenmattForeign Play1958-1959
Look Homeward, Angel de Ketti FringsAmerican Play1957-1958
Look Back in Anger de John OsborneForeign Play1957-1958
Long Day's Journey into Night de Eugene O'NeillAmerican Play1956-1957
The Waltz of the Toreadors de Jean AnouilhForeign Play1956-1957
Tiger at the Gates de Jean GiraudouxForeign Play1955-1956
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof de Tennessee WilliamsAmerican Play1954-1955
Witness for the Prosecution: A Play in Three Acts de Agatha ChristieForeign Play1954-1955
The Teahouse of the August Moon: A Play de John PatrickAmerican Play1953-1954
Ondine de Jean GiraudouxForeign Play1953-1954
Picnic de William IngeAmerican Play1952-1953
I Am a Camera de John Van DrutenAmerican Play1951-1952
Venus Observed de Christopher FryForeign Play1951-1952
Don Juan in Hell de George Bernard ShawSpecial Citation1951-1952
Darkness at Noon de Sidney KingsleyAmerican Play1950-1951
The Lady's Not for Burning de Christopher FryForeign Play1950-1951
Frankie Addams de Carson McCullersAmerican Play1949-1950
The Cocktail Party de T. S. EliotForeign Play1949-1950
Death of a Salesman de Arthur MillerAmerican Play1948-1949
The Madwoman of Chaillot de Jean GiraudouxForeign Play1948-1949
Un tramvia anomenat Desig de Tennessee WilliamsAmerican Play1947-1948
The Winslow Boy de Terence RattiganForeign Play1947-1948
All My Sons de Arthur MillerAmerican Play1946-1947
No Exit / Dirty Hands / The Flies / The Respectful Prostitute de Jean-Paul SartreForeign Play1946-1947
The Glass Menagerie de Tennessee WilliamsAmerican Play1944-1945
Jacobowsky and the Colonel de Franz WerfelForeign Play1943-1944
Blithe Spirit de Noël CowardForeign Play1941-1942
Watch on the Rhine de Lillian HellmanAmerican Play1940-1941
The Corn is Green de Emlyn WilliamsForeign Play1940-1941
The Time of Your Life: A Comedy in Three Acts de William SaroyanAmerican Play1939-1940
The White Steed and Coggerers de paulvincentcarrollForeign Play1938-1939
Of Mice and Men: A Play in Three Acts de John SteinbeckAmerican Play1937-1938
Shadow and Substance de Paul Vincent CarrollForeign Play1937-1938
High Tor de Maxwell AndersonAmerican Play1936-37
Winterset de Maxwell AndersonAmerican Play1935-1936


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