Sunburst Award

Given by The Sunburst Award Society

Altres noms: Sunburst Award Honorable Mention (Anglès)
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The Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic is a juried award based on excellence of writing in two categories: adult and young adult. The awards are presented annually to Canadian mostra'n més writers with a speculative fiction novel or book-length collection of speculative fiction published any time during the previous calendar year. Named after the first novel by Phyllis Gotlieb, one of the first published authors of contemporary Canadian science fiction, the awards consist of a cash award of Cdn$1,000 and a medallion which incorporates a specially designed "Sunburst" logo. The winners receive their awards in the fall of every year. mostra'n menys
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Winner 33

Gods of Jade and Shadow de Silvia Moreno-GarciaAdult2020
The Ghost Collector de Allison MillsYoung Adult2020
Plum Rains de Andromeda Romano-LaxAdult2019
Tess of the Road de Rachel HartmanYoung Adult2019
The Bone Mother de David DemchukAdult2018
The Marrow Thieves de Cherie DimalineYoung Adult2018
Spells of Blood and Kin: A Dark Fantasy de Claire HumphreyAdult2017
Sophie Quire and the Last Storyguard de Jonathan AuxierYoung Adult2017
Experimental Film de Gemma FilesAdult2016
An Inheritance of Ashes de Leah BobetYoung Adult2016
The Back Of The Turtle de Thomas KingAdult2015
Tin Star de Cecil CastellucciYoung Adult2015
A Tale for the Time Being de Ruth OzekiAdult2014
The Cats of Tanglewood Forest de Charles de LintYoung Adult2014
Maleficium de Martine DesjardinsAdult2013
Seraphina de Rachel HartmanYoung Adult2013
Paradise Tales: and Other Stories de Geoff RymanAdult2012
All Good Children de Catherine AustenYoung Adult2012
Under Heaven de Guy Gavriel KayAdult2011
Bookweirder de Paul GlennonYoung Adult2011
Indigo Springs de A.M. DellamonicaAdult2010
Half World de Hiromi GotoYoung Adult2010
The Gargoyle de Andrew DavidsonAdult2009
Little Brother de Cory DoctorowYoung Adult2009
The New Moon's Arms de Nalo HopkinsonAdult2008
Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet de Joanne ProulxYoung Adult2008
Fabrizio's Return de Mark Frutkin2007
In The Palace Of Repose de Holly Phillips2006
Air: Or, Have Not Have de Geoff Ryman2005
A Place So Foreign and Eight More de Cory Doctorow2004
Skin Folk de Nalo Hopkinson2003
When Alice Lay down with Peter: A Novel de Margaret Sweatman2002
Galveston de Sean Stewart2001

Shortlist 134

Shout / Kill / Revel / Repeat de Scott R JonesAdult2020
The Migration de Helen MarshallAdult2020
Crow Winter: A Novel de Karen McBrideAdult2020
Moccasin Square Gardens: Short Stories de Richard Van CampAdult2020
The Candle and the Flame de Nafiza AzadYoung Adult2020
Nevers de Sara CassidyYoung Adult2020
Those Who Dwell Below (English) de Aviaq JohnstonYoung Adult2020
Nikki Tesla and the Ferret-Proof Death Ray de Jess KeatingYoung Adult2020
Meat and Salt and Sparks de Rich LarsonShort Story2019
Spellslinger de Sebastien De CastellYoung Adult2019
Black Chuck de Regan McDonellYoung Adult2019
Not Even Bones de Rebecca SchaefferYoung Adult2019
Feeder de Patrick WeekesYoung Adult2019
Spells of Blood and Kin: A Dark Fantasy de Claire HumphreyAdult2017
The Witches of New York de Ami McKayAdult2017
Sleeping Giants de Sylvain NeuvelAdult2017
Necessity de Jo WaltonAdult2017
Last Year de Robert Charles WilsonAdult2017
Sophie Quire and the Last Storyguard de Jonathan AuxierYoung Adult2017
The Skids de Ian Donald KeelingYoung Adult2017
The Little Washer of Sorrows: and Other Stories de Katherine FawcettAdult2016
Signal to Noise de Silvia Moreno-GarciaAdult2016
Daydreams of Angels: Stories de Heather O'NeillAdult2016
The Affinities de Robert Charles WilsonAdult2016
The Unquiet de Mikaela EverettYoung Adult2016
The Nest de Kenneth OppelYoung Adult2016
Boo de Neil SmithYoung Adult2016
The Back Of The Turtle de Thomas KingAdult2015
The Troop de Craig DavidsonAdult2015
Station Eleven de Emily St. John MandelAdult2015
My Real Children de Jo WaltonAdult2015
Will Starling de Ian WeirAdult2015
Tin Star de Cecil CastellucciYoung Adult2015
The Night Gardener de Jonathan AuxierYoung Adult2015
A Breath of Frost (The Lovegrove Legacy) de Alyxandra HarveyYoung Adult2015
Sophie, in Shadow de Eileen KernaghanYoung Adult2015
The Door in the Mountain de Caitlin SweetYoung Adult2015
Sister Mine de Nalo HopkinsonAdult2014
River of Stars de Guy Gavriel KayAdult2014
This Strange Way of Dying: Stories of Magic, Desire, and the Fantastic de Silvia Moreno-GarciaAdult2014
The Demonologist de Andrew PyperAdult2014
Sorrow's Knot de Erin BowYoung Adult2014
Homeland de Cory DoctorowYoung Adult2014
The Path of Names de Ari GoelmanYoung Adult2014
Urgle (Brothers of the Ikkuma Pit) de Meaghan McIsaacYoung Adult2014
Finton Moon de Gerard CollinsAdult2013
Over the Darkened Landscape de Derryl MurphyAdult2013
The Blondes: A Novel de Emily SchultzAdult2013
Westlake Soul de Rio YouersAdult2013
Seraphina de Rachel HartmanYoung Adult2013
The Green Man de Michael BedardYoung Adult2013
Pirate Cinema de Cory DoctorowYoung Adult2013
Bright's Light de Susan JubyYoung Adult2013
Rebel Heart de Moira YoungYoung Adult2013
Paradise Tales: and Other Stories de Geoff RymanAdult2012
Blackdog de K. V. JohansenAdult2012
Eutopia: A Novel of Terrible Optimism de David NickleAdult2012
Technicolor Ultra Mall de Ryan OakleyAdult2012
Enter, Night de Michael RoweAdult2012
The Pattern Scars de Caitlin SweetAdult2012
All Good Children de Catherine AustenYoung Adult2012
Ultraviolet de R. J. AndersonYoung Adult2012
The Summer of Permanent Wants de Jamieson FindlayYoung Adult2012
The Dead Kid Detective Agency de Evan MundayYoung Adult2012
Blood Red Road de Moira YoungYoung Adult2012
Under Heaven de Guy Gavriel KayAdult2011
WWW: Watch de Robert J. SawyerAdult2011
Chimerascope de Douglas SmithAdult2011
A Taint in the Blood de S. M. StirlingAdult2011
The Steele Chronicles Volume 3: Stealing Home de Hayden TrenholmAdult2011
Bookweirder de Paul GlennonYoung Adult2011
Shapeshifter de Holly BennettYoung Adult2011
Plain Kate de Erin BowYoung Adult2011
The Painted Boy de Charles de LintYoung Adult2011
Dust City de Robert Paul WestonYoung Adult2011
Makers de Cory DoctorowAdult2010
The Mystery of Grace de Charles de LintAdult2010
The Sunless Countries de Karl SchroederAdult2010
Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd Century America de Robert Charles WilsonAdult2010
Half World de Hiromi GotoYoung Adult2010
Give Up the Ghost de Megan CreweYoung Adult2010
Amy by Any Other Name de Maureen GarvieYoung Adult2010
Wondrous Strange de Lesley LivingstonYoung Adult2010
The Hunchback Assignments de Arthur SladeYoung Adult2010
Night Child de Jes BattisAdult2009
The Alchemist's Code de Dave DuncanAdult2009
Things Go Flying de Shari LapeñaAdult2009
Half a Crown de Jo WaltonAdult2009
Little Brother de Cory DoctorowYoung Adult2009
The Summoning de Kelley ArmstrongYoung Adult2009
Wild Talent de Eileen KernaghanYoung Adult2009
Dingo de Charles de LintYoung Adult2009
Night Runner de Max TurnerYoung Adult2009
The New Moon's Arms de Nalo HopkinsonAdult2008
Double-blind de Michelle Butler HallettAdult2008
Darkness of the God (Children of the Panther) de Amber HaywardAdult2008
Wonderfull de William Neil ScottAdult2008
Axis de Robert Charles WilsonAdult2008
Choices de Deborah Lynn JacobsYoung Adult2008
Retribution de Carrie MacYoung Adult2008
Darkwing de Kenneth OppelYoung Adult2008
The Night Wanderer: A Native Gothic Novel de Drew Hayden TaylorYoung Adult2008
Keturah And Lord Death de Martine Leavitt2007
The Droughtlanders de Carrie Mac2007
Blindsight de Peter Watts2007
Before I Wake de Robert J. Wiersema2007
Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town de Cory Doctorow2006
Gravity Wells: Speculative Fiction Stories de James Alan Gardner2006
The Wave Theory of Angels de Alison MacLeod2006
Spin de Robert Charles Wilson2006
Air: Or, Have Not Have de Geoff Ryman2005
The Last Light of the Sun de Guy Gavriel Kay2005
The Memory Artists de Jeffrey Moore2005
Airborn de Kenneth Oppel2005
The Logogryph: A Bibliography Of Imaginary Books de Thomas Wharton2005
A Place So Foreign and Eight More de Cory Doctorow2004
The bone house de Luanne Armstrong2004
Oryx and Crake de Margaret Atwood2004
Initiation de Virginia Frances Schwartz2004
Blind Lake de Robert Charles Wilson2004
Talon de Paulette Dubé2003
Salt fish girl de Larissa Lai2003
Permanence de Karl Schroeder2003
Dead Man's Gold and Other Stories de Paul Yee2003
When Alice Lay down with Peter: A Novel de Margaret Sweatman2002
A Paradigm of Earth de Candas Jane Dorsey2002
The Kappa Child de Hiromi Goto2002
Salamander de Thomas Wharton2002
The Chronoliths de Robert Charles Wilson2002
Before Wings de Beth Goobie2001
Midnight Robber de Nalo Hopkinson2001
The Black Chalice de Marie Jakober2001
Lord of Emperors de Guy Gavriel Kay2001
Monkey Beach de Eden Robinson2001

Honourable Mention 45

The First Principles of Dreaming de Beth GoobieAdult2015
Gifts for the One Who Comes After de Helen MarshallAdult2015
Echopraxia de Peter WattsAdult2015
Sea of Shadows de Kelley ArmstrongYoung Adult2015
Child of a Hidden Sea de A.M. DellamonicaYoung Adult2015
The Boundless de Kenneth OppelYoung Adult2015
Blackouts de Craig BoykoAdult2009
The Frankenstein Murders de Kathlyn BradshawAdult2009
Here After de Sean CostelloAdult2009
Toll the Hounds de Steven EriksonAdult2009
The Seary Line de Nicole LundriganAdult2009
After the Fires de Ursula PflugAdult2009
Blasted de Kate StoryAdult2009
Feather Brain de Maureen BushYoung Adult2009
Watching July de Christine HartYoung Adult2009
The Freak III: Far de Carol MatasYoung Adult2009
Starclimber de Kenneth OppelYoung Adult2009
Jolted: Newton Starker's Rules for Survival de Arthur SladeYoung Adult2009
Shadow-Town de Duncan ThorntonYoung Adult2009
The Incredibly Ordinary Danny Chandelier de Laura TrunkeyYoung Adult2009
The Book of Stanley de Todd BabiakAdult2008
Spook Country de William GibsonAdult2008
Ysabel de Guy Gavriel KayAdult2008
Rollback de Robert J. SawyerAdult2008
Ha'penny de Jo WaltonAdult2008
Cry Wolf de Edo van BelkomYoung Adult2008
The Warrior's Daughter de Holly BennettYoung Adult2008
The Twilight Box de Troon HarrisonYoung Adult2008
Baboon de David JonesYoung Adult2008
Frost de Nicole LuikenYoung Adult2008
One Chrysanthemum de Joan Itoh Burk2007
Powers de Deborah Lynn Jacobs2007
Widdershins de Charles de Lint2007
Farthing de Jo Walton2007
Skybreaker de Kenneth Oppel2006
Lady of Mazes de Karl Schroeder2006
Midnight Tides de Steven Erikson2005
The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad de Minister Faust2005
The Cripple and His Talismans de Anosh Irani2005
The Blue Girl de Charles de Lint2005
Perfect Circle de Sean Stewart2005
Struck de Geoffrey W. Bromhead2004
The Salt Roads de Nalo Hopkinson2004
A Telling of Stars de Caitlin Sweet2004
The Assassins of Tamurin de S. D. Tower2004

Longlist 113

Gods of Jade and Shadow de Silvia Moreno-GarciaAdult2020
Shout / Kill / Revel / Repeat de Scott R JonesAdult2020
The Migration de Helen MarshallAdult2020
Crow Winter: A Novel de Karen McBrideAdult2020
Moccasin Square Gardens: Short Stories de Richard Van CampAdult2020
Days by Moonlight de André AlexisAdult2020
Gamechanger de L. X. BeckettAdult2020
Even That Wildest Hope de Seyward GoodhandAdult2020
The Weight Of Snow de Christian Guay-PoliquinAdult2020
Island de Johanna SkibsrudAdult2020
Lent de Jo WaltonAdult2020
The Ghost Collector de Allison MillsYoung Adult2020
The Candle and the Flame de Nafiza AzadYoung Adult2020
Nevers de Sara CassidyYoung Adult2020
Those Who Dwell Below (English) de Aviaq JohnstonYoung Adult2020
Nikki Tesla and the Ferret-Proof Death Ray de Jess KeatingYoung Adult2020
Summerwood/Winterwood de E. L. ChenYoung Adult2020
Rat Rule '79: An Adventure de Rivka GalchenYoung Adult2020
The Changeling of Fenlen Forest de Katherine MagyarodyYoung Adult2020
Shantallow de Cara MartinYoung Adult2020
The Dark Missions of Edgar Brim de Shane PeacockYoung Adult2020
Master of the World de Edward WillettYoung Adult2020
Plum Rains de Andromeda Romano-LaxAdult2019
Sodom Road Exit de Amber DawnAdult2019
One of Us de Craig DilouieAdult2019
Armed in Her Fashion de Kate HeartfieldAdult2019
The Wolves of Winter de Tyrell JohnsonAdult2019
The Quantum Magician de Derek KünskenAdult2019
The Tiger Flu de Larissa LaiAdult2019
Annex de Rich LarsonAdult2019
An Ocean of Minutes de Thea LimAdult2019
Witchmark de C. L. PolkAdult2019
Foe de Iain ReidAdult2019
Trickster Drift de Eden RobinsonAdult2019
Split Tooth de Tanya TagaqAdult2019
Our Animal Hearts de Dania TomlinsonAdult2019
Dragon Springs Road: A Novel de Janie ChangAdult2018
Malagash de Joey ComeauAdult2018
Walkaway de Cory DoctorowAdult2018
Tarry This Night de Kristyn DunnionAdult2018
American War de Omar El AkkadAdult2018
Sputnik's Children: A Novel de Terri FavroAdult2018
Little Sister de Barbara GowdyAdult2018
Jade City de Fonda LeeAdult2018
All Our Wrong Todays de Elan MastaiAdult2018
The Clothesline Swing de Ahmad Danny RamadanAdult2018
Be My Wolff de Emma RichlerAdult2018
Son of a Trickster de Eden RobinsonAdult2018
The Blinds: A Novel de Adam SternberghAdult2018
Scion of the Fox de S. M. BeikoYoung Adult2018
Tangled Planet de Kate BlairYoung Adult2018
The Painting de Charis CotterYoung Adult2018
Julia Defiant de Catherine EganYoung Adult2018
All the Stars Left Behind de Ashley GrahamYoung Adult2018
Exo de Fonda LeeYoung Adult2018
The Valiant de Lesley LivingstonYoung Adult2018
Weave a Circle Round de Kari MaarenYoung Adult2018
Dragonfly Song de Wendy OrrYoung Adult2018
Mountain de Ursula PflugYoung Adult2018
The Spawning Grounds de Gail Anderson-DargatzAdult2017
Company Town de Madeline AshbyAdult2017
Three Years with the Rat de Jay HoskingAdult2017
Certain Dark Things de Silvia Moreno-GarciaAdult2017
Angels of Our Better Beasts de Jerome StueartAdult2017
The Hill de Karen BassYoung Adult2017
Transferral de Kate BlairYoung Adult2017
Worlds Of Ink And Shadow de Lena CoakleyYoung Adult2017
The Inn Between de Marina CohenYoung Adult2017
Julia Vanishes de Catherine EganYoung Adult2017
Flickers de Arthur SladeYoung Adult2017
The Road to Ever After de Moira YoungYoung Adult2017
Fifteen Dogs: An Apologue de André AlexisAdult2016
Arvida de Samuel ArchibaldAdult2016
The Heart Goes Last de Margaret AtwoodAdult2016
Pillow de Andrew BattershillAdult2016
Cadon, Hunter de Rebecca BradleyAdult2016
The Society of Experience de Matt CahillAdult2016
Act of God: A Novel de Jill CimentAdult2016
Cauchemar de Alexandra GrigorescuAdult2016
Lament for the Afterlife de Lisa L. HannettAdult2016
The Angel of Eden: Book Three in the Mesopotamian Trilogy de D J McIntoshAdult2016
Mind of the Phoenix de Jamie McLachlanAdult2016
The Damned de Andrew PyperAdult2016
The Other Side of Midnight de Simone St. JamesAdult2016
The Reckoning de Carsten StroudAdult2016
The Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron Saves The World Again de A.C. WiseAdult2016
Enslavement (One Bright Future) de Melinda FriesenYoung Adult2016
Clover's Luck de Kallie GeorgeYoung Adult2016
Zeroboxer de Fonda LeeYoung Adult2016
Hannah & the Wild Woods de Carol Anne ShawYoung Adult2016
The Dogs de Allan StrattonYoung Adult2016
The Flame in the Maze de Caitlin SweetYoung Adult2016
Black Feathers de Robert J. WiersemaYoung Adult2016
Pastoral de André AlexisAdult2015
The Broken Hours de Jacqueline BakerAdult2015
Consumed de David CronenbergAdult2015
Suffer the Children de Craig DilouieAdult2015
Head Full of Mountains de Brent HaywardAdult2015
Irregular Verbs and Other Stories de Matthew JohnsonAdult2015
Cloud de Eric McCormackAdult2015
Knife Fight and Other Struggles de David NickleAdult2015
Emberton de Peter NormanAdult2015
Lockstep de Karl SchroederAdult2015
Cycling to Asylum de Su J. SokolAdult2015
Silence for the Dead de Simone St. JamesAdult2015
Gottika de Helaine BeckerYoung Adult2015
The Voices in Between de Charlene ChallengerYoung Adult2015
Guardian de Natasha DeenYoung Adult2015
Seven Wild Sisters: A Modern Fairy Tale de Charles de LintYoung Adult2015
The Paper Sword: Spell Crossed de Robert PriestYoung Adult2015
Zomboy de Richard ScrimgerYoung Adult2015
Radiant de Karina Sumner-SmithYoung Adult2015
Song of the Sword: Book 1 of the Shards of Excalibur de Edward WillettYoung Adult2015


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